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Scene 1
Gauri says why were you taking Kali’s side. Yug says she saved life of your dad. That blind belief could have risked uncle’s life. Like her I am against all this. And what happened to you? You believe in all this. Gauri says she is my kala teeka. She protects me. This is not superstitions. Yug says this is all fluke. Gauri says she is my kala teka and I need her. She protects me from all troubles. And stop taking her sides. Yug says I have enough reasons to support her. He leaves.

Prohit calls kalyani. She says this is all your mistake. Prohit says that kali came in between. Kaalyani says she is a hindrance in everything i do.Kalyani says do something that ruins everything. Prohit says I will. He turns back, kali is standing there. Kali says you were talking to tai ji?

You disloyal man. What are you made of? I will tell bady papa everything. Prohit says forgive me its not my fault. suddenly kali says what happpened? are you okay? He was imagining all that. Kali says bady papa has called you. He says I was asking for water.
Manjiri calls kali. Kali says he is fine I know you are worried. Manjiri says his superstitions are increasing day by day. Kali says it is difficult to bring him back but we have to fight. I haven’t talked to yug. I feel like..Manjiri says kalyani is behind this. Kali says I heard two servants saying I have mixed chemical. Should we tell bady papa everything? Manjiri says no. We have to fool kalyani. Kali says what is everyone saying about it?

Leela asks how is vishwa? Yug says he is so much in blind beliefs. He will harm someone one day. What is all this for? Can’t you all live without this? What are you scared of? You and he are same. I am sick of all this. Leela says are you out of your mind. I just asked how is he. Yug says you are sick, you have this disease of blind beliefs. People like you can’t see anything. You still have time leave it. Leela says your dad used to say same thing. My husband lost his life because of him. I am widow since all these years. I am not talking stupid. I lost my husband.

Kali says to servants give me your ID cards. Prohit says why? kali says we have called them from union. They should have cards. They all give her cards. Kali sees name of one. She says tell me what you mixed in it? or i will call police. Prohit says he might have made a mistake. Kali says that was a plot. Vishwa comes and says kali is right. They don’t even know what bowl should have chemical. Vishwa says but we cant call cops its a wedding house.Prohit says go from here. Kali says in heart what should I do? Mad says there is so much work. Vishwa says kali will handle all that.

Prohit calls kalyani and tells her everything.
Gauri is not talking to kali. GAuri says everyone is after you. Mad says this decoration is not good. Do something else.
Mad says to gauri dont take stress. Gauri says please.. Mad says you listen to me. This kali is not good for you. You all keep doing kali kali all the time. You are old enough to get rid of her now.
Kali says what is wrong with gauri. She isn’t liking anything.
Vishwa asks how is everything?Kali says its going good. He says make 1000 pieces of this. Kali says it will be done.

Kali calls yug. He says my mood was off. Kali says manji ma told me. Yug says I try to tell gauri not to believe in all this. Kali says her mood is off as well. He says what are you worried about? She says how you know? He says friends know. Kali says can someone make 1000 copies a silver coin. He says its 3 hours drive from now. I will pick you up. Kali says okay I will see you.

Precap-Yug says to kali how long will our emotions play hide and seek. Cant you feel it? I didn’t wanna come close to you but I can’t stay away from you either.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. yrr aatiba..why dont u post meaningful updates only of this show..plzz yrr these are not meaningful..:/

  2. Omg…can’t wait for tomorrow episode

  3. Precap awesome

  4. Woohoo????, superb episode . Kalyug will finally unite???

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    I hate this gauri even more that her family and yug’s dadi maa…. i agree that guari’s family and yug’s dadi are shown from that tym where these supertitions were in roots and run in blood but this gauri is shown from this tym where belive is important but how easily she treat Kali her kaala teeka….. and kali easily listen and bear all this…..

  6. Super

  7. Precap is super…

  8. Uh…gauri is such b***h….kaali is not her property…..what does she thinking in her mind….

  9. Precap is good well done Yug aur Sunao Kaali koh

  10. Awesome

  11. woooww sOoprb pracap….

  12. Ooohhh the precap, can’t wait for tomorrow

  13. kaala teeka saves from danger here human is kaala teeka who saves another human but who will save kaali from dangers…now something should happen to kaali so that she can prove that she too may need a kaala teeka to remain safe so that she can save guari… if guari is the incarnation of maa sita then why does she needs protection?????
    all this will prove that when kaali is in danger guari’s so called raksha kawach will destroy but fortunately for kaali nothing will happen to guari…

  14. Waiting for tomorrow episode finally yug realises love for kali I msoo happy?????????lol

  15. I hope kali n yug get married in front of viswash n gauri

    1. I wish the same..?

  16. Gauri is a weak-spined spoilt idiot who must always have her own way due to her father. He3r mother is extremely dumb as well.

  17. guys we all somewhere know tht whatever happens yug will marry gauri and then there will be drama n at the end we will see kayu

    1. If that happen then why they are portraying Yug as Ram?…… There is no point.

      1. then if they show yug fully as ram then there should be a vanvaas also! so who is going to trap kali..gauri? vishwa? then also this stry wont be good

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