Kaala Teeka 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Pallavi gives medicine to Naina, Naina thanks her and says I will miss you a lot, she says to her Maa that I will miss your scolding too, she says I never woke up this early in morning than I woke up here, Chutki says Pallavi never woke up late ever in life, except now only. Naina emotionally looks at Pallavi and says maybe we have some connection from earlier birth, Maa gets tensed hearing it, Chutki asks her to stay for their sake but Naina says we cant. Pundit comes there and says to Maa that send your daughters festival, he gives them clothes and leaves, Naina asks what festival is it? Chutki throws clothes away and says we don’t go there, what if we get chosen there? I don’t want bidai(leaving after marriage), Naina says she is only 9years old, why they want her bidai? What

is happening in this ritual? Maa says this is not city, its our ritual to respect God and we have been following this ritual for years. Naina asks Pallavi what happens in this ritual? Chutki says the girl who is chosen in ritual has to sit in palanquin and has to leave, Maa says don’t say a word Chutki, stay silent. Maa asks Naina to leave, Naina says but.. Pallavi says to Naina that I request to not get involved in village’s matter, please go, Maa says leave, Naina’s friend Dimpy says they are strange people but its their matter.
Naina and Dimpy are outside Pallavi’s house, her friend asks what is she thinking, they have to leave soon. Naina says the way Chutki behaved about that ritual and how aunty behaved was off, something is fishy. Her friend says we hear about village orthodox rituals all the time and we don’t say anything against it so why bother now? Lets ignore, Naina says don’t know but I cant ignore it this time, I think aunty is not home so lets go and talk to Chutki.
Naina and Dimpy eavesdrop on Chutki and Pallavi. Pallavi is getting Chutki ready as bride, Chutki says I don’t want to go away from you and maa didi, Pallavi hugs her and cries, Naina looks on. Pallavi says to Chutki that you wont have to go anywhere, your all dreams will be fulfilled, I am with you. She hugs Chutki. Naina is about to enter house but they hear Maa coming there so they go and sit outside. Naina says we have to protect Chutki from this ritual,. She recalls Chutki’s crying, Dimpy asks what is plan? Naina looks on.

Scene 2
Chutki and Pallavi are ready as brides. Pallavi says Naina must be leaving so I should meet her, Maa says she already left, Pallavi says without even meeting me? Maa says I will braid your hair, Pallavi thinks that its good that Naina left because I wouldn’t be able to answer her questions, this ritual is important for us, if one of us get chosen then our problems will be solved just like it happened with my friend, she looks on sadly,
Some girl(target of bidai ritual) is running in jungle, goons are following her, ,she falls and hits her head on stone, she says this is all lie, I will tell everyone truth, she sees village goons following her and hides behind tree.
Naina and Dimpy comes in festival wearing indian wear and putting veils on faces, Naina says you know the plan, lets move forward, they enter venue, they see many brides there, Naina says it looks like group marriage but why there are only brides and no groom? they see Chutki coming there, Dimpy says where is Pallavi? Naina looks aroung but doesnt find her.
Pallavi comes in mandir and prays to lord that if I get chosen today in ceremony then everything will become fine, Lord I pray to get me chosen for Bidai, please listen to my prayers and requst. The girl who was running away from goons comes behind her, she is injured and cant call Pallavi’s name out as Pallavi has back to her, she thinks that i have to save Pallavi, she calls our her name Pallavi turns and sees her, she is stunned.

PRECAP- Ritual starts, Pundit says that whoever girl will get chosen, she will be sent to pious river. Naina says if Chutki or Pallavi gets chosen then they will be sailed to river forever, i wont let it happen, Thakur comes there too. Pundit says this time, Pallavi is chosen to be sent, he is about to give her water bowl as oath but Naina comes there and throws it away, all look on shocked, Thakur angrily looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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