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Scene 1
Naina says if it wasn’t my mistake mama scold me and never say anything to pavitra. Move the swing faster. Yug sees her and wonders whom is naina talking to? Yug says Naina you will slip and you will talking to someone? Naina says I was talking to my friend. You came and he left. Yug says when I was this age I used to talk to imaginary friends like you as well. He gives her a chocolate. Kali sees them and says Yug is spending time with naina. I shouldn’t disturb. Kali comes to kitchen and sees manjiri isn’t there. Manjiri’s phone rings. A man says on call manjiri ji don’t go there. Its danger. We were fooled. Kali says what? He says I called manjiri and told her jakturi is gonna sacrifice a little girl but it was a trap. Kali says oh God her life is in danger.

Manjiri reaches the spot. Kali says i should call police. Her battery is dead. Kali says Jakturi is so dangerous please help me God.
Jakturi’s thug comes and says you women are so fool. You fell in our trap so easily you came here and didn’t even inform anyone.
Naina and Pavitra are running in the garden. Naina brings the cutter near her. She laughs and says Pavitra you go scared. A man comes there. He faints the watchman. He abducts the girls.

The thugs surround manjiri. He is about to stab her. Kali comes and gives him shock with electric current. She does that to all the thugs. Manjiri hitws them with a rod. Kali’s phone rings. Manjiri picks it up. Its Jakturi Jakturi makes them hear Naina and Pavitra’s voices. Manjiri and Kali are scared. Kali says please leave my daughters they have nothing to do with this. Manjiri says Jakturi kill me but leave them. Jakturi says then sit in the car and come here. Don’t dare informing police.
Jakturi makes Naina and Pavitra wear gardlands. niana says please leave us. Jakturi says your ma and manji ma are coming. Pavitra says what are you doing? Kali and Manjiri reach there. Pavitra says save us mama. Naina says this aunty is hitting us. Jakturi says shut up. Manjiri says leave the kids Jakturi. Jakturi says I will. I will but I have one conidition. In return of their lives you have to announce that you were wrong and I was right. And you will take responsibility and resign from what you do. Thats it. Do you accept it? We don’t have much time. Jakturi says villagers are sick of the draught. These two will be sacrificed by them easily. They will come here any moment. Nothing would be able to stop them. Kali says you are stain in name of women. Don’t you feel ashamed? Jakturi says I don’t wanna listen to your lecture here. Because of you all of this is happening. Jakturi says I am really generous. I am giving you one chance. We will sacrifice one of the girls. Now you decide. Which one should we choose? Your own daughter pavitra or gauri’s daughter naina? Naina is dazed. Kali takes a rod and tries to hit Jakturi. Kali says Naina is my daughter and this is the truth. Jakturi says swear on Pavitra that naina took birth from your womb? You can’t swear on your real daughter. Yes Naina you are Gauri’s daughter. Kali says naina I am your mom. She is lying. Jakturi says your mother is a liar. Which one do you wanna save? You would save your real daughter pavitra. You are her step daughter niana. Gauri gave you birth. Naina tries to run. She says let me go. Jakturi says I am speaking in your favor. I will choose pavitra to sacrifice not you. I am on your side. Right Kali? She says prepare for it. Kali says leave my daughters you can’t do this.

Jakturi places Pavitra in front of her and to be sacrifice, a man comes to behead her. That masked man comes with a storm. He hits all the thugs. Jakturi says catch him. He beats them all down. Manjiri runs towards Pavitra. Kali hugs Pavitra manjiri hugs naina. Kali hugs niana. Jakturi grapss Kali by hair. Manjirei says leave her. She says to the man stop or I will kill her. Jakturi has a dagger in hand.

Precap-Naina is climbing a ladder, baba says her life is in danger we have to do something. Naina’s hand gets injured by a nail on the ladder.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. indera sanichara

    When I read this update I don’t want to see this show anymore. It stupied and boring

  2. Who Is masked man? Wonder who Is he ?

  3. i thnk he is DEVRI

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