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Scene 1
Leela says wit yug you are not old enough to cut your dadi off. Vishwa says let it go yug. Kali is your bride, face doesn’t matter. Manjiri says let it go. Yug says Kali how can you be quite? Leela says okay do whatever you want. Yug says okay as you say dadi.
They make each other wear garlands. Prohit says there is a little time for wedding yet. To fill in time, I have invited someone. They all clap. A woman comes and dances. Everyone enjoys.

Yug says Kali you took that bangle off. Why? Are you mad? Have I made a mistake? Or has dadi said something? It wasn’t matching your dress anyway. Why aren’t you talking? Leela says lets go for rounds.
The wedding starts. Yug is about to take ghunghat off kali’s face. Leela says you can see her face after wedding.

Vishwa and yug bind their clothes. Vishwa says I couldn’t see purity of your heart. Stay happy. Always. Yug says I feel like there is someone else in the ghunghat. He smiles.

Both couples stand up for the rounds. They complete all seven rounds. Pandit ji says fill her hairline. Leela says chulbuli cover her face. Yug says what is this? She says ritual. When ghunghat is taken off, chulbul covers her face. Its Kali inside. yug makes her wear mangalsutra. Kali smiles inside the ghunghat.
Leela says I was not agreeing on Kali being my daughter in law. Class, family always mattered to me. I understood then time is changing, so should I. I am very happy to have her as my daughter in law. Stay blessed. Everyone smiles. They complete rest of the ritual. Yug says this ram got his seeta.
Pandit says the wedding is over. Go and take blessings from elders. Leela says wait, its our ritual that bride takes kul devi’s blessing first. Yug says I will come too. Leela says only bride.

Leela takes Kali to temple. Kali prays there. Her phone rings. Leela says pick it up its okay. Kali picks the call its Gauri. Gauri says Kali.. please save me. Kali says gauri where are you? Why are you saying? Gauri says they took me near temple. Please come. Kali calls Mad she doesn’t pick up. Kali calls Chulbul but she doesn’t pick either. Kali says no one is picking the call. She says dadi.. Gauri texts her you will always be my sister, never trust yug’s dadi. Kali is quite. She runs out. Leela says listen to me. Kali runs. Leela says woah.
Yug says why are they not back?Manjiri says yes its late.
Kali is running on the road. A car hits her.

Precap-Kali comes running to save Gauri. The woman with her says it doesn’t feel like anyone came here. She says in heart is someone trying to trap her?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. will yug end up marrying both gauri and kali wtf

    1. Really I hate their twist and turn…what f**k going on this show???? Is it marriage is some kind of joke.??????????????

  2. Today episode is interesting but that two stupid fellows what the hell are they doing? I. Can’t see tomorrow this serial because the writer definitely wrote story against the kali so kali believe ramji wait and see her god how can help her?

  3. Wow that suspense I was so worried and then when Kaali’s face was shown thank god One positive thing from today’s episode finally KaYu is married guys now we don’t have to worry much, thank u so much makers for accepting fans request because KaYu rocks but ending is quite shocking Gauri kidnapped? Kaali’s accident? What is going on? Today Kaala teeka’s episode was like a roller coaster . But m happy that finally KaYu are married but makers please do make fans enjoy KaYu scenes for a while at least shaadi ke Baath sidha accident -_- love KaYu

    1. naah now gauri will pretend n yug will loose his trust on kali..see the video!! :/ it irritates bt chalo yug n kali r married n at the end kayu always ..n i feel this was req to fufill the show title maybe +kali personality will be shown like enough is enough..so maybe she has to end superstitions b4 going to ramji..bt tht aryan pic?

      do u think yug will accept gauri as his jhooothi cum sacchi wife…n mistrust his real wife..
      i think he will :/

      1. What? Seriously but Yug married Kaali not Gauri I had a feeling earlier something like this will happen like actually KaYu will get married but later Gauri will come and pretend she was the one whom married Yug. But one thing I must admit makers gave this show a better twist in EMA in EMA raghav-pakhi actually got married, but this is also not good but better than EMA

  4. I think survi will help kali and the evils (dadi & gauri) plan will be flop..

  5. Nahi ji…aaplog galat ho…yeh accident nahi hai..sirf jaldbaazi me aysa ho gaya.. Yeh gauri ka ek plan hai Kali ko fasane k liye..fir Kali ko raste me Yeh Vadaa Raha ki Survi mil jati hai.. Aur Survi Kali ko jald hi jald ghar pohochne me madad karegi ! Chinta mat karo dosto!

  6. on seeing precap was schocked for a while, but felt glad that survi ,et kali…survi atonce realised that some people are plaaning against kali..

    finally ,happy that survi kali ke saath hai…

  7. I’m so confused…..is this part of their plan [leela/gauri]????

  8. Ohh goddd! today’s episode was very much surprising. ..almst all d viewers mst hve thought dat d bride is gauri but she was actually kaali…
    I guess gauri s kidnapping is a part of her plan..kaali ll b searching 4 gauri like mad n meanwhile gauri ll go wid leela saying that it was actually her sitting in the mandap..very much excited 4 tom s epi

  9. woow … frst Am sOo wrid bcz.. i think… !!! that bride gouri…
    yug mry gouri defnatly im quit the show…
    awwww finaly realiz… that our cutee kali n bride …..
    fInaly… kaliyug… 🙂 😛 🙂 <3 <3
    tody prfct but wat is next ??!!!
    w8 ng…

  10. I’m not happy with episode today cos what is this hide and seek wedding???i think leela plan is marry Kali to Yug for her gundali.. Make everyone believe that gauri is marry Yug…in that way like she said she want her gundali but she won’t accept her as bahu…..come on can they give some happiness for Kali even on her wedding she couldn’t enjoy…. I feel like if I want to kill mad, leela and gauri?

  11. Wat the hell is yug about to marry the stuck up brat gauri n why is kali on the road

  12. this serial is getting disgusting…how can the writers make a mockery out of marriage…i am sure that they are going to say gauri marry yug….shame on these serials …y cant they show that yug and kali marry and they handle difficult situations together….

    1. I totally agree with u…they not going show that Kali is the one who married Yug…this another way of making viewr fool..discusting show..looks like writer going to let win leela and gauri.

  13. guys the final scene after the wedding is actually the stupid n evil dadi’s plan to get kaali out of the picture and bring dumb ass..gauri back in..to get Yug,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i almost bit my nail during the wedding scene but when the veil was removed….. a huge relief ………Kaali……….Kayu make a cute couple,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,was going to quit watching if it had been gauri,,,,,,,,,,will continue,,,,,,,,,, . the evil continues through it all ……aarrggh…..i hate that old hag n gauri

  14. It seems no one saw Kali only us from her point of view….I hope they don’t trick Yug and make him think he married Gauri. ….I dunno nah it strange….sigh

  15. kali was looking very pretty….I guess they aren’t gng to unite kayu so soon..may be the makers think that if they do so it might affect show s trp

  16. this is lyk choti bahuuu

  17. I think writer forgot all marriage rules
    Yug marriage with kali but……. With gauri this is so worst

  18. this serial is becoming a big bore unnecessary
    dragging the story instead of a simple happy ending.

  19. I think the writer again shows kali is kala teeka for gouri. It’s not fare.no one are help her how can she prove yug is her husband because no one are see her face at marriage.it is ridiculous

  20. ye serial tabhi tak acha tha jub ye chhote the. din ba din ye bekar hota ja rha h :/ . or ku6 b dikhate hai, kali 50 bar madhuri or yug k imaa ko fon kiye ja rhi thi ku behena teri manji maao rbadke papa mar gye the kya??? ek bar unhe fon nhi kr skti thi :/

  21. This show seems like they giving favor to gauri.. No one is helping Kali here.. I don’t know what majari is doing?… She try hard unite KaYu but she has to ware anything will happen so that she can prepare an d think smart… Only When Kali is being delay asking asking where is Kali and bla bla bla…. Who’s really going help Kali in this show anyways????all this time they made us beleive no mattar what ramji will help but where is this ramji now….it’s all ridiculous and for sur this writer making all the viewers fool over and over. Another I think this writer didn’t know exactly what marriage is?

    Last but not least I don’t get how come every one is beleive leela.. Whenever she do this and that they letting Kali go with her. How come no one going with to temple? And calling all this is of their tradition.. Trapping girl like that and making all fool.?

    1. And ya why this traddition goes only for Kali what about sharmila.. She also has to get blessing too.. This all doesn’t make sence. Yug and sharmila r grand kids to leela don’t Why she care more for Yug than sharmila.. Really this is stupid and disgusting.


    Finally they ruined the show…. i will not watch it from now ownards….

  23. Have anyone watch today episode plz update it soon

  24. Today episode is good but tomorrow episode is so worst because the writer wrote sita married ravana and yug married surpanaka. He breaks history. No one are help to kali it is ridiculous
    I stop seeing this serial

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