Kaala Teeka 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Naina’s car comes under Gauri’s foot, she slips the stairs. Naina says I didn’t do anything. Manjiri says I know you have not done anything. Gauri is rushed to hospital.
Devri is doing his tap. Doctor says Gauri is fine but we can’t save the child. Yug says what do you mean. He starts crying. Manjiri says don’t be upset. Yug says I don’t deserve to a father I guess. Pavitra says we are your daughters too Yug uncle. Yug hugs her. Doctor says you can meet her now. Kali comes in. Gauri says stay away from me. It is all your fault. Yug says this is not her mistake. GAuri says she took naina from me and brought her up this way. Naina knew this toy car is coming towards me but she didn’t control it. Kali says I apologize on her behalf. Naina didn’t

do it intentionally It was an accident. Gauri says Naina is just seven and look at her anger. I wouldn’t have brought up Naina this way. Go away from here. I don’t want to see your face. Because of your up bringing I lost my child. Yug hugs her.

Yug brings her home. Manjiri says Yug take Gauri to her room. Naina says mama come I will take you to room. gauri recalls falling from stairs. Gauri says you won’t come in my room naina. I will shift your stuff from my room. Yug take naina’s room back to kids. Kali says in heart Devri did all this and Naina is being blamed for everything.
Devri comes to Naina and gives her tissue because she is crying. Devri says she is your real mom. She will talk to you. Kali says stop provoking her. Kali says Naina go to your papa. Kali says you can’t beat me. Because of you Gauri lost her child. The day nandu stop seeing you so good I will kick you out of this house.
Devri says you can’t handle your daughter how will you handle Nandu. Kali says every evil has to end. Devri says I know how to handle everyone. You can’t stop me. I will win if Gauri hugs naina.

Kali says to Manjiri I am so scared. If Gauri hugs naina we will lose. Manjiri says we can’t convince Naina but we can talk to Gauri. Kali says how wi I talk to Gauri? What if she minds. Leela says we have to go for pooja. Kali says six years ago on same day you gave me naina. Leela saysI thought she will be okay after you have her and gauri will have another child but look everything is not what we expected.
Naina and Pavitra are playing. Naina is about to fall. Kali holds her hand. Kali says are you okay? Naina shoves her and leaves.
Pavitra says I will talk to didi I won’t let her be mad at you for long. Kali says I know devri why you want to take my naina from me. I will talk to gauri and beg her. And this will be your defeat Devri.

Gauri says to Kali don’t irritate me I don’t wanna see your face. Kali says it’s very important. Gauri says just go. Kali says please listen to me. Kali says I have to.. Yug comes and says why are you two arguing? Kali why are you here? I will take care of Gauri. He says dadi prepared a pooja. Gauri says I don’t wanna go anywhere. He says don’t say that. I am here, everything will be okay.
Everyone comes to temple for pooja. KAli sees devri in anger. Gauri comes to do pooja. A woman says what are you doing? Leela says she is doing pooja. A woman says the girl who couldn’t give birth can’t do this pooja. Devir says you might be right. She is naian’s real mom. She gave birth to naina and kept her in her womb. She endured the pain. Yug says yes for some reason dadi gave naian to kali. The woman says sorry I didn’t know. Gauri leaves crying.

Precap-Devri says you left naina’s hand and Gauri has considered Naina her daughter. Now see how I make Naina a devil. I will make her evil.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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