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Scene 1
Vishwa is dragging Kubri out. They all stop and see someone on the gate. A man walks in. Vishwa says brother.. Manjiri says brother in law.. Vishwa touches his feet but he walks. in. he picks kubri up. She is crying. swami says are you okay? She touches his feet. He hugs her. Swami says how were you treating your bhabhi vishwa? Everyone is dazed. He says yes she is your bhabhi kalyani.

Swami says you put rope in her neck and couldn’t see the rope of responsibility in your own. Kubri says your gaze is lowered Vishwa. Your manners have become a pride to you. You only do injustice. She says swami now you see why i wanted to come here before you. My instincts told me. Swami thought that Vishwa is the right person to hold responsibility of this house but see what jha family is

suffering. He has forgotten everything. When I came here I saw a husband hitting his wife. A sister hating her sister. A little girl facing all the cruelty. So I had to stay here. An alive girl has been made kala teeka here. A woman wanted me to do black magic on her husband. Two sisters slapping each others. Kids learning to lie. Your first wife wasn’t less. she wanted to kill this little. Everything is going wrong in this house. I know you said that you are above this worldly affairs. But they are our family and its our responsibility to show them right path. We can’t teach others when our own people need us the most. Swami stands up. Vishwa says where are you going brother? This is your house pleas don’t go. Swami says I will live here in my house and show them all the right path. First step is pardon. vishwa touch your bhabhi’s feet and ask for forgiveness. Vishwa says yes brother. He touches Kalyani’s feet and forgive me bhabhi I didn’t know. Kalyani says as much as I see you will have to apologize more later. Leave it we will see all this then.

Manjiri is in kjtchen. Kali comes and hugs her. Kali says what is happening in the house. Why was bady papa being scolded at me. Neel was mad at me and said I lied to him. Manjiri says actually.. Kalyani says come here I will tell you. When kids make mistakes their elders tell them about it. When elders make mistakes their elders tell them. And then help them rectifying it. Kali says but don’t stay mad at bady papa. He is so nice. He apologized to you. I apologize as well just don’t be mad at bady papa. kalyani says you are really good and then how can you bady papa be bad. Kalyani says am I right? Someone has to be her support. I will do that. You couldn’t manjiri. Kalyani says go to him.

Kali says to swami you left neel and jethi maa alone that was running away. That was wrong too. Neel would have missed you all these years. I will make him happy then he will talk to you.
Vishwa says to manjiri this was all happening under my nose and I could not even know. and what was she saying madhuri. Kalyani comes in and says now you are shouting at your wives. On right time you will be punished with right. And that is important.

Precap-Kalyani is in store. she sees that trunk. Kali sees her and says what has she hidden here? if she is so good then what does she have to hide?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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