Kaala Teeka 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Deva says to Devri who saves Kali all the time? Nandu. And you were trying to make marry Kali. Devri says I thought it would be easy to harvest my seed in her if she married Nandu. Deva says keep them away. Devri says I will create so much hatred between them. Kali will keep naina away from Nandu. That way Naina’s Kala teeka will stay away from her.
Kali comes home and sees Leela fainted. Kali says where is Naina? Nandu comes and says she was here. Naina was in cot and I saw her with the painting falling on her. SO I saved her. Kali says thank you for saving my daughter Nandu. Gauri says why was the cot moving? I was home too. Kali says because Naina was attacked. Someone wants to harm Naina. Leela says let me bring Devri. He will tell the solution. Kali says he is responsible

for all this. He is doing all this. KAli says he is devil. Devri comes and says why are you accusing me of that? What sin have I done? Kali says I know your reality. If you have guts try harming my Naina in front of me. Devri says I stayed here to save this house from evil forces but I think its about time. This baby, why would I harm her. Kali says don’t dare touching my daughter from your evil hands or i will cut you into pieces. Nandu brings the knife. He says if my bride wants I won’t live in this house. Devri says in heart no I have to stay here. Devri says Nandu is right we better leave this house. If proving myself so many times, you bride still thinks I am evil then I shouldn’t live here. Gauri says in heart if Nandy would leave Yug would try on Kali more. Devri says thank you to leela and says we better leave. Gauri says why are you not saying anything dadiji? leela says I have to stop him. Kali says no. Yug says dadi stop. Kali runs after devri. Yug says why are you stopping him? Devri reads mantra and creates winfs. A cyclon comes in the house. Devri pretends falling. Leela says I beg you don’t leave this house. Kali says dadi you are doing wrong? Leela says should I ask you what to do. Be quite. If he leaves the house I will kill myself. Manjiri says you are right ma ji. Devri showed how much he cares for Naina.

Scene 2
Kali says Manji ma you shouldn’t have stopped Devri. Manjiri says if he had gone today Ma ji would have brought him back and his position would be strong. We have to collect proofs against him.
Devri says to Nandu I am insulted. I thought I would get you married to her. But she isn’t right for you. She does not care even if you leave. Nandu says she might have a misunderstanding. It happens. remember when you shoved me in the ditch to save yourself. But I thought you did it deliberately. But it was just a mistake. I don’t think she did that intentionally. Deva says to Devri he won’t listen now. You have to do something.
manjiir says Kali he would play careful now. Kali I was scared. I am sorry. Who likes to live in danger? Manjiri says don’t be scared. we have to fight him. Devri hears all this.
Kali says to Manjiri you give me strength I will fight. Manjiri says don’t give up. Kali says you should leave before someone comes. Manjiir says you are right. Manjiri leaves. Devri sees him, He says they made me fool. They will pay for it. Deva says dont be emotional devri. Devri says more from my way. DEva says If I move, all your paths will close. What is better than knowing about enemy’s plan. Devri says you are right. I won’t let this go.

Precap-Devri sees Naina. He tries to do some magic. His hand jams. Deva says why are you trying. You have seven days, strengthen your tap and makes Naina weak.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Pure nonsense, leela and her stupid superstition will lead to her family death.

    This show is pure crap.

  2. Now devri wont separate kayu ?? I’m so happy

  3. Finally devri don’t even waste a single second and make nanduu hate kali??plz soon???yug and kali?

  4. I really hate that kid deva honestly speaking

  5. indera sanichara

    Someone please ban this writer of this serial this is bullshit at the highest level. Crap crap crap.

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