Kaala Teeka 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kaali sees herself in the mirror, in colored clothes. She manji ram ji gave me so many colors. You said Ram ji will make it all okay.
Manjiri says Gauri I will bring you sweet. Madhuri says Manjiri didi is so nice, she makes everything okay.
Ram kid says I am so hungry. Aren’t you. Kaali says I am used to. When they all go out, Jethi maa doesn’t give me food. Ram kid says I don’t have money. Kaali says but you get food in temple. he says good idea lets go to temple.

Manjiri says where would Kaali be. Beauty says don’t worry. you should go, bring kaali. We will handle it here. Manjiri says thank you so much, You both are right. I have to go find her. Jethi comes and says manjiri are you making sweet? I was planning to. Let me know when you get

done with this. I am sitting here.

Kaali and ram kid, reach the temple. He says after arti we will get the food.
Kaali says are you really hungry? He says yes. Kaali says wait a minute.
Jethi coughs. Manjiri tries to sneak out.
Kaali asks pandit for parsad. He says we have to get done with arti first. Guru ji says it doesn’t matter for kids. Give it to her.
Dahi wears Manjiri’s sari and turns towards stove. so manjiri can go.

Kaali gives the food to ram kid. He says why are you not eating. They both eat. He says I have to take you home. Kaali says where is my home? Ram says you should know it. We have to go via rickshaw or bus. But I dont have money. I have to find a way. Kaali says you always find a way.

Manjiri comes to police station. They say we can’t find her. Vishwa and Prohit come there. Manjiri is dazed. He says I told you inspector, I cant send my wife to mental asylum. i am really sorry. Vishwa says lets go home. Your daughter died years ago. What daughter are you talking about now. He squeezes her arm. He says she is just alive in your dreams. Prohit says we told you, she lost her child years ago. That is why she lost her mental balance.

Ram asks Kaali to cover her head and act like seeta. People start giving them money. Kaali says why are they givin us money. Ram says because I am ram and you are my seeta.
Gauri runs after the puppy, she says kaali stop. Gauri slips. Neel tries to pick her up. He tells mad that gauri has fallen. Mad runs and slips herself.
The kidnappers sees Kaali. They say we should wait for her here. We will kidnap her.
Manjiri comes home and sees gauri on floor. Vishwa runs.
The arti starts. Gauri comes out of temple. The kidnappers grasps her hands and take her with them. Gauri screams ram ji save me.
Manjiri massages Gauri’s hand. She says Kaali? Where is she? Why are lights off. manjiri says lights are on. kaali says turn on the lights. Kaali.. Gauri says i wanna see her. Mama turn lights on. VIshwa says lights are on. and kaali is here. gauri says I can’t see anything. Where is kaali. everyone is dazed. Turn lights on. Madhuri says what is she saying. Madhuri’s hand is fractured as well.
Gauri can’t see anything.
Ram comes and stands in front of kidnappers.

Precap-Kaali says Ram is here. Kidnapper says what can he do? A lot of kids comes and join him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I luv this young girl kali….. God bless her…she is so natural… Luv u baby

  2. I hope manajri find her n bring her back to gauri

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