Kaala Teeka 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
The guy says go wait near the white car, I will bring that girl. Gauri gets a call. She goes out to receive it.
Mad says darling ji please drink water. He shoves it away and says I wont drink or eat unless I see gauri. Prohit says bad time is coming. Enter the house.

The guy covers gauri with a sheet and puts her in back of the car. he says to kali come lets go. Kali sits on back seat. He says am I your driver? Come sit in front. Kali sits in the front.He says firs time a girl sat on this front seat. This is my friend’s new car. Kali says please go. He says I am opening the back, you take her our. Kali takes gauri out. Gauri comes out and says did you see who kidnapped me? Did you see his face? Kali says the car was closed. Gauri says that means kidnappers was near.

You were following the kidnapper? Gauri says lets go. Kali says in heart I hope I meet him again to thank him. Gauri says lets go from here or the kidnapper will come back again.
Kali and gauri leave. He says they didn’t even thank? She left. He sees thank you Ram ji written on his rear window. He says how can vishima be wrong.

Prohit says only 2 minutes are left. Please come in. Vishwa says I wont. Neel sees gauri and kali. He says gauri. He says kali has brought gauri. Vishwa says my gauri is here. He opens his eyes. and says gauri you made me wait. He is about to hug her but gauri stops him. She says you are smelling so bad, I can’t tolerate that. I am going to my room. Vishwa says what are you saying? She says I am not happy about you being back. Because for me you are just a criminal. Vishwa is dazed. She says law must have forgiven you but I can’t. You are just a criminal. She goes to her room.

Vishwa sits there in shock. Kalyani asks kali to stay. Kalyani says bring water. Vishwa says 14 years, I craved to see her and she hates me. Samwai says control yourself. They make him sit. Kalyani says to kali stay in your limits.
Gauri is in her room. Kali comes to her. She says what you did? Gauri says where is my cleanser? Kali says he has returned after 14 years and he is your father. What is wrong with you. Gauri says something has happened to you. Chill and change the channel. I wanna watch TV. Kali says sorry. Gauri says say it loud. Kali says I am sorry. Gauri says bring me cleanser. Kali gives her. Gauri says you are so sweet. What would I do without you. Kali says he is your father. Gauri says you can’t understand my emotions. I am bold. I can’t feel happy about him being here. I hate him.

Next morning, that guy is out. His friend says did you see her face?
Vishwa recalls what gauri said. Mad says I don’t know what happened to my love story. Let me bring him juice. Kalyani says forgive me vishwa. She says I lost. You gave me this responsibility. I tried to make her a better girl but I lost. That kali has provoked her against you. She has pivoted poison in her. You made her gauri’s kala teeka. I couldn’t keep they away from each other. Kali told Gauri that you are a murderer.

That guy comes to college. And they ask coordinator. You are ema ji. We heard you help everyone. She says how can I help you? He says my friend amar’s bhaabhi came here to sing. Can you tell me did she come here or not? She says tell me her name. They give her pan. The guy checks the list of girls. He says gauri.. Vishima is right. Everything is possible. I will find her full name and address too.

Precap-The man says Ms. Gauri listen this song. He sings the same song. He says MS. Gauri you sang this, please once I wanna meet you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode kali and guy are very sweet

  2. Sajna song are very sweet today episode is good

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  4. Yug and kali best vishima yug ki aunt lagti hain kiya

  5. Sajna song overall very nice kali ne kiya kidnapped kiya hain gouri ko i think kali dubara yug se mile

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