Kaala Teeka 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali does Naina’s massage. Gauri stops her. Kali says Gauri it will heal her. Gauri throws it away and says you don’t know everything. Stay away from my daughter. Don’t you get it please go away from here. Leela says gauri calm down she will be okay. DEvri comes in Leeal says please do something. Devri says we have to take her to a pure place. Nandu says where is that place? Nandu says I know a place I will take her there. kali says naina won’t go anywhere. Enough I will expose you to everyone. Kali tells nandu everything. Manjiri says Kali is right. Are you scared to see your defeat devri? Devri says what defeat? What are you saying. This isn’t a game. Manjiri grasps his collar. Manjiri says tell everyone the truth. Nandu says so my brother is responsible

for everything. Okay I agree with you but give me a proof.
Kali says you were not ready to listen that’s why I stayed quite. But it is high time now. I have to expose this person or everything will be over. Nandu says what is wrong with you. My brother isn’t like that. Kali says I know him. Nandu says bring proofs. Yug says we don’t need proofs. Gauri says what are you saying? Yug says when Kali and Manji ma are saying that we have to believe them. We dont’ need proofs then. He won’t live here in this house. Gauri says yug.. Nandu stops Yug’s hand and says my brother won’t go anywhere. Yug says this is my house and I will decide who lives here. Leela says try to understand. Yug says enough dadi. Yug shoves Devri. Yug shoves devr in the hall. Devri says brother.. Nandu shoves him. Devri gets up in anger. DEvri shoves Yug and says whoever comes in my way I will kill him. He locks everyone in a circle. DEvri says now you all see him dying. He hits yug. The floats a statue in front of Yug. Pavitra comes there and devri feels a shock. DEvri says i am leaving but I will come back. Nandu says please forgive me Kali. Leela says I am sorry. NAina is your daughter. Kali gives Niana meds. Naina starts floating in the air. She says mama save me. Everyone comes and sees her.
prohit throws some ashes towards her and she falls down. Nandu catches her. Kali says niana open your eyes. Naina opens her eyes.

Devri is in his cave. He does the magic there. Prohi binds a bracelet on pavitra and nains’ wrists. Devri feels a shock. Prohit says this will always take care of you. DOn’t let it fall off your hand.
Naina and Pavitra are playing with a doll. Naina’s bracelet falls and breaks. Pavitra says didi it fell you take mine. Naina says I am fine don’t worry. Your protection is more important. Pavitra says no you wear it. Pavitra gives hers to Naian. Devri is happy.

Precap-Kali is doing pooja. Devri comes in the house. Pavitra sees him. He is disguised as an old starved person. Pavitra brings food for him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wat shit is going on here??

    1. OMG….. Are there viewers who still watching this foolish serial? What a relief to see comments down to 1per episode. Been away for some months across her and nothing has changed…..hell, I thought kt had ended. Good going viewers, keep this up please….all Ekta Kapoor serials should just die off…..KT, KKB, the most irritating serial ever on zeetv. Stop commenting, I’m gone…… Again!!!!!!!

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