Kaala Teeka 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1

Kubri is sitting in her room. She says you dont know what Kali is doing in Gauri’s place. the daughter for whom you didn’t even care about anyone’s life is worth nothing. Today you will see. Your daughter is good for nothing.

The race is about to beging. Manjiri says see that is gauri in 34 number t-shirt. Kali is there in gauri’s palce with her face covered in sunscreen. Gauri is hidden behind the car. She sees kali. The race starts. Kali leads and wins. Everyone thinks its Gauri. Vishwa says to prohit congratulations.
Vishwa says let me go meet her. Vishwa is coming in her direction. Gauri sees him coming. She is scared. Suddenly vishwa’s head hurts and he faints on the track. Manjiri runs to him.

Mad comes to kubri and says what

you made vishwa drink? He fainted in the track. If something happens to him I will kill you. Kubri says nothing will happen. He will just come under your control. He will be in senses soon.

At night, Manjiri is worried for Vishwa. he opens his eyes. Manjiri says thank God you are conscious. she says Mad, he is conscious. She asks dahi bundi to bring tea. manjiri says doctor said you are stressed out. For what? Tell me. Vishwa says give me paper first it must have gauri’s picture. Vishwa sees Kali’s picture in Gauri’s place. He recalls Manjiri giving him milk. Vishwa says get out everyone. Mad says what you mean? he says get out i said. They all leave. Vishwa says except for manjiri. He shows her the paper it says vishwa’s daughter and kali’s picture. Vishwa says this was your trick? You did this delibrately to prove that kali is better than gauri. You made me drink that milk so you can do this. Manjiri says i am not getting what you are saying. Vishwa says you made kali run in gauri’s place.
Mad says to kubri why is vishwa so mad? Kubri says its because of the magic. Mad says wow you are best.
Vishwa says because of this, you played with my health. But why would you think you only think about kali. Manjiri says i have not done this. He tears the paper and throws it on her. Vishwa says i can see what you are doing. Manjiri leaves the room in tears.

Kubri is with the trunk. She places some rice grains on it. She says this is my first win in this house. She says this is my first win in this house.

Precap-Kubri says to mad this was not because of the magic. it has affected both brain and heart.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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