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Scene 1
Pundit says that i have not come to give any explanation, i just came to give this anklet back, chulbuli says that how can we believe you without any proof? Pundit says you want proof so come with me to Mandir, i will show you proof, Kali is dazed. leela says okay lets go. When they come to temple. he says let us show you cctv footage. Vishwa says yeah show us. He turns on computer. He says in the film its an hour from now. Its of Kali’s with Aryan. kali says what are you showing. This is of last night. Yug says quite kali let me see. Kali says try to understand yug. He says quite I said. Kali says this is not right. Kali says this is last night’s pooja not rounds. Your dadi asked me to do this. She said its your ritual. Raghu says we have no such ritual. Leela says when did I?

Kali says you sent me. Leela says you are such a liar. Where can you see me in this video? Kali says why are you doing this to me? You asked me not to tell anyone. Chulbul says I never did any such pooja. Kali says manji maa bady papa try to understand as soon as my pooja ended. When i completed my pooja aryan was there. They are trapping me. Leela says why would I do that?You should have said if you didn’t want to marry. I don’t like. I accepted you as a bride. Kali says yug filled my hairline. Aryan comes and says how much will you lie kali? You don’t love me then why you married me? And remember what you said. Pandir ji plays the video of them talking. He says Kali said she wants yug and gauri to be married. And she married me so yug doens’t have a way to own her. Kali says yug this all is lie. Aryan says this is truth. Kali married me. So she can make yug and gauri one and now her mind has changed perhaps. Gauri says I was ready then why you had to do this? What do you wanna prove? Yug recalls kali saying are we doing right getting married? Why did you do all this? Kali says this all is lie. This video is from last night. And Gauri is lying. This all is lie. Manjiri nods. Gauri says I saw you in your room and saw yug leaving from your room. Yug says yes thats right. Kali says thats after I returned from temple. She says manjimaa you know I never lied. Manjiri says I didn’t see you going out of room either. Mad says enough of lies. You tell manjiri everything then why you left without telling her? Who will trust you? Kali says please try to understand. I did everything dadi asked me to. I have not done anything wrong. Gauri says you have made fun of wedding. You should have let me die that day. Kali sits there in tears. Vishwa says i can’t believe you have married this aryan. But everything is going against you. This all can’t lie. Why would your manji maa lie.Vishwa says give me one proof. Kali sobs and says please show me a way God. You have to save my marriage.
Kali sees her mangalsutra. She says yug can give me this only. It can’t be on anyone else. Manjiri says this is not the one that I bought. Gauri says I am wearing that one.
Manjiri recalls replacing the mangalsutra. Aryan says I did this all for you kali.Don’t make fun od this mangalsutra now. I brought it with so much love. Kali says to yug, tell me your trust me. And you don’t need any proof of my love. You trust me? I love you. please say. Yug says how can I. This is the first time you have ever confessed. I never understood if you love me or not. When was I ever in your life.You always cared about others. You told me today if are doing right or not. You had doubts. i feel like you did me a favor by saying yes. Kali says you trust me or not? Yug saysI trust that you can do this for gauri. Leela says what to do now? yug says go home with the girl I married. Gauri. He takes Gauri’s hand and leaves. Everyone leaves. Kali is alone in temple with manjiri. She faints.

Precap-Yug says to gauri. you will have respect in this house but don’t expect anything from me. Kali cries in rain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What the hell! This is so unfair to kali!?

  2. Bullshit!!!! This is pure nonsense, everything was going nice and then this!!!! ugh X-(

    1. U see that this there twist they call themself…bullshitt twist…they calling Yug love pure as ram.. Ya right. Disgusting

  3. I hate Yug now.. How could he? Poor kali now how she going prove.. Is this what stupid writer twist. Hell with writer?????????????????

  4. Dats why scripts r written by producers n in real life God. LoL how dumb can dey be? Anyways Yug is gna realize his mistake.

  5. Here we go again with these writers, I’m done.

  6. ohhh poor kali. .how will she prove herself she has been trapped frm all the sides.:(…n yug whatever happens u must have trusted kali..feeling very sorry for her..

    pls pls pls atleast bring sum amt of positivity in kali s life..whole she has to struggle or what?

    fell like quiting watching the show

  7. Its better to replace the title of this serial as ek mutti aasmaan or uttaran….


  8. Dont lose heart ppl. This is only a show. N besides we r jst d audience. Grin n bear it or get out d kitchen. If we had our own way Kayug would b parents by now lol but its not our call. Im over these fictional shows.

  9. Bullshit…..i hate this show from now on


  11. I don’t undastand is Di’s ek mutti aasman or d part 2 of it y are Di’s Indian soap writers always doing Di’s at least there should b an amount of reality in Di’s soap where Kali will b vindicated and maybe she will b d one 2 decide if she wants 2 stay with yug or not. am done wit Di’s show until sometin and positive new comes up. where Kali will b d one ruling. what a crappy show.

  12. I hate this show … I don’t think they will have any twist tommorow. This is sick. Really after watching this it disturbed me a lot . Why this writer involve God name and spoil their name.

  13. Survi will come to help Kali.
    She will come to return Kali’s phone.
    And from that,Kali will prove that she
    Is innocent.Even Survi feels doubt about it.

  14. What dis is crap did is so unfair to Kali I feel like not watching it becuz did is my favorite show but if feel did is real crap ppl

  15. Iam quiting the show because true love never won.what is this writer? What are you doing? Ramji married sita but live with surpanaka. I. Think this is not a marriage. I can’t say this type worst relationship. Finally kali live with aryan. That is very stupid. No one are believe her. Now what she can do? It’s not fare. Good bye kaala teeka. This is not a good ending for this story. Ur serial so worst

  16. Okay. Now this is too much what a useless twist. Like u marry one person n u live with another person so weird? And for te first time I felt Kaali is one of the best hindi serial character as she stands for herself and is not always a great soul, beginning her character was boring, later it became good, but shows current track is just nothing to say and Yug I didn’t expect that from him he should have at least trust her , only manji is there for Kaali from beginning till end

  17. What have to do with kali life? This is not a game this is a life one woman. She will never do harm to any one but every one do harm to her. This is not story. This writer has no work that’s why he writing this type stupid stories. Pls don’t encourage zee tvthis type serials this type of serial spoil people brain.so many people are disappointed for yesterday episode and they felt sad. Pls write a story good never defeat. Love always win pls try understanding fans of zee tv feeling. We lost my impression with yesterday episode. So I can’t see this serial kaala teeka. Again we will prove kali is kaala teeka of gouri. No one are there to help kali that ‘s I can’t see this serial. Good bye kaala teeka. I miss u kali

    1. what u said is true?…after these type of serial will spoil people brain and they gona go after married man. kali I like u so much.. u r the best!

  18. This is a disgusting story guys.I pls oppose this type situation in one perfect woman life. Every one are harm her.pls don’t write this type stories

  19. Stupid serial… I am not gonna watch this serial anymore..I hate gauri and leela :/

  20. holy crap disgusting
    Yug u is a jakass

  21. I can’t even imagine gauri into Yug’s bedroom, that she doesn’t even married to him. It’s disgusting yaar???….how could u writer??? How long is it going take Kali to prove that she is innocent.? another week? Or month?

  22. I guess the writers were eating 5 star chocolate while writing this twist. .thats y such a TWIST…I mean marriage is a kind of game or what?

  23. poor kali.I hate yug too for not believing her.now I wish if there is new entry of good lead male hero who can love kali and give here all the happiness which she deserves nd let yug suffer all of his life with that idiot devil gouri

  24. Guys …. I am guessing that yug is just pretending to support gauri…. Just to prove kali innocent

  25. Guys this writer has no heart. How can you write a this stupid story. Every one trouble her. No one are help her. How can she prove yug is her husband?this is not a way for extend this serial. Every one disappointed yesterday episode. In every serial some good and some bad is there. But in this serial always evil.this is disgusting…

  26. I too am fade up now n is really disheartening but what to do though we give comments to writer to make shoe a interesting one they will go on their own way. So i think we too should go on our own way n should stop watching such a foolish twist. There will be solution soon but again many twist. Why many twist in the serial n only one solution. Since it is made based on real life events i think no one lifes will experience one problems after another. I feel irritating too since in zee tv kaala teeka is the only one which entertained in good way after taking a break of 14 years but now i hate the twist. It is the worst twist n i think since they made us fade up to watch it we all should quit watching this. Anyway i still have hope

  27. its all okay with what the others are doing, but the Pundit ??? I always knew these pundits were phoney. Gauri has the sindur and mangalsutra, is that all that is required to get married in Hinduism ?? then why the days of rituals and pakhand. For mine, Gauri is a rakhel.

  28. daadi did this only 2 get yug the kismat as kaalis husband but she wants him 2 live with gauri….how mean!….and how abt having gupt pooja sounds vierd. kaali already knws abt daddi n thn she beleivea her…y all female leads do all such things hide things fst n then suffer

  29. In true love must have believe on each other but here yug is not believe kali.wait and see what he have to do? How many changes he takes in kali life? He spoils kali life

  30. My gosh..they all made Kali fool at the temple front of God. why is God didn’t even help her this time…there is no justice here???what did Kali done to that stupid mother of sharmila.

  31. Bakwas.serial ka writer kaun h?? Aisa asal zindegi mein b nahi hota..lagta hai real life vamps serial se inspired hue hain..achai se bharosa uth jaega..at last bhagwan ko b nahi baksha.

  32. She prays ramji but what he can do in this situation he didn’t do anything for her. He left her alone. Writer we think and write story in fans point of view. So many members are like this serial especially kaali character but today that all members are hate this serial because they are all believe kaali has also good days but now she has never get good days no one are love her.all members are use and throw out. We want negative in every serial little bit only but in this story good is little bit total story is in negative. Definitely kaali proves yug is her husband.

  33. Can anyone know how kali going to prove herself???? really this show is frustraing. how can a person portray as ram cant believe her sita??? kali acting is superub…gauri looks ugly in that wedding dress same old hairstlye and calling herself Gauri jha bullshit. everytime when is see gauri face i want it to punch her into her face man…and ya i want to put something into that old bi**h leela mouth and duct tape her mouth.. i hate when her when she talk. old witch:/

  34. ha..ha….what an irony…!!!according to the kundli,gauri is having all the bad omens…and kali’s kundli is the best…bt right from the starting till yesterday’s episode it is showing that kali is bearing everything and she is having bad things in her life…and gauri is enjoying her life by fulfilling her nasty wishes n giving pain to others….then what is the role of kundli here?????

  35. Dear writer where is Kali kushi????u always showing gauri’s kushi???really what’s in her that makes her happy?…and gauri don’t u have shame to enter somebody husband room??disgusting:/

  36. Amelia Williams

    I done say I stop watching the is show… Kali been through so much already. Y take away her only bit of happiness. Why does of always have to be problems when a girl loves a boy and vice versa in these serials…steups. I don’t know what else to say…I am very disappointed with the developments of this track I thought sanam and aahil would have saved her

  37. i really hate that gauri and leela???????

  38. IM so angry right now, couldn’t finish the episode.was very hurt. I feel sorry for kali. I need to trash yug for distrusting kali.

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