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Scene 1
Kaali says Ram ji has come. So many more kids come. Kaali says his people has come as well. They all surround the kidnappers. Kaali runs to Ram. The kids hit the kidnappers. They run away. Kaali says you saved me again. He says lets go take out money.
Vishwa says her eyes are fine. vishwa says then why can’t she see? He says maybe she has got a shock. Her eyes are not accepting what she is seeing. She is upset about something. Bring the kaali she is naming. She will be okay.
Vishwa says my daughter is not that weak. She has had a bad eye on her. Doctor says you’re in 21st century. This is so stupid. Vishwa says get out of my house. Manjiri says bring Kaali back gauri will be okay. Vishwa says he was talking rubbish. My daughter will be okay if we bring another

kaala teeka. Manjiri says Kaali has always protected Gauri. Manjiri says bring Kaali back. why don’t you get it, that kaali and gauri are connected. Vishwa says enough. Don’t make Gauri an excuse to bring her back. I can ruin so many lives for my daughter. I will bring kaalay teekay. My daughter’s happiness is not dependent on her. Stop worrying about others. He says prohit ji you saved Gauri, by making that kaali kaala teeka. Today you have to find another one. but not one. 100 kalaay teekay for my gauri.
Vishwa goes upstairs.

Jethi calls kidnappers they say she has ran. She has even seen our faces. Madhri asks jethi who are you talking to? Jethi says my friend in temple. Madhuri says my daughter is not well and you are talking to your friends. She says I was asking to her to arrange a havaan for gauri.
Ram says I will buy my friends puri form this money. Kaali says you always help people. He says how do you know? She says everyone knows that.
Kaali asks pandit ji why is everyone hanging bells here? He says you do that to fulfill wishes. Ram says lets do it. Ram sees the kidnappers and hides behind idols with Kaali.

Prohit brings so many kids in. He says there are so many kids with no fate in this country. He takes them all out of the van. Vishwa says I can do anything for my daughter. Bring them all in. Manjiri says what is he doing God. Please save him from his sins.
Kaali says ram why have you brought me here? He says stay here. Pandit ji closes the door and leaves.
Kaali says how will we go home now, gauri needs me.

All kids one by one take circles around gauri but she still can’t see anything. Manjiri says you cant use a human like this madhuri. They are someone’s children too. Think like a mom too. Madhuri says no I cant become mom of so many kids.
Vishwa says throw all of these kids out. Manjiri looks at gauri. Gauri says promise me you will take care of kaali and you let her go away from me. Manjiri says I promise you.
Prohit says don’t worry Vishwa. I will find another way. Vishwa slaps prohit and says you can’t do anything. One solution worked you thought you are a pandit. Work on this one only. I need a nazar batto for my daughter. Go and find the unluckiest child in country.
Manjiri says you can’t ruin another child’s life. Jethi says don’t talk so much in front of your husband. Manjiri says I am talking to my husband. Don’t interfere. Manjiri says I wil fight to save you from sins. I wont stop. I will find Kaali. She says I wont stop on your call either this time. Vishwa says you’re right. I can’t stop you can go if you want but you wont be able to come. This is your decision.

Precap-Vishwa says 15 years ago you enter this house, with my hand. Hold my hand or return me that mangal sutar. Manjiri says I wont stop today. She steps out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Well done Manjari for walking out. I think now Acharya’s down fall is coming for being mean and evil. His daughter loosing her eye sight and now Manjari is walking out. He may soon realize Kaali is a blessing in disguise

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