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Scene 1
Everyone is in hospital. Aryan comes too and says let make you drink water. Kali says leave it. The water pot slips and the water spills. Aryan says its okay don’t be mad. He leaves. Raghu says he is still not concision. Gauri says how will Yug make me drink water? She places the pot in his hand and tries to drink water from his hand. Kali looks at Manjiri and pretends fainting, Kali says water water.. Manjiry says someone give her water. She makes Kali drink from the pot placed in Yug’s hand. Yug says Kali.. He opens his eyes. Kali says yug.. Nurse calls the doctor. Leela hugs Manjiri in happiness. Manjiri says in this battle the wife saved her husband too. I told you nothing can part Kali and Yug. Leela nods. Doctor asks them all to take a side. He says its a miracle. He says

please go out and let us check.

Kali says thank you ramji. Gauri says you wont by deceit. Kali says thats my right. Gauri says truth is that there is no difference between you and me now. Kali says we have a difference of truth. Gauri says the truth that only you know? Or the truth whole world knows? I am yug’s wife for world. Kali says whole world will know when Yug and his family will own me. Gauri says you have no chance. I am Mrs. Yug. Kali says what you think there is no worth of the rounds I took. Gauri says there is no worth of rounds you took in front of a stone idle. Manjiri says you are right gauri. Wedding is to give honor in society. What is a marriage that has no proof no witness. The society should know whom this place belongs to, and to know who is yug’s wife. Gauri says what are you saying I am not getting anything. Manjiri says the worth of those rounds are the seven vows you take. In next seven days Kali will fulfill those seven vows. Kali says I sure will. Gauri says what will happen? Kali says I will get the right to be called his wife. Gauri says in seven days if you couldn’t get yug and gauri accept you then you have to go away from yug. Kali says I accept the challenge.
Gauri says then get ready to be kicked out of the house. Kali says true love never loses. Yug will kick you out.

Yug comes home. Kali and Raghu help him walking. Gauri says stay away from my husband I will take him home. She takes Yug’s wheel chair. Chulbul does yug’s arti. Kali says in God’s eyes I am yug’s wife. then why am I deprived off my rights? Leela says maybe you’re right but in society’s eyes Gauri is his wife. Kali says your society has to give me my right.

Vishwa is praying he says thanks for recovering Yug. Manjiri says thank you ram ji. You gave power to my Kali’s prayers and saved yug. Vishwa turns back. He is about to leave. Manjiri shows him kali doing pooja. Manjiri says can’t you see it in her eyes that no one can be yug’s wife. Vishwa says what differrnce does it make? Truth is what society knows. Manjiri says I am showing this so when world knows the truth it doesn’t break your heart.
Sharmila says they patched up again I have to do something soon.
Kali makes Yug drink the milk.
Leela says tomorrow we will send meal made by daughter in law to temple. Gauri says I will make really good food. Leela says I doubt that. ‘

Gauri is cooking she can’t recall what leela told her. Kali comes and tells her. Gauri says get out of here. I can cook for my husband. Kali says go ahead and leaves.
Kali collects woods outside in the lawn and says I am cooking this for my husband. Give it power and strength God. GAuri says its too hot in the kitchen. She says the kheer smells so good but I haven’t even started. It must be kali. Gauri comes out and pours water in Kali’s pot.

Precap-Gauri takes Kali’s hand and ties it to the pillar she throws away her food. Kali says you have insulted food you will be punsihed for this. Gauri goes back to kitchen it is on fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Am i the only 1 who think the precap is a little bit funny?

  2. It will be really funny if all goes back to where it started, as before the accident. Gauri and daadi will rule and kali will be struggleing as usually. I wish daadi or manjimaa had spoken up when aryan came to the hospital. Lets see what the outcome is in 7 days, all as usual, back and fourth…..

  3. Nope I find so too!

  4. Like kids play at de playground isnt it hana???datz what spoilt brat gauri jha bad attitude is… not matured.not even know how to cook bcoz all diz while our poor kaali done every single thing for her… somemore cud tell people her dad pick kaali from de road… what a crab gauri jha!

  5. Why they keep saying the next 7 days thought that it pass already this serial is becoming lame

  6. Sabe, the 7 days is when daadi will accept kali, as stated by mangimaa per prior episodes, Also, why are they potraying kali as soo stupid, can’t she atleast tell Aryan off, instead of giving him angry looks. Please do something with Aryan.

  7. Really this is still going on , come on writers this is too much no wonder the serials have a life span of only 1 year the most it drags and drags and drags . The same story line is told in every serial from KKB to ETRETR the list goes on . Why cant there more than one hero and heroine why is there only one guy and two women are always fighting for him it makes us women look so desperate even worse there is another women supporting the wrong. This serials are like a very long extended movie > think about it in Western t v. serials there are lots of leading men and women there is twist and turns at every corner the serials last for years and years Here we are struggling for a married women to prove she was the one married. in all the serials when they do get married the couples never consummate the marriage , trouble starts from day one

    The list can go on and on but I think I had enough this will only push my BP and stress levels high lol

  8. Really??? Society is important then grand child happiness?????

  9. Poor Kali she is trying her best but not even some mintute she can’t freely talk to Yug…really I feel bad for her… Only writer knows how she going to win????and when she going win???

  10. Hi masz, I hope you read my comments on 4th June viewers segment., I gave the relationship explanation between Neel n kaliyani. Just wanted to clear your doubts. Hope you are not miffed in any way.

    1. Neel is kalyani’ step son….viswa’s brother first wife son…. Kalyani is viswa’s brother second wife…. I don’t know if u know that???????

      1. And kalyani child died cos of sick….viswa use that madicine to cure gauri…. That’s y she took revenge on viswa’s family….

    2. Hi Naz.TQ so muchhh for de explanation.Datz y Ive been wondering if neel is kalyani’s son Y was she treating him so badly… now ive got it!TQ²…. lets see how 7th may epi wil be.enjoy!


  12. I feel the cvs and writers are completing Ek Muthi Aasman story in Kaala Teeka.

    There is no story or logic to this show.2 women fighting for 1man and playing wifey games. There is so much negativity in this show. No funny scenes, no romance.

  13. I agree wid u poorva…
    I feel very bored 2 even watch dis show…Each n every epi gauri n kali challenge each but the result is nothing. .
    the writters r simply dragging the show..
    even kkb does the same thing..but atleast they include some funny elements n romance along wid their long dragging twists..

  14. First when the show started I felt that it was a unique show..but it has end up with this pathi pathni and vo.. drama

  15. I hope they end this track within 7 days not 70 days..

  16. Oh what is this manjari again she keep a fire between these both sisters? she should slap gouri hard and why she is not teeching lession to gouri??where this madhuri went ⁉ and i think yug wanted to change his dadi’s bad decision as he knows kali has changed her badke papa and now he just want to change dadi.. since he loves his dadi and kali lot..to keep he is making drama with Kali since in mahasangam when kali got trouble in forest he told to sattu as he is also like him and his wife is kali like that he told.. and if he tell in front of all kali is his wife dadi will give trouble again and kali will bear everything like in badke papa’s house .. dadi is also changing to some extent?now she will completely turn to good? she will only unite them since now she is liking kali and hating gouri…

    1. Do u really think gauri change in a slap. besides if manjari slap her she ask who is she slap her….I think viswa has to slap her cos he is the who spoiled her but still gauri won’t change..

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