Kaala Teeka 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Leela says to Kali have you seen your kundli. If you stay with me there would be a dozen. Gauri says you are right. Kali’s kundli is so good nothing can come after you. Yug says there is no such thing. Leela says eat and keep quite. I am alive because of kali’s kundli. Gauri says but this is wrong, keeping husband and wife separated. Yug says its okay we have no problem Kali will stay with you.
Kali is asleep. she hears knock on door. Kali says is it Yug? She smiles. Kali goes out. Leela hears crows in her sleep. She wakes up. Leela sees that Gauri isn’t there. The crows comes in the room and attack her. Leela runs out. She slips and faints.

A woman in black dress is shown. Her eyes are green. The crows come near her. She has a cigar. Everyone comes to Leela.

Leela says there were crows in room. Yug says where is gauri? Chulbul says let me see in servant quarter. Kali says let me check in room. Leela says to Bijli I told what to do. Stay.. Raghu says what work maa? tell me.. Bijli says she asked to keep dia and baati separate.
Yug and Kali check all the windows and doors are closed. Kali says where could crows come in from? Chulbul sees in servant quarter Gauri is not there.
leela says there is a shadow on me. Chulbul comes and says you wanna know her name? Gauri. Everyone is dazed. Kali says this can’t happen. Chulbul says she isn’t in her room. Yug looks in anger at Kali. Yug says lets go and check.
Everyone comes to Gauri’s room, she is asleep. Chulbul throws water on her and says you drama. Gauri says you all.. Dadi ji what happened to you. Chulbul says don’t do this drama. You are exposed. Two minutes ago you weren’t here. She graps her hair and says tell them truth. You have ruined our days. Kali says chachi ji please leave her. She has not done anything. Chulbul says everyone heard ma ji shout but not her. Gauri says I took med and slept. Yug says leave it chachi even if she has done she will prove she hasn’t. She is so clever. Kali says I gave her these painkillers. Yug says you don’t take her side. Lets go dadi.
Gauri says to kali you are the daughter in law of this house. Please don’t take my side in front of yug. He doesn’t like. Yug is a nice guy that you deserve. I don’t wanna spoil your relationship. Kali says okay I am doing but you take care.

Precap-Gauri says if it was someone else they would have got caught. She recalls every time she sent those crows and made blook stream from leela’s tap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh well….all of us knew that gauri was behind this, now it is confirmed……. Just bear it guys…hopefully this irritating black magic track will come to an end soon and the writers might come up with a better track that is worth watching

  2. Hopefully

  3. Black magic black magic. uffffff…….. don’t know how long this cheap history will continue…..


    This update is of 5 july… as i have seen little bit episode, which did not include any of the written update….

  5. I knew it was gauri but how is she doing it i think bijli will catch her n no one will believe her

  6. this show is becoming BS. Kali has to learn that a Leopard never changes its spots. How has Gauri mastered the art of controlling the crows in a short time when a circus ring master spends a life time trying to crack a whip.

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