Kaala Teeka 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Jakturi says I will kill Kali. The masked man runs to save her but someone hits him on his head. His head bleeds. Its Jakturi’s thug. He hits the man more. Kali and Manjiri are scared. Jakturi says who will save you now? Police arrives. Jakturi says I wont leave you Manjiri. She runs away with her thugs.
They come home. Naina runs away from Kali. Yug says this wasn’t right. Naina shouldn’t have known. Naina runs upstairs and locks herslef in her room. Kali says naina please listen to me. Nandu says calm down Kali. Kali is crying. Yug says Jakturi told Naina that Kali isn’t her mother gauri is. Kali says talk to him nandu. Tell her I am her mom. I can’t live without her. Kali says Gauri you know naina is my daughter. I can’t live without her.

Gauri says Kali Naina is your daughter. And that is the truth. Gauri says Nainu that lady was lying. Kali is your mom I am not. Naina recalls what Jakturi said. She breaks all the stuff in her room. Nandu says Naian please open the door. Nandu says naina you are mad at mama won’t you talk to your dad? She says I don’t have any dad. Go from here I don’t wanna talk to anyone. nandu says what is she saying.. Yug says Naina please calm down. Naina breaks vase. Everyone gets scared. She breaks all the vases in her room. Everyone is knocking at the door. Yug says I am calling pishima. Pavitra is outside. She looks at the window and says I can go from here.

Manjiri is in hospital with that man. She asks doctor can she see his face? Doctor says the mask is stuck due to the bruise. We will remove it during the surgery.
Manjiri says on call to Kali break the door. Keep pushing it.
Naina sees her picture with Kali.
Pavitra asks the gardner to place the ladder near the window. She starts climbing the ladder. Everyone else is trying to break the door.
Baba says her life is danger. I have to pray for her. Naina is climbing the ladder. Her hand hits a nail on the ladder. She keeps climbing. Baba is praying for her.
Naina recalls jakturi said kali will save her own daughter Pavitra. You are her step daughter. Pavitra comes to window and says didi.. You are my sister. The ladder is moving. Pavitra says tell me didi my hand is slipping. The ladder breaks. Pavitra is hung with the window. she says didi save me I will fall. Didi save me. Naina doesn’t listen. The gardner sees her.
The invisible friend says don’t help her naina she isn’t your friend. Gardner comes and tells everyone about pavitra. They are all scared. Nandu says I am bringing the other ladder. Pavitra says didi save me I will fall. Kali says naina please save pavitra. Gauri says naina holds her hand. Naina doesn’t listen. That voice says see she cares for her daughter. She doesn’t care for you. Pavitra is not your daughter she is your enemy. Yug brings the ladder. Naian says she is my sister she isn’t my enemy. Pavitra is about to slip. Naian holds her hand. Naina pulls pavitra up in the room. Naina hugs her.
Baba says her life is safe. Everyone runs upstairs. Naina and pavitra are sitting on the bed. Kali hugs Pavitra. She says naina.. Naina says don’t come near me. I am nothing to anyone. I am just pavitra’s sister. She says Pavitra lets go eat something, I am really hungry. They go in kitchen. Kali is crying Nandu hugs her.

Scene 2
The nurse brings Manjiri in the room. Doctor says don’t talk to him about anything stressful. Manjiri sees his face and is dazed. His face looks like Devri. He is asleep. Manjiri is scared. Manjiri recalls everything. Manjiri tries to go out but the door is locked. She can’t open the door. The nurse opens the door. Manjiri is scared. The nurse asks are you okay? She says yes. A storm rages on outside. Manjiri is walking out. She says who is this man he looks like devri. She recalls everything devri did. Manjiir says but why saved me? and even naina? Maybe he used magic to come back and is doing all this to win our trust and come back in my life. So he can do what was left before. Devri opens his eyes.

Precap-Doctor says to Manjiri is there anyone who belongs to him? He comes out and says I have no one. Manjiir is scared. Later, he is in a room. Naina comes to him in his room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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