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Scene 1
Vishwa says you are full of jealousy that is why you don’t like my Gauri and love Kaali. If today you step out, then I will break up with you forever. Manjiri, don’t test my patience.You took my hand and came in this house with me 15 years ago. Hold this hand again. Or return that wedding locket to me. Manjiri says this wedding locket will stay with me forever but today a mother won’t stop.

Kaali says Ram ji lets go Manjiri would be worried for me. He says you speak a lot.
Vishwa comes out and says stop Manjiri. Manjiri smiles and turns back. He says the woman who dies before her husband is very lucky. I want to make you lucky today. he brings a bucket of water and pours the water on himself. He says I have removed your name from my life. Manjiri leaves.

kaali says bady papa would be so mad, he doesn’t love me. Because I am not beautiful. Make me beautiful so he love me. Ram says no people don’t love you looks they love you for doing good and If you apologize.
Manjiri is looking for Kaali. She hears Prohit talking on call find a child. This is important to me. My neck is stuck in this. He says where has kaala teeka went. He comes towards car and sees Manjiri.
Manjiri recalls him using Kaali as kaala teeka in hospital.

Gauri says I want kaali. She is shouting. Madhuri says don’t shout. I am hurt. Vishwa says madhuri don’t talk to my princess like that. I will handle her. get out. Gauri coughs. Vishwa says bring water. Vishwa says whats wrong? Vishwa says manjiri bring medicine, he realizes manjiri is not there. Jethi says when the light is low man is surrounded by darkness. You will realize manjiri was responsible for all the problems in the house. Just take care of manjiri. Vishwa says tell me did prohit come? Jethi says no. Eat something.

Manjiri says I heard everything. tell me truth or.. Prohit says nothing Manjiri says tell me what truth is. You created this yourself. Tell me truth. I will kill you. prohit say there is no truth. 5 years ago, i declared kaali as kaala teeka. We can’t judge God’s decision. Vishwa doesn’t listen anything. What could I do? I had to come up with something. I was scared. My life would have been ruined so i did this. Manjiri says you darkened her life. Prohit says you have colored her life with darkness.Prohit says I am scared. I can’t tell anyone truth. Manjiri says you have committed sin and made us do so as well.Manjiri says please come with me. Prohit says this lie has become too powerful now. Vishwa will think I cant find another kaala teeka. he wont listen anything. Please forget what i said. Kill me if you an or i am going find another one. Manjiri says you are scared of Vishwa but not God. What will happen when he finds out. i am going to find kaali and I will. But i wont take her back to that house.

Manjiri asks different people about kaali.
Someone opens the door. Kaali and ram run out. Manjiri asks pandit ji if he has seen kaali. He says yess seeta was in temple with Ram.

Precap-Manjiri sees kaai in temple. They are happy to see each other. They hug.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks for fast updates.

    1. Agreed with thks

  2. why in all these indian serials there is always evil being done to children especially by grown ups and why there is always voodoo, witch craft, kidnapping and murders etc. taking place one thing over and over again the writers keep writing the same scripts in different serials with different actors over and over again this is why the viewers are getting frustrated these writers need to do their writing in a more profession manner and so they will get things done properly they cannot be giving us the same storyline over and over again what they think we are uneducated and so we will settle for crap no way man

  3. It’s some what like uttran serial. But I think there’s a twist b’coz kaali is not with gauri now and viswa is not so good.

  4. I didn’t expect this serial to be good when I heard the name and saw the promos.Nice concept and start. Kaali and Gauri are so cute and adorable.
    And also love Manjiri and Madhuri’s acting.

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