Kaala Teeka 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali sees that guy, while he is looking for her. He gets a call and says I am coming I want to see face of the girl who won this competition. I will find her.
Kali says I shouldn’t let him see my face. I didn’t win gauri did. I am just her kala teeka. He turns back, kali jumps in the water so he doesn’t see her. He says she has gone. He leaves. Kali comes out of water. She says no one can see me. I am just gauri’s shadow.

Kalyani is getting everything ready. Mad says I don’t know where is gauri. What will I say when vishwa asks. Kalyani says she is out of control. Don’t worry I will handle it. Mad says you have handled everything for me. Kali comes in. Mad says where is gauri. Vishwa comes in as well. He comes out of his car with his

eyes closed. Kali touches his feet. He gives her blessings. Kalyani says kali.. what are you doing? Vishwa stops. Prohit takes him away. Kali says in heart you hate me but ou are everything for me. They all welcome him Swami hugs him. They take him in. Vishwa says gauri.. Kalyani says like you lived without us, this house was incomplete without you. Vishwa sys where are you gauri? Everyone is worried. Mad says you didn’t see me and didn’t tell me I look exactly same. He takes his shades off. She says your eyes are closed. Vishwa says gauri i will see your face first when I come out of jail. Come here don’t tease papa. Vishwa says where is my gauri? Why is she not coming. Kalyani says she is out she will come back. Prohit says enter the house please.
Vishwa says unless I see my gauri i will keep standing here. Bring her. Neel calls her. Kali says let me see how can I bring her back. Swami says don’t do this vishwa come in. Vishwa sys till she is here i will keep standing here. Mad says to kali where is gauri? Gauri says I dont know she went somewhere. Mad says what are you for? Kala teeka should be with her all the time and you came here alone. Kalyani says i think she ahs forgotten what she is. Neel says Gauri updated facebook, she is treating her friends. Kali says i know where she is. Kali says then go and bring her. Neel says to kali go bring gauri i will handle her here. Kalyani says you will be out of your mind to see her vishwa. Kali runs to gauri’s party place.

That guy says to his pal i am still hearing her voice. That song she was singing, my childhood is attached to it. Its like magic. Just once I have to find her. Its possible. Kali walks past him. gauri is with her friends. Kali comes and says pleaase gauri come home. Bady papa is standing on the door. He wants to see your face. Please come home. Gauri says is he back from world cup? He was in jail. We all know what he was in jail for. Kali says please come. I will do whatever you as me. 14 years we waited for this. We will see smile on his face. Gauri says go from here i wont come. Gauri goes back in. Kali comes out. That guy is still here. She says please ram ji do something. I want to take gauri to her bady papa.

That guy gets a call. A woman on call asks her who is crying? He says there is some girl asking ram ji for her. She says go and help her. Ram ji also helps people. He comes to kali. He says I could hear your cry and Vishima heard it on call as well. she wants me to help you tell me what happened. She says your ram ji has sent me. Didn’t he inform you. I think there must be some network problem. Tell me what happened? Kali says that girl.. her papa wants to see her after so many years. He says he wont go in without seeing her? She says how you know? He says ram ji told me. Come with me lets kidnap her and take her home.

Precap-That guy kidnaps kali and puts her in back of the car. Kali sits in the car. He says first time a girl sat on front seat of this car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope it the same guy who was looking for kali n gauri need a good slap n come home

  2. I think yug is the little boy ramji who was kali childhood friend and hero. Is Manjiri yug aunt now ?? I think she got remarried and left her past life behind because it was painful

  3. as for this show my gosh writers from small kali has been endearing abuse from that family now she is older is more abuse and now she is also getting it from gauri and why is mandjiri not with kali and is that new boys aunt how did kali get separated from manjiri could someone explain

  4. Did majiri die in that fire??

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Can anyone tell me from where I can download song which kali sings…????

  6. Manjiri disappeared from the hospital and another person died in the room that she was in so everyone thinks manjiri died

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