Kaala Teeka 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
JT bhabhi puts a black mark on child, suddenly the baby starts crying. She holds her breath. Manjali starts screaming and calls Acharya. They take her to hospital.
JT bhabhi is doing arti in hospital as well. Doctor says what rubbish is this, you will suffocate her even more. All of you go out except the mother.
Manjali says nothing wrong will happen acharya ji. Come out.

The poor couple is digging the ground to bury their daughter.
Pandit ji comes to hospital. Vishwa grasps his collar and says why is this happening. Pandit ji says there was nothing wrong. Vishwa says then why my daughter is suffering. Pandit ji says I think its someone’s black eye. It can be your own as well. Vishwa says are you out of your mind. Pandit ji says it happens. Vishwa says

then tell me what can I do. Pandit ji recalls the poor couple. He says I have a solution. If there is a black eye on a child, you can make another person your ‘kala tikka’ to protect yourself. Vishwa says I will do anything please tell me. Pandit says it happens. Vishwa says can it? Pandit ji says yes. We have to find a poor girl who can be ‘kala tikka’ of our daughter. Manjali says what are you saying? Does that happen? Guruji says I saw a girl in temple. He tells vishwa everything. Vishwa says lets go we will find that girl.

Nurse says to doctor injection is out of stock, we have ordered it. Madhuri hugs Manjali in tears.
The poor man is digging, while the woman cries. Manjali says please do something doctor. He says we can only try.
JT bhabhi says in heart does it happen? I have never heard something like that.

Vishwa and guru ji come and ask about the couple. A man says his name is hariya. He went near the lake. Harya puts sand on the child, he stops and starts crying. His wife runs and says I can’t see this.

Vishwa and guru come and see hariya with his back on a stone. they ask him where is your daughter? He says what daughter? Hariya says I have burried her. Guru and Vishwa are shocked. Vishwa says where have you buried her? He says i dont know, Vishwa says tell me where have you buried her? He shows different directions. vishwa says tell me exactly. He says somewhere here. Vishwa says where are you hidden? Vishwa starts digging.

Precap-Nurse says the child is losing breaths.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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