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Scene 1
A dog comes near Kaali. Kaali starts crying.
Vishwa says to a guest we won a case today because of our daughter. Guru ji says she is your good luck. Vishwa says you are right and I am grateful to you. Guru ji says don’t embarrass me.
The dogs bark at kaali, she starts screaming and crying.
Guru ji says thank God our daughter is safe otherwise someone has a very bad eye on her. JT says its all because of God. She says Vishwa go check the other guests.
A woman says to JT she has brought white skin for your black fate.

Manjali is worried for Kaali. She says why i feel like kaali is not okay.
JT says to Prohit you said lies and got the real benefits. Is this kaala teeka thing right or your own creation? He says why would I lie to Vishwa. JT says

tell me where is this written? He says leave that. JT says this means you lied. But the girl actually brought miracle.

Manjali looks for JT. Vishwa announces that my parents would be so happy to know that we have daughter in our house now. She will be named after my mom. My daughter will be called Gauri. Madhuri says I wanted to name her very good. Women dance on music.
Wild big rats come near kaali. Manjali tries to to look for Kaali but Madhuri stops her and asks her to come for dance. Manjali asks JT where is the other girl? JT says when? She was the blackness. Forget her. Manjali says where is she? JT says how would I know. She must be on some road. Manjali runs out to look for her.

The chandelier is moving above garui and a sign board over kaali. Both of them fall. Everyone is dazed for a moment. Kaali is safe. Madhuri and everyone runs to save gauri. She is safe.
Its raining Manjali is looking for Kaali.
Vishwa takes out Gauri from under the chandelier. Manjali sees Kaali. Manjali picks her up.
Guru ji says be careful it can stab the child. Manjali comes in with kaali. Suddenly he takes her out. Vishwa says how did this happen. Manjali says it was called. This girl saved our gauri and she was left on the road to die. Isn’t this girl pure? He says i saw her in JT’s hands. JT says I gave her back to her father. Manjali says then why did i find her on the road? JT says he was drunk. How would i know, i even gave her money. Why would we keep this girl under the same roof as our Gauri. Manjali says how can we forget her favor. JT says you decide. I have no more say in this house. i am sorry. Vishwa says no don’t do this. Vishwa says what is all this. Forget what happened.
Neel says I saw badi chachi brought this child in and the chandelier was easy to move then. JT says what are you saying? Neel says I am not lying. Guru says this can be true. Kaala teeka saves you from problems. Manjali says how can you call her kaala teeka. guru says that is so. Manjali says dont make a human an object Brohit ji. it is only because we saved her life. You can’t rely your happiness on her. This is wrong. Vishwa says this can happen and I can believe it. i can do anything to save my daughter. He covers kaali in black cloth and says this girl is my daughter’s kaala teeka. She will live here and protect my daughter.

Precap-Madhuri asks the servant have you seen her, kaali? JT bhabhi says to kaali take off these colored clothes and wear black.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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