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Scene 1
Vishwa comes to meet Gauri. Gauri says to Vishwa this is all punishment of my sins. VIshwa says what are you doing in this hospital, come home we will get you treated there. Gauri says Yug arranged this all for my. I will stay here. Vishwa says I am helpless. I have brought all your favorite dishes. Eat them. Gauri says thank you. He leaves.
Gauri says to nurse, my foot aches after doing so much drama of broken foot. My papa loves me so much. First drama successful.

Yug calls Kali, she says you want anything? he says my good night kiss. She says you said good bye. He says don’t start again. Kali says you called. Yug says come out I wanna talk to you. Kali says I know you will be mad at me relating to GAuri. I am not coming. I will talk to you tomorrow. She hangs up. Yug

says so this Gauri creating issues again. Leela says in heart so they have argued over Gauri. I have to bring her back.
Yug texts Kali and says I know you are upset because of Gauri. I can’t take all of this anymore. So I am leaving forever, good bye. Kali says where is he going? She rushes towards Yug’s room. When she comes in, Yug has written sorry on floor with petals. Kali smiles. Yug watches her from behind the door. Yug comes in front of her and says sorry. He says will you forgive or should I actually go? Kali smiles and nods. Yug holds her closer. Yug comes close to kiss her.
Leela gets up, she says whats wrong with my stomach. She sees that Kali is not there. Leela says where is she gone? She comes out. Leela sees crows in lounge. She gets scared. She tries to hit them and says you will scare me? Leela runs upstairs. Leela sees from window Yug and Kali are together. Some throws ropes on her and strangles her. Leela screams. Leela hits the table. Yug and Kali hear the noise. They come and see Leela fallen on the floor. Everyone comes running to her. They ask her what happened.
Doctor checks leela. He says she fainted because of low BP. Bijli says what was she doing upstairs, Yug says you better not use your brain.

Kali takes the shower. She sees Leela is not there. Kali says where has dadi gone? Yug says to Raghu dadi doesn’t want to go to hospital. Kali comes out and tells Yug leela is nowhere. He says let me check. Doorbell rings, Yug opens the door. Its Leela. Yug says where had you gone? Leela steps aside, Gauri is with her. Everyone is dazed. Yug says what is she doing here? Leela says I have decided she will stay here. Her sins will be repented that way. Yug says thats not possible. Kali says please Yug.. Yug says if that is what you want then okay. But gauri is here to repent so he has to stay like a sinner, a servant. Kali says what are you saying. Yug says this is the only condition. Otherwise she can leave. Gauri says I am ready to be servant of this house. She pretends she is tripped. Kali holds her, Gauri says thank you. Kali says don’t betray me this time. Gauri says promise. Gauri enters the house. Gauri says in heart, I promise Kali I won’t ever go out of this house even if I have to shatter you for that. Leela says in heart now the game is in my hand, I have my minister.

Yug is leaving Kali give him wallet. He says thank you and leaves, Kali is in tears. Yug gives her tissue. Yug says you won’t even look at me? Kali says I feel bad for gauri. Yug says she doesn’t even care for you. Kali says when vishwa and manjima weren’t there, Gauri always took care of me. I know she made a mistake, its not her fault. Tai ji brought her up that way. But she regrets what she did. We have to give her one more chance. Yug says you really think there is some black shadow over dadi? Kali says I don’t believe it. Yug says I don’t believe gauri the same way. Kali says its not her nature. You saw how bady papa left superstitious beliefs. Yug says I feel like you trust her more thann me. She is here lets see when she becomes good.

Precap-Yug says she hasn’t called or texted? letme call her. Kali says if i text him he will say this is formality. Yug says I won’t call her either. Lets see how long can she avoid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Stupid stupid stupid…. Both yug and Kali are totally stupid. Yug for letting gauri stay and Kali for believing in gauri. Both are no match for dadi and gauri
    The only person with brains is manjima..,, where is she, not to be seen much. Hope she helps Kali

    1. Manji maa is also believing gauri…. all are stupid… now its starting of kayu break up… I am so scared what will happened… gauri has came in that House again… kayu argue in the name of gauri, now she is here … then no body can think how much she will create problems between kayu….

  2. Stupid stupid I totAlly agree

  3. Masz

    Totally agree wth u all guys.itz really stupid!de idiot old leela cud say her minister is now with her to play de game.what a crab?????cant KaYu juz learn from de previous mistake.I hate kaali for so believing in gauri after what she had done.repenting her sins my foot!im not gona watch diz serial until KaYu become smart back again.

    1. Kali will never learn ……..I feel so mad when I see kali sleeping on the floor with dadi and yug does not say anything? Now gauri comes and agrees to be a servant…..that’s such a joke….. I’m sure kali will end up doing all the work and gauri will enjoy staying in a nice beautiful room

      1. Masz

        Agree with u D.Im seriously wil stop watching diz serial.I wil juz read from here.Really hate to see all nonsense stupidity of ppl dat i knew they were smarter previously but now become so dumb.I juz wonder Y diz nonsense gauri jha can do everything she wanted to do without facing so much difficulties.

  4. what is the problem of bijli or chulbul? they can stay with stupid, damn leela.i never ever saw that new married gir; sleep with a old women and always think about another and trust another.i totally stop to watch this series just read it here and got angry.. gauri has home. why she came here…stupid type history.just hate it day by day…….

  5. I can’t understand what happened to this writter. he is writting whatever he want….. what is the right of gauri to live in this house? how can they all agree? how all people dependent to this damn old leela? are viswa n manji only seeing the joke? their daughter live another people’s house ….. oh damn in.. i m sick all of these….

  6. I am totally infuriated by just reading the updates. I am not watching this show anymore. Too much stupidity, I don’t mean the actors but the writers. Do they think we are stupid to believe Gauri is going to live there as a maid. Again I ask, why is she living there and not at her own home?. Besharam
    Writers, since you already started this Gauri comeback, please end it soon, please don’t let his drag out. “The joke is on you”

  7. Don’t like how Kali trust gauri so much, she might as well tell gauri to sleep with yug since she love her sister so much. I hate characters who are like this , think they are so good, always falling over themselves to do good for others . Gauri should give Kali lots of hell, would be interesting to see gauri trying to get yug right under Kali nose, serves her right.

  8. right guys it’s all nonsense…..kali is such a foool……..

  9. Just to drag the drama

  10. Stupid show and stupid writer … Why they let gauri live in that house… It’s ridiculous…. Yug instead of arugu with Kali… Better investigate and expose gauri that she never change….or else this show will flop … I’m 100% sure… This show also become other zeetv show… I don’t know y they enjoy sepeating good couples…. ????????????????????go to hell writer..

  11. I hate this! As soon as gauri and kali come close, more drama. When will dadi be exposed? Am really looking forward to that. I will be reading updates until that happens. Writers, don’t twist the story any further. It’s getting boring

  12. Naive Kali. Always has been & always will be. To all d commentors wanting KaYu romance….get a life plz. This is an enactment for entertainment purposes. Gauri is smart & I cant wait to see how this transpires.

  13. dramas ke heroine hoti hi itni naram dil han survi or kartik ko hi dekh lo tai par kitni bar trust kiya hay ek dosre par trust nhi baki sab par yakeen ha like twinkle and kunj kunj ke nazroon me sab ne use bhula diya hay but he taking revenge from twinkle even not from uv

  14. kali do blind trust on gauri…. tht affects kayu’s relationship…. kali is totlly mad of gauri…. she don’t even think about wht gauri done in past….

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