Kaala Teeka 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Jamna says to Devri I am asking for something on Divali. Come back to our life. Manjiri says not that just you missed her, you mom cried for you. The time passed won’t come back but you can make the future better.
Kali is playing with Naina.
Jamna feeds Devri with her hands. Nandu says wow brother ate from ama’s hand. I will make him eat too. He says lets go do fire crackers, its Diwali.
Leela asks Manjiri to forget everything and be happy for Diwali. Yug says dadi is right manji ma. They all do pooja. Nandu says lets go do the firecrackes.
Everyone is celebrating outside but Devri goes to his room and does the tap there. He says I will show to celebrate Diwali. A firecracker is coming in Kali’s direction instead it changes it direction and goes

to Devri’s room and hit him in the back.
Yug asks Kali are you okay? She says yes.
Devri says what is happening I don’t get it. Deva where are you? Deva I need you. This Kali and Manjiri’s fight are they just pretending? Does Manjiri still has love for Kali in her heart? I have to find out.
Nandu says Kali lets go do firecrackers. Kali says I have Naina in my lap. He gives Naina to Manjiri and says lets go now. Yug is seeing him in anger. Gauri comes and stops Yug’s hand. She says you would have burned your hand. He says I am burned already. Firecrackers lit fire all around Manjiri. Everyone gets scared because Naina is with her. They come with water.
Kali takes Naina from Manjiri and says why you took her when you couldn’t take her responsibility? Manjiri says what do you mean I have no relation with Naina? I love her. Kali says my daughter doesn’t need you. Yug says Kali why are you saying that. Manji ma loves Naina as much as you do. Yug says leave it yug. When you have hate in your heart then this is all useless. Leela says let me apply ointment. Manjiri says I used to bruises like these.

Nandu comes to Devri says lets play with firecrackers. Devri says you do them. Nandu says so you won’t even celebrate with me now? Kali says in heart this is important to ignite emotions in Devri’s heart. Suddenly devri is surrounded by fire. Kali says in heart I had to do this. Devri says in heart I can’t use my powers to blow the fire. Nandu runs towards devri. Devri says you don’t come forward Nandu. Nandu says my brother.. Someone save my brother. Leela says bring water. Yug and Raghu try to blow the fire. Nandu hugs Devri says brother I was so scared. Leela says what kind of diwali is this. First with Mukta now with Devri. Devri hugs Nandu back. Manjiri recalls Prohit saying Vishwa wanted to remove all emotions from him. Devri swipes his tear and looks at it.

Scene 2
Kali and Manjiri are in room. Manjiri says Naina do you like your first Diwali? The dias look so good. Kali says the emotions of devri are awakening. That means his evilness would reduce. Kali says that is what Prohit said. Manjiri says the way he looks at me, scares my soul. I know it was him that day who tried to abuse me. Kali says I can understand your feelings but we can’t be scared. Manjiri says you are right. No matter how powerful evil is, Kali says truth wins.

Devri says its impossible how is this possible. Truth can never win. Evil wins. I won’t let my emotions take over me. I have to achieve two targets. I will break that Kali’s strength and I know who to target for that. He sits for his tap. He says this is Kali and this is naina. I separated you from Manjiri now I will separate you from Naina. You love her right? See what I do.. I will see how you come out of this.

Precap-Devri is doing his tap. Kali’s chair starts rolling madly. She is scared. She has Naina’s in her lap. Kali hols Naina tightly.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What the f**k-.-plz reunite kali and yug ?

  2. Please reunite Kayu???

  3. Come on now too much superstition going on get to the point wen devri going to get caught by manji n kali

  4. U guys dumb why should they reunite kali and yug for him to betray and not trust her again. Cuz last time I checked he told kali he would trust her no matter what and what did this dumb yug do he left and got married to gauri. Tjoeriiii kali deserves better. Make kali & nandu a couple ??

  5. Reunite kayu instead of showing rubbish things.

  6. Reunite kayu instead of showing rubbish things.devri is such a idiot

  7. Angelk1

    Let kali and nandu have a moment. Yug doesnt deserve kali. And this thing thats going on is stupid

  8. Charles Mervyn

    Dont ever unite Yug & Kali he does not deserve Kali at all

  9. yes yes unite kali and yug nah they are meant for each other no one else suppose to be between them ok

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