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Scene 1
Yug is looking at ultrasound and says he is just 2.5 months and he has eyes. Kali says you really like kids? Yug says I am waiting my child.. Kali says our child. We will be his parents. Leela says in heart I know it will really hurt you both. I won’t be able to forgive myself for this.
Yug hears arti, he thinks its Kali. Everyone comes downstairs and are dazed to see Gauri doing arti instead of Kali. Gauri says Yug come here mom dad should do arti together for the child. Kali asks Yug to go.
Kali prays for the child as well. Chulbuli says but you are not his mom. Kali says Krishna was raised my Yashoda. Yug says to Kali you are right. I know you will be a perfect mother for this child.

Kali sees Bijli and says what are you doing? Bijli says cutting fruits for

Gauri. Kali says you don’t give papaya to pregnant woman. It can be dangerous for her.
Yug comes to Leela and says what are you seeing dadi. Leela says your childhood photos. You used to say I love you and I would give you candy. Your own child will play in this house now. He will be like and will have a dimple like you. Yug says Kali will give her love of a mother so he will be even better than me.
Leela says if the child is not your own then it is so difficult to accept it. When Kali has her own child will she treat hers and Gauri’s equal. Yug says Kali isn’t like that. I know even after Gauri leaves, Kali will always accept that child.
Gauri shouts and says how dare you put papaya in my fruits plate. Kali says I didn’t.. Leela says Kali? I told you never give her papaya. Kali says I knew that is why.. Gauri says that is why you gave me this so my child.. She starts crying. Gauri says you hate my child so much then you did this drama? Dadi ji because of you I am ready to live in this house now tell me if this her behavior with him before even birth.. I should rather abort my child. Leela says don’t say that. Leela says how can you be so careless. Kali says I separated all papayas and asked Bijli not to put that in Gauri’s plate. Bijli says I am sorry amma ji. Kali says I should never have given you this responsibility. Yug says exactly Kali you should never give this responsibility to servants. You have to take care of everything related to child yourself. Kali says you think this is my mistake? Yug says not mistake but carelessness. What if something happened to the child? Gauri says please Yug don’t say anything to Kali. Gauri pretends fainting. Leela says what happened? Gauri says I feel so weak. Leela says Yug take her to room. Yug picks Gauri and takes her to her room. Kali goes to her room.

Kali tells everything to Manjiri. Manjiri says she is trying to take Yug away from you. Vishwa will be here in a day or two. We have to be careful about Gauri. Manjiri hears Neel saying I thought my love might change you but there is so much hate and blackness in your heart. Manjiri says to Kali I will call you later.

Yug says to Kali I don’t know why is this happening with us. He holds Kali’s hand. Gauri comes there and says sorry did I disturb. Kali says what is it? Gauri says little Yug wanted to eat chat. So I thought if yug can take mom and child to chaat. Yug says I have work. I will ask driver to send it, Kali says fulfill a pregnant woman’s wish because that are child’s wishes but Yug is busy so we should go together. We sisters haven’t spent time since long time. Yug says that’s perfect. Gauri says who will look after house when you go with me, we will go some other day. Kali says what is more important than baby? Dadi would be mad. Leela says where are you two going? Kali says Gauri wants to eat chaat. I am taking her out. Leela says you won’t go Kali. I have to talk to you. Gauri says then who will take me to eat chaat? Leela says Yug will take you. Gauri says but he has work. Leela says is anything more important than his child? Go take her and feed her whatever she wants. Yug says okay.
Yug and Gauri go out. Gauri holds Yug’s arm.
Leela says in heart no matter how hard this decision is I have to do this for my grandson.

Yug and Gauri come to chaat place. Yug says be careful the road is wet. You might slip. Gauri says its really muddy. Yug says wait. Yug holds her hand. Gauri says in heart you will give me your heart too.
Gauri orders forever herself. Yug orders so much. Gauri says you will eat so much we can share? Keeper says madam is right sharing increases love. Yug says that is why I ordered all that. Parcel it. I will eat it with my wife home. Yug says why are you not eating? Gauri says eat with wife in anger and goes back to car.

Precap-Pandit says tomorrow is sun eclipse. Kali says but how can it affect the child? Leela says Pandit ji is saying that. Gauri will stay home all day tomorrow and that’s your responsibility. Bijli comes and says Gauri is going to commit suicide.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Worst show ever really thank God i don’t see it again because of that time change ! Every time I see it I would have gotten vex

  2. @#$%^&* GAURI JHA… I juz hope u wil go to hell…. I duno Y no one ever realize of ur fake acting every single day.. everyone juz become so dumb until their eyes closed to see all ur evil n black attitude…. seriously. ????????????

    1. These people will never learn masz. They will believe everything that gauri says and then suddenly wake up and realize that she cheated them once again. I am sure gauri is faking.

      1. D…..I cant watch diz… I cant watch kaali been bullied by them especially Yug juz for de sake faking gauri jha n her baby.kaali is too naive to juz follow their crap beliefs.I think kaali shud act smarter instead……

  3. Rekhavv

    Wat nonsense its uttran repeating again
    . stupid people

  4. Can someone explain to me how this witch got pregnant. Yug and that woman did nothing together. What back wash is this

  5. Faltu serial

  6. Faltu serial. Writer please change the track.

  7. Seriously!!! Again she is going to commit suicide!! For the love of god just let her die god dam it!!! Let her kill herself….she can go away so that yug and kali can live a happy life wiyh thier own child……and dadi needs to understand what kali is going trough!!! Why does the writers hate yug and kali sooooo much!!

  8. Sick, disgusting … I hate Yug… Why he always listening to leela??????.. He is such dumb a*s.

  9. So in indian culture… They give more important to grand child then actual real wife… If the kid come from any women..they give more important then wife… Seriously no one is thinking about what Kali is going through…. Disgusting show.

  10. Halima Yahaya

    Yug and leela both a very stupid and gullible

  11. these people have only one storyline and they apply it for each and every serial…thank god that I don’t watch this…otherwise how could a wife support her husband’s illegal child???and that too with her own sister…??


  13. writer of indian series has no creativity. they just folow one another. in ach n every show there is a common story… this same n cheap story we saw inmany series. if the writer don’t find anything he just should give it up….. disgusting. i think in real life this gaauri is also shameless. all this happen beacuse of leela n dumb kali.

    1. So true. They are completely unhappy people who can’t bear to see happiness, so they write the shows in the same manner.
      As it is said misery love company.

  14. the author is very stupid. how can the baby’s sonogram 2.5 months already showed its eyes and nose ??? while the new baby is formed in the months to 4 because the author is stupid, we all made stupid. replace the more clever the author wrote up a story good. Do not unimportant used as a story. embarrassing own world.

  15. I agree with u guys this is madness imean really gauri is so hard up and dat leela must die with gauri da writer is gone mad shes runnin out of ideas goes to show how.stupid this serial is jus fricking cancel dis show waste of time

  16. sonography report shows baby was 2.5 months. how it is possible. gouri jha stay jail for 3 months and baby was 2.5 months. Super!! either report was fake or gouri jha was not pregnant or gouri jha is caring baby of other man. why doesnt kali nd yug have brain or they forget calculation.
    please writer do not streach this track as cweing-gum as every serial does.

  17. I hope the writers know that in order to get pregnant man and wonan must become one. Does stupid yug know that? Is she even really pregnant. ? Dumb serial.

  18. Yes I think that gauri should die, so shameful. I always hear in these Indian serials that papaya or papaw isn’t good for pregnant women, is that true? Anyway, thumbs down for this serial, HATE the sight of gauri’s face, so irritates me……gosh! I also think that this serial is becoming worse day by day.

  19. I hate when gauri says…. Gauri Jah! Like its a royal title…..grrrrrrrrrr…….

  20. Can we see an episode or 2 where Gauri does not win. PLEASE


  22. indera sanichara

    Let Gauri commit suscide this serial is so disgusting all the Indian soap they r fighting for one man or one woman

  23. Me too Naz… I hate watch when she say I’m “gauri jha” and I hate to see gauri face.. U believe me or not since I start watch this serial… I never look her face and I change channel when they show her face or I look at my phone until her scene gone.

  24. I think gaudily should die at child birth n let Kali n hug live peacefully n also Leela should die before the baby is born

  25. I hate this blooddyyy serial…ahhhhh y all negative roll girls want a man who ia already married…there is no man in the world..only he is the handsome and rich man in the whole world…always this pregnancy drama.. I really fed up with this…currently tanu drama is going to end now gauri jha drama is going to start…. really disgusting….always triangle love fake pregnancy..affair no of marriages…and mahan dramas…and suddenly positive character turns into negative…omgggg I really really fed with this dramas…when they are going to show some good stories…dear writers I really beg u don’t made me hate myself for wasting my tym by simply watching this serial..I initially like this serial very much…and I am a devote of lord Rama..u portrait yug as Rama…my Rama never touch any girls shadow…but u show that miss idiot chipkaliii chudill gauri jha is pregnant because of yug…I will definitely kill the writer who portrait yug as my lord ram….or I kill myself for watching this serial…nalla yedukiringada serial pakkuravana patha kenayan mathiri irukkooo

    1. Count me on… I want to kill that writer too… Stupid writer… I think he fell in love gauri that’s why he is giving mor chance then other actor and actresses.?????

  26. I really wish that gauri will die in next episode….she gets on my nerves!!!!

  27. hahaha .. I also hope gauri dead, or so lunatic street who call on the name Yug gauri face …. it is suitable as a lunatic or a sl*t.

  28. Gauri is NOT pregnant. She is lying

  29. Thank you for agreeing with me 99, I wish the writers read our comments and improve their scripts. I can only imagine how sharadha feels, and you know, they show big disclaimer when serial starts…..crap! They don’t care how they portray core values of the society and hurt anyone, they only care for ratings.

  30. The only reason I watch is because of Gauri. I think she plays her character well. The rest ? They are f**king boring.

    1. Oh really?????.. This stupid writer obsess with gauri give her more disgusting role to her…There are no scope for others to prove they can do well… Gauri acting is piece of sh*t… No expression on her face… Always look same sh*t and stare people with no expression…wait and watch this show will go off air soon.. If this stupid gauri shi*t continue.

      1. And ya her acting is f**cking boring.?

  31. Anyone gets any latest spoilers???? I tot Yugz brain wil start working by looking at de ultrasound of 2.5mths baby but already has eyes but he didnt.he became dumb dumber instead…..

    1. masz..we can’t expect anything more from kt writer..they don’t even care about viewer…better quit watching this show..no use…it’s frustrating.

      1. and masz…who is birth chart good in this show??. gauri or kali…seems like kali suffering and gauri living hell of life…this writer forgot what they show us b4.

      2. U very correct K…. I also dun understand Y priority was given more to black witch evil gauri jha… Y kaali needs to be suffering from all of diz nonsense

  32. Prabha Singh

    I am from SA and people here are very disappointed and disgusted at the way the writers portray the good people. It actually encourages one not to do good nor be good cause the evil ones always win. Pls stop killing the soapies with the baseless story lines before u start losing all your viewers. 100% thrash in all soapies – not 1 has good triumphing over evil

  33. Hello guys!. My first time of commenting. I really loved the show from the beginning but now its becoming too dumb for my liking. They just accept any news from gauri without investigation. I hope Kali turns out to be d real chaudry and hug d adopted son!

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