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Scene 1
Madhuri is getting her facial while Gauri cries. She asks the Neelu to pick her up. Neelu gives her kaali instead. JT bhabhi says why have you picked her up. Madhuri says he gave me her. Neelu says both of them are same. Madhuri says no my daughter in good luck. Madhuri asks JT to place the bowl outside. Jt says you are giving me a bowl? She says yes to place it outside. JT recalls when her husband left her. She screamed. Everyone tried to tell her that she has to accept what is happening. The women asked her to take off all the jewelry. They said these keys are a burden for you now.

JT says my life was ruined. She hears baby crying. She says this girl is the hindrance of my way. Before it comes in my way i will remove it. She asks servant to ask Hariya to meet her. Power cuts.

Madhuri says what is it?
Manjali gives milk to Kaali and says why you look so good to me? Are we related from some life previous than this. Maybe you have some right on this house. Vishwa comes in and asks did you order the sweets? She says I have ordered some, I will make the rest. He says how you do all this? And I am going gift Madhuri. Tell me what you want. You have equal right. Manjali says can I keep this girl here in this house? You said she saved our daughter. Vishwa says I asked you to ask for jewelry not burden. I know you are really merciful and I like you for that. We have nothing to do with this girl. We dont have any space for her here. He leaves. Manjali says to kaali you look so good to me that I don’t wanna leave you.

In the party, Vishwa shows his daughter to everyone. Manjali asks servants to work fast. JT says why have you this girl in kitchen? Give her to me. She is kaala teeka of our daughter. JT takes and says in heart till you are here Vishwa’s daughter can’t be harmed. So you have to go from here, today.

JT bhabhi sneaks out of the house with Kaali. Madhuri and Vishwa are greeting the guests. JT bhabhi runs in the streets to look for hariya. She finds him near garbage and says keep your daughter. She places Kaali next to Hariya and says we are done with her. hariya is drunk. JT bhabhi gives him money and says keep this. She leaves. hariya takes all the money. He laughs and leaves Kaali there in the garbage. A dog comes near her.

Manjali asks a girl have you seen the other child? I gave her to JT bhabhi. She says i dont know i didn’t even hear her crying since hours.
The dog barks near kaali.

Precap-A chandelier falls on Gauri. Madhuri screams. Vishwa is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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