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Gauri tries to take the bag from Aahil, but she fails. Aahil says he will give it inside himself. As he comes inside, some kid bumps into him and bag flies away. Kali goes and picks up the bag, but it’s empty. She says the dress was in there, where did it go. Manjari tells Kali she has that bag..when she gave the dress to Gauri for ironing, why she didn’t give this as well. Aahil is confused what’s the matter. Madhuri brings the dress to Gauri. In flashback it’s shown she took away the dress before Kali picked up the bag. Aahil tries to tell Sanam about his confusion, but Manjari takes Sanam as it’s Haldi time. Haldi ceremony takes place. Gauri also applies Haldi to Kali. Kali is thinking how did Gauri get the dress. Later, she goes to her. Gauri says she knows what she wants

to ask. It’s about the dress, right? Kali asks how did she know? Gauri says she saw her coming early morning. She saw her putting some stuff. Later she saw it was the wedding dress, so she thought to put it away safely. Kali thanks her. Gauri asks her where she went that late. Kali says she can’t tell her now. Gauri then tells Kali that she wants to tell her something.

Chulbul and Raghu tell Sharmila that they can’t step back from this rishta and Neel is not bad either. He wants to accept her. Sharmila thinks he started all this and that is why she’s in this situation. She hates Neel.

Aahil and Sanam talk again. This time, Aahil is able to tell her about him seeing 2 same dresses. They decide to tell this to someone.

Gauri tells Kali that she can’t attend her marriage and requests her not to force her. Yug loves Kali and she doesn’t want to spoil the wedding by doing anything silly. Later, Kali calls Yug and asks they are not doing any mistake right. Yug says Gauri needs space and time. When she said it herself she can’t be there, then it’s good.

Aahil and Sanam tell Manjari about the dresses. Madhuri hears it. She talks rudely to Aahil and Sanam asking for proof. Manjari tells Aahil that he must have misunderstood. Sanam takes him away and tells him they can’t do anything unless they have any proof.

Gauri is hiding the dress. Manjari comes to her her. She puts it in between gifts. Priest tells Vishwa it’s puja’s time. Vishwa tells the servant to put away all gifts and tells Kali to take the dress to the Lord and take blessings. Gauri throws oil on floor. Kali falls down. Gauri takes the dress and leaves quietly. Kali wonders how did oil come on floor. Gauri says to herself she will show Kali what Gauri is tonight.

It’s wedding time. Manjari gets Kali ready. Kali is feeling nervous. Manjari says she knows how she must be feeling. Barat comes. Madhuri tells Manjari to welcome Yug. She will bring Kali. Kali wishes Gauri was present too.

Yug and Neel are welcomed by bride’s side. Yug takes out his phone but Leela takes it away saying today’s generation… Brides come out. Kali’s face can’t be seen as it’s covered in veil. Manjari tells Kali that long veil is not required. Leela says it’s required. It’s their family tradition. Yug was going to say something, but Manjari stops him. Some girl asks about Gauri. Madhuri says she has been working since morning, so she is tired. Photographer asks Kali to pick up her veil as photos are not coming good. Manjari says first they will do some rituals. Vishwa says after that she can pick up her veil. Leela says bride will remain like this until wedding is done. She can get anyone’s bad sight. Manjari, Yug are confused. Yug tells Kali to say something. He was going to remove her veil, but Leela stops him.

Precap: Dance by some celebrity..

Update Credit to: Jiya

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  1. well guys isn’t this what happened in kkb???? i bet here they’ll show she gets married to yug instead of she being caught ….it was nice whiles it lasted but don’t except much from the creators of ema…wait one thing though if cvs do decide to be creative they will show yug realizing she don’t have on the bangles he gave kaali and try to see who’s under the veil and realize it’s gauri…or ahil figure it out and expose her….but again not going to build my hopes up for any of the above

  2. Ur too fast slow down.

  3. My question is that If they want gauri marry to Yug, Why they made Kali to accept her love for Yug? Why they portray ram and Sita? They let her live like that atleast she forget about it. Now they made her to accept her love and they don’t want Kali marry to Yug. Its irratating really. ???? I’m going to get sick of this show.

    Where is this ramji now???

    1. Or now is he a Krishna.

      Really I don’t get why said all about pure love of Sam and Sita.

      Ram suppose to marry Sita not surpanaka.????

  4. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    True Samish…wat they say n wat they show….is very unfair to viewers…
    my biggest sincere tnx too the written updates..then only I decide if I wana watch repeats or not…lol.

  5. And I see they are spoiliing another good show, if Guari marry Yug i will not watch it anymore. They have messed up all the shows.

  6. Same uttaran copy i guess….i dislike this serial now?

  7. They are finishing EMA, they left it unfinished.

  8. yug Mry goury Im stopng waching kaala thika… sure… !!!
    i want only “”””Kaliyug””””
    stupid goury nd selfis girl…

  9. It gauri under the veil n it all leela doing

  10. If kali and yug are ram sita then y ram marrriage with surpnakha spoiling good show in montage they put kali ki khusi agayi but they showing gauri ki kushi always

    1. Well said, they always showing gauri ko kushi and who wants to watch that?

  11. i knew dey will copy uttran…frm d vry beginning our sinceare viewers and readers commented here nt to copy dat uttran bt d makers are fools i tell u guyz jst stop watching dis ..show if dey dont get d ideas den why dont dey read the ffs here…don’t u all think dat dis lovers ko nhi milana is a century old drama dey jst don’t respect us viewers…:-(

  12. This is disappointing to watch if this marriage takes place??

  13. This is not fare. They are troubled kali for her childhood. In this serial always villans are won it’s not good. So pls dear writer pls change your story.kali and yug marriage definitely occur otherwise I can’t see this serial

  14. If yug marries kali then this is another serial which I will stop watching. Ain’t able with the drama.

  15. I mean gauri . If yug marries Gauri

  16. Hi guys. Today episode is so good but very excited for tomorrow episode. I pray god. Tomorrow episode is convenient. For kali

  17. I was a faithful viewer of KT until the foolishness started with her marriage to a thief. The story line is dumb and repulsive to the point where I no longer have to send up my blood pressure. I am finding better things to do with my precious time. All the best to Simran – Kali. Your acting was believable.

  18. I hate you gauri!!!????

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