Kaala Teeka 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Gauri says to Kali lets go now. She takes her with her towards the car. Gauri says I will have to win this. Gauri says answer them Gauri. Let me see if there is another mic backstage.
Gauri goes backstage and looks for mic. Kali says what will we do now? Gauri says I don’t know do something, you are my kala teeka. Kali says let me pray to Ram ji.

The competition starts. Host says I present you Gauri Jha now.. Where is Gauri jha? Gauri puts some red color on Kali’s face. she says no one can recognize you this way. Kali goes on stage. Host says there is something on your face? Would you want to clean it? Kali says no. She comes on stage. Kali is singing on stage. Gauri puts color on her face as well so she can later claim that it was her.
That guy comes

and sees her singing. That guy says this song sounds familiar. Everyone stands up and give kali a standing ovation. Gauri comes backstage and says I am turning off the light come here. She goes on stage. Everyone claps for Gauri.
Host says she is the winner.
That guy comes backstage. Gauri wins the competition. She is so happy. Kali says thank you for making my gauri win Ram ji.
Kali looks at that guy. He is looking at Gauri. Guard comes and asks the guy who are you? He says I was just watching.

Gauri comes out and says to Kali, I wont it. I am so glad. Mad calls her. She gives the phone to her. Mad says Kali bring gauri home wherever you are. Darling ji is about to come. Kali says gauri lets go home. Papa is coming. Gauri says I will celebrate with my firends. Kali goes after her.

Vishwa comes out of police station. Prohit awaits him on the gate.
The guy says to other guy that girl is so talented. She can make anyone her fan. gauri says on call I won. It calls for a party. Gauri comes out. Kali says where is gauri gone? Bady papa is coming. She should be home. THat guy comes outside after kali but can’t see her. He sees Gauri going. Then he sees kali going in different direction.
He looks at kali and says thats the girl. He runs after kali.

Vishwa comes out. Prohit says you are free now. Open your eyes. Vishwa says this freedom was given to me when I see her, for whom I suffered all this. Take me to my princess.
Swami says to neel we waited for 14 years not this half hour looks so long. Kalyani says I cant’ wait either. She says in heart come soon vishwa, You will be amazed by the welcome.

Kali says I should go home. She runs towards home.
Vishwa’s eyes are closed. He says I have only worried for my daugter all these year. I thought about her fate. Prohit says who can understand your pain more than me. Vishwa says I wanna see how much my daughter has grown in 14 years. I wanna see if she had some trouble. Prohit says you left kala teeka there for her. Vishwa sys don’t take her name. She had to do this. That guy is looking for kali. Kali sees him.

Precap-Manjiri says to gauri bady papa is home. Gauri says what you want me to do? dance? He has come from jail not world cup. Kali says please help me ram ji. That guy comes to her and says ram ji would listen to you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Gauri is a spoil brat n does not deserve kali

  2. Is this guy Kaali’s young Ramji, the one she used run/ hide with when she was young? I think so.

  3. I think he is the little ram ji who used to help her n gauri need a good slap from kali

  4. Gauri doesnt put red gulal on kali. Gauri searches for extra mike to take kali backstage, but when she doesnt get, she asks kali to do someyhing as she is kaala teeka.Kali prays ramji to help,meanwhile yug who is running hits someone with gulal and it falls on kali.

    Kindly update correctly.Dont take wrong

  5. This gouri is useless ingrate person as her mother

    1. yes she is my bffs name is aldo gauri verandra singh thakur but she isnt like gauri in the serial shes very talanted and not at all mean and she never uses someone or play with someones feelings and she isnt to gashionable or a brat or stubborn

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