Kaala Teeka 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kali bangs with Survi’s car, Survi says you need help? Kali says i need to reach somewhere, Survs takes her.
Yug is waiting for Kali, Manjari says ts much time. Yug asks Leela where is Kali? Vishwa says she didnt come with you?
Kali comes to place and starts finding Gauri, she says what if anything happens to her? she calls her but her phone is switched off, Survi says it seems like no one came here for many years, Kali looks around and says if listened something wrong? Gauri must have said something and i listened something else, how will i find her? Survi says i should take you home, they must be worried for you, they leave.
Kali comes to marriage venue, Survi says i am getting late, i will leave, Kali thanks her and leaves, Survi thinks God please protect her, dont

know what is going to happen. She sits in car and finds Kali’s mobile there which she forgot.
Bride comes to marriage venue, she has veil on her face, Leela smirks. Kali comes there too, all are stunned to see two brides. Kali is stunned to see other bride in veil, Yug takes off her veil and its Gauri, Yug says Gauri? Kali says you called me that you are kidnapped, i was finding you everywhere, what is happening here? you in bridal dress? Gauri says what are you saying? i didnt call you, infact you dressed me a bride, you said that you cant see me sad and you sacrificed to not do this marriage, you said that you wont come here so that there will be no problem in marriage, now why you are here? what you wanna prove? Yug says what Gauri is saying Kali? Kali says this is lie, Gauri how can you do this? you called me and said to not trust Leela. Gauri says I never said anything against dadi, she is a great woman. Leela says why are you dragging me in this. And kali where were you? Kali says I was here and then I went to temple with you. and Gauri called me there. Leela says I never heard any phone ringing. I went to temple with bride and then came back with her. Kali says I got a call from Gauri and ran to save her. Leela says she is out of her mind. Vishwa says you are both my daughters. Tell me what the mess is all this. Gauri says papa I know kali your favorite. But I know that I can never be like her. She is great. She sacrifices for people. she asked me to wear this dress. She sacrificed for my happiness and asked me not to tell anyone. Because if yug got to know he would never agree. Kali says enough. No more lies. I have been forgiving you all my life but not today. Its about my marriage today. Don’t play with me. I will never stay quite today. Gauri says what about my hairline’s sindur? Leela says now who will decide who took rounds.We will take that one home.
Gauri says I agree that I am not great like you but I can’t stoop so low and put fake sindur in my hairline.

Kali says you all saw i was sitting at time of sindoor dan, Chulbuli says i didnt see you, if i had seen you then i would have spoken up, Leela says what game you all have played with me, she acts like crying, Yug says enough of this drama, i know who is my bride, he looks at Gauri then at Kali, he comes to Kali and says you get happy in others happiness, you fight for truth, you fight against blind faiths, only you can do all this Kali, Kali smiles, Yug says she is my childhood’s sita and i know you never lie, i trust you Kali, Yug says i know i have taken pheras with Kali, Leela says no this is not good, it will be bad omen, Vishwa says there will be no bad omen, i am sorry for whatever happened, i know my daughters, Gauri is my princess, i cant live without her, she is everything for me and Kali.. she is pillar of trust for our house and i can say with surity that Kali doesnt lie, yug’s wife is Kali only, Gauri stands in tears, all are stunned, Gauri sits in his feet and says i am not lying, trust me, Manjari wipes her tears and says i understand your situation, we all have sympathy for you but truth is that Yug and Kali are made for each other, this is truth only. Manjari comes to Kali and gives her hand in Yug’s hand, she says my Kali is pure like Sita and i know Kali doesnt know how to lie, Yug smiles, Pundit comes there and says this is sin, what is this girl doing with other man? he asks Kali where is her husband? Vishwa says he is her husband, Pundit says no, i did her wedding in mandir with a guy, all are shocked, Pundit says she took pheras with some other guy infront of me, Kali is confused and says what are you saying? i went there.. Pundit says you left your anklet there, Kali says this is trap against me, Yug says who are you to blame my Kali? we dont know you so why should we trust you? Pundit says i didnt come to clear myself, i have come to return anklet, he shows Kali’s anklet, all are shocked.

PRECAP- Chulbuli says how can we trust anyone without proof? Pundit says come with me to mandir, you will see proof with your eyes, Leela says lets go then.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. When I saw initial parts just now I was praising the makers for making KaYu married but later I was stunned they jsyg make a very bad thing out of marriage, bride swapping is bad but claiming to get married when u didn’t and making someone else that they married the other person is worse really pathetic watching it for KaYu but this is worse

  2. i guess on 7th may there would be a twist and kali and yug might reunite again


  3. Boring story.stop it yaar

  4. Amelia Williams

    That’s the end of me WATCHING KAALA TEEKA!!!!!! I done.. saw todays episode. it was heart wrenching… Eh

  5. yh even me I can’t still sleep because m really hurt today after watching today’s episode..I even feel like crying after sein the precap as well???

    1. Nee too. I’m going crazy after watching today’s episode.. How can Yug do that???? I hate Yug now. I think Kali doesn’t deserve him..I wiah Kali prove herself and leave Yug… I want Yug regret his entire life… How could he hold gauri hand take her home man. It irratating me.

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