Kaala Teeka 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Thakur says okay I am sorry I will take you to them. Pavitra says lets go. He goes out.
Mai says to Krishna this is all possible because of you. Naina says pavitra I am so happy to see you that you will find your sister back. Pavitra says you are my sister. When will you have your memory back. Krishna says lets go now before Thakur reaches there.
Thakur comes to the shed with them. Pavitra says are you fooling us? Thakur says I can’t fool you people. He calls Bansi. Krishna says are you playing any game with us? Thakur turns on speaker, A man says who you are looking for is in our detention. Thakur says who are you and where are you? These souls think I hid them. The man says even if you kill Thakur he can’t tell where they are. Krishna throttles Thakur and says

you are lying. You know where they are. Naina and Pavitra are dazed. He has touched thakur. Thakur realizes he is not a ghost. Thakur laughs and shoves him away. He says so you thought you could fool me? Now you will suffer the consequences. Now that kidnapper will make you dance like a puppet and you will. Krishna says we don’t agree to this. You know where they are. Naina says we have to stay with him to know if its his new game or not. Thakur says do I look like an idiot? pavitra says how will we find Chutki now. Naina says don’t cry. We have not lost yet. We will find a way out. Krishna says we will who this new man is. Lets go.

Scene 2
Mai says what should we say now. All our efforts went in vain. Naina says don’t give up. Krishna says I am sure that man is THakur’s friend. He sent them to him. Pavitra says but we have to find out if he is thakur’s friend or enemy.
Thakur says on call don’t you get what I say? Do that. This time there shouldn’t be any mistake. Pavitra krishna and naina overhear. Naina says sure he is talking to that man. Krishna says we have take his phone somehow. Thakur sleeps in his room. Thakurain tries to steal his phone. SHe takes his phone. They come out and call that man.
Krishna calls that man. He says thakur is not my friend. Go and cut his thumb that will be a proof.
Naina says why did you agree to what he said? Krishna says he sure is playing some game. If thakur moves his hand that means they are both together. This is the only way to know the truth.
Krishna says that man called and asked me to cut your thumb and send it to them. If you are with him you won’t let me cut otherwise you will let me cut your thumb. Thakur puts his hand on the table and says come on cut it. Krishna moves forward. Krishna takes out his sword and is about to cut. Naina and Pavitra close their eyes. Krishna hit the sword on the table.
he calls that kidnapper again. He says Krishna.. Krishna says I couldn’t cut his tongue he is my dad. The kidnapper says he is devil, He took your love from you. You didn’t keep your word. You said either thakur’s thumb would cut or chutki’s. Mai says I beg you don’t harm my chutki. Pavitra says please don’t do this. She is a child. He says keep your tears for the time you see this live.

Krishna says he is not picking up. He keeps calling again.
THakur says to his men find that man out and burn him. There is only one devil in the story and it should be me.
That kidnapper video calls Krishna. Pavitra screams. She says please don’t harm chutki. I beg you. Someone goes near Chutki with a knife. They all scream.
The man says Krishna you didn’t keep your word but now you know I am not with thakur. Krishna says yes I agree to that. Please leave Chutki. The man says its not easy. Pavitra says what you want. I will give you. He says can you? Pavitra says I will do anything for chutki. The man says okay then take Naian to thakur and give her to him. Say that he can do whatever he wants with Naina. Everyone is shocked. Pavitra says what are you saying. My sister is not a toy.He says hurting one sister will hurt the other. I think I have to cut Chutki’s finger. Mai says no please don’t do this. He says I think I should cut the hand rather. Pavitra says don’t do this please. She is a child. The man says this is my game and I play here. Take Naina to thakur. Make video of it and send me. Then I will tell you what is next. Mai is crying..

Precap-Naina says thakur married me by deceit. I can’t forget that he is my husband. Krishna says to Pavitra there Naina is ready to spend night with thakur and here you are crying. If naina spends night with Thakur this can only benefit one person. Pavitra goes and stops Naina.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. naina is very hard up for a man she actually wants the thakur to bed her wow so many of them are telling her he is not her husband and yet…its the majority against the minority so who the hell will she believe man this is so disgusting shit

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