Kaala Teeka 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Pavitr says she saved my life thats why I brought them home without telling you. Mai says what is more important than your life. But there is nothing to eat in the house. Pavitra says I brought grocery for four days. Thakurji gave me money because I treated her. Mai says to Naina and Dimpy God send everything with guests.
The thug shows Pavitra’s photo to someone and say they have asked for this girl. She should be sent this time.
Naina and Pavitra are talking. Dimpy spreads smoke so mosquitoes do not bite them. Naina and Pavitra start coughing. Chutiki pours water on the smoke. Dimpy says I forgot about your allergy. MAi says I thought only badki has this weird allergy but now you too.
Dimpy says its quite common I think. Mai says chutki give dimpy oil so mosquitoes

do no bite her.

Pavitra serves Dimpy and Naina. Naina’s hand is injured. Pavitra is I will make you eat. Naina recalls when Pavitra used to make her eat.
Mai says badki.. She is not feeling well. MAi says I fell when I stood up. Nothing happened don’t worry for me. Pavitra says you were sick yesterday as well. Chutki says is mai okay? Pavitra says you don’t worry. Let me bring her blanket. Naina says you stay with her I will bring it. Where is it? Pavitra says in that trunk. Its the same trunk that has pavitra’s diary.
Naina takes out the blanket. Chulbuli calls Naiana. Naina says I will call you back later. she doesn’t see the diary.
Pavitra says you will be okay mai. Everything will be okay.

Pavitra gives naina blanket. Niana says don’t worry for me. I will in the morning. Pavitra says we wake up in the morning. You sleep too. Dimpy says rat.. Naina says I am not scared of rats. Dimpy says cockroach.. Naina screams. Dimpy says you are scared of cockroaches though. She laughs. Pavitra takes her hand and says sit. Nothing will annoy you here. You just try to sleep. It’s late. Naina sleeps next to Pavitra.

Scene 2
Next morning, Pavitra is sleeping. Chutki makes mustache on her mouth. Naina and Dimpy laugh. Chutki says take her photo from you phone. Dimpy says we will upload it. They take her photo and laugh. Pavitra wakes up. Pavitra says are there horns on my head that everyone is laughing? She gets up and sees herself in the mirror. Pavitra says I won’t leave you chutki. She runs after her. Chutki says first see your photo in her mobile. Naina shows the photo they all laugh. Mai brings them food. Chutki shows the photo to mai as well. She laughs too and cleans her mustache. Chutki says are there any songs in your phone? Naina plays ‘kaala chashma’ and they all dance on it. Mai coughs again. She goes inside. Her mouth bleeds again. Pavitra sees her. Pavitra says what are you hiding? Your mouth is bleeding. Pavitra says you let me take you. I won’t listen to you. Come with me. Mai says let it happen. Pavitra says you never told us. Mai says what could I do? There isn’t money for food where would we bring it for meds? I will to God soon. Pavitr says I won’t let you go anywhere. Mai says promise me you won’t tell chutki? Pavitra is crying. She says I won’t. Mai says letsmake tea for guests. Pavitra says you raised me up like your own daughter, its my turn. No matter what happens I will get you treated.

Naina and Dimpy are packing. Paivtra gives her meds. Naina says I will miss you. Feels like we have a bond.

Precap-Chutki says I won’t go there. What if they choose me? Naina says what is she talking about? Chutki says they dress us like brides and then one girl is chose. Naina says who can they do this.. How can they dress a 9 years old like a bride. Mai says nothing is more important than Goddess of River.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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