Kaala Teeka 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Chachi asks Yug where is 2nd one? he says i dont know, dad asks Yug to answer, he says i dont know, dad says you should know how she is, if she is ill or not. Gauri comes there with lawyer and says its not needed anymore now, from the time of marriage, i didnt get my husband’s love, he always ignored me. She tells Yug that dont tell me you just maried me being helpless but you cant love me, i am tired of listening all this, i have loved you alot, i brokedown when you desired to get married to Kali, i wanted to kill myself but then Kali said to me that you wanted to marry, i was so happy but then Kali changed her decision, i brokedown again even then i got married to you. Yesterday whatever happened proved that you never cared about me, for your peace of of heart, i will go away from

you, i have decided to get divorced from Yug, all are shocked, Gauri says congratulations Yug and Kali, enjoy your new life. Chachi sys divorce? has she gone mad maa ji? Gauri says when pain passes certain level then human gets mad only. She puts hand on Yug’s face and says i love you and i will always doo, i cant put myself at stake everytime for your love, i have decided that i dont want to Mrs. Yug anymore, Yug accept this proposal please. Maaji says to Gauri says that this never happened in this house and will never happen here, divorce doesnt happen in this family. Gauri says so you want me to cry for whole life? dont do this with me, i cant put myself at test again, Yug’s happiness is important so without any condition i will divorce Yug. dad asks Yug whats all this? why did divorce’s name even came in this house? Gauri signs divorce papers, all are shocked. She gives it to Yug, he doesnt take it, she keeps papers there and says to Yug that i just hop you remain happy always, she cups his cheek and says if i ever did any mistake then forgive me, she touches his feet and starts leaving but Maaji stops her and says what else will you make me in this age? i thought i will be at peace after grandson’s marriage but why you are trying to kill this old lady? Gauri says my relation with this house was till now only, i should be going, she starts leaving but Yug says stop Gauri, Gauri smirks. Yug takes divorce papers and comes to Gauri, he tears divorce papers, all are stunned, Maaji smirks. Yug says you dont need to go anywhere, go to your room, you need rest, he takes her from there, Gauri looks at Kali and smirks.

Scene 2
Manjari comes to Vishwa and says today is big day, if you put tika on your forehead then you will be at peace, Vishwa stops her and says Kali has already snatched my peace, this tika wont give any peace, how can kali do this? Manjari says even i didnt expect this from gauri, for her ego, she did all this, Vishwa says i gave so much respect to Kali, i tried to get married to Yug instead of my daughter and what she did? she tried to hurt my daughter and this all happened because you boasted her, Manjari says i didnt boast her, i just supported her, its you have spoiled Gauri that she has forgotten limits, traditions everything, vishwa asks what she wants? Manjari says we want respect which every woman deserves, Vishwa angrily leaves. Mad has listened all this and says i will make it a story now.
Guari hugs yug from behind in room and says thank yo for stopping our divorce, you didnt want me to go from here, you accepted me as your wife right? Yug moves away from her and says i stopped for peace of this house, you enjoy this status of being my wife, just that only, Kali comes there too. Yug says to Gauri that you both are in this house because of my grandmother as i respect her alot, when i told her that i love Kali, she agreed for it without any question, she loves me alot and i dont want to hurt her so you and your Kala tikka(Kali) can live here but dont complicate this relation anymore. Gauri sees Kali in room and says why did you come here again? whats your problem? why you show your face again and again, i am with my husband, get lost from here. Yug says stop this drama, i tired of this drama of you both, go form here. Kali keeps water there and leaves, Gauri leaves too. Maaji has listened all this. She comes to Yug seeing him tensed and says dont be angry, eat something, Yug says okay.
Kali is in her room, Gauri comes there and smirks at her. Guari says my hubby accepted me as his wife from his heart, isnt it great. Kali says excuse me, Gauri says it seems you are packing your stuff. Gauri says to Kali that husband, mother in law, whole family is at my side infact your favorite papa(Vishwa) is at my side too, what you will do with your Manjari maa? i will throw you out of this house even before your expiry date, see to it, Gauri starts leaving, she slips but Kali holds her hand and supports her, she says to gauri that usually people who keep looking at sky falls down this way only, she leaves, Gauri is angry at her.
Sharmila says to vishwa that dont throw me out of house, dont punish me for Gauri’s deed, Vishwa asks what she is saying? she tells Vishwa that Gauri has asked divorce from Yug and i feel that my marriage will suffer too. Sharmila’s husband says that i wont let anything happen to you, you are my wife. Vishwa looks at Manjari.
Kali is going out of her room, she says i forgot my phone in room only. Kali comes to her room and sees window open, she ignores it and leaves. Gauri is hiding in her room and looks at some papers.

PRECAP- Gauri shows papers to Yug and says this is marriage certificate of Kali and Aryan’s marriage, she says to Gauri that this paper have proved that you were lying all the time, i have suffered alot but now i will get my right as wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. No use guys…. This is getting worse and worse… Everyone supporting gauri yaar…. I really don’t know how manjari going to help Kali?… Precap is very bad… Leela and gauri join hand and manipulating Yug now…I guess JUNE 4 as usual everyone going get shock… That’s this zee tv showing us… Really I’m sad for kali?

  2. No comments…?

    1. Yes I agree. As I said evil prevails and gauri will win. Where are all the prayers where is ramji. What are the writers trying to say? That evil wins. There seems to be no hope for the pious

  3. My only suggestion is Kali please leave that house….all from that choudry house r Devils including Yug… Same blood u know…just that house go with manji maa and live happily…

  4. Hey masz. What is this? Every one are not believe kali. Pls writer change your script little bit pls.kali is suffering since her childhood. Ur serial is against the superstition but I can’t appear any against situation to superstition

    1. Hi anu.i juz cant watch kaali been suffering from all those u know… i totally agree with lee’s suggestion.Kaali plz leave de house.there is no point u staying with de family anymore.i wont watch anymore de epi until then..i feel so sorry with kaali until i canot even watch her being discriminized by all those villains.datz it i guess…

  5. I stop watching diz kaala teeka since yesterday… enuf to see innocent kaali get bullying by all villains.there is like no space at all for gud ones.I really hope dat kaali will decide to get out from de house n stay wth manjima n start new life… then only we will see whoz gud n whoz bad. 🙁 🙁 🙁


  7. hy guys please dont stop watchng kaala teekaaa…did anybody read the new spoiler ofKT…becoz of gauri yug’s life will be in danger and leela insists kaali to do the vatsavthri pooja..by this evrybdy come to know that kaali is yug’s real wife
    excited for satrdy episode…so plz dont stop watching


      1. Yes I read the spoilers that’s why my hope is back on this show

  8. new spoiler -yug’s life in danger. being dashed by gauri’s caf

  9. I too want that Kali leaves that house and also she goes from that area and live alone and become successful lady and she gets her own parents and also proves she is the best one and she has all . all the others beg

  10. Yug & gauri” the best couple”


  11. Oh god. What is this the seriel is getting worse and worse and i don’t feel to watch now.

  12. Too much negativity in this show I expect to see something turns out to be something else and m KaYu and gayan fan 😛

  13. guys! ….I have a feeling that kali didn’t talk much yesterday and today episode…its seems to me little fishy…normally she always talk back to gauri but she is little quiet and calm…..lets wait and see what kind twist going to come in next episodes?

    1. and its so obvious that yug know kali’s hand writing…in the precap gauri is showing marriage certificate to yug…if he realize that its not kali’s signature then we will have hope that KaYu will be unite…..I’m crossing my finger!

  14. I think yug should sign the divorce paper n let gauri out of his life n take kali rite infont of her n maasaa


  16. This story is really a bull shit really disheartening and frustrating. What is the use of 5 days of mahasangam so irritating and shit. I want this story like before happening sth good but i think now it would take more months for kali to win bcoz one month is already over. This week its the worse serial of zee tv i have stopped watching it

  17. If this is how the story was planned earlier ..then why did the makers get kali n yug married in the first place, and what is RAMJI doing ….he is not helping kali at all …….RAMJI has no power ….is that it,,,,,…….i sincerely want Kaala teeka to go off air ,,……

  18. just wondering….yug one point he said to gauri that the reason he accepted her cos of his grandma..the reason said “GRANDMA SAID YES TO THE MERRIAGE AS SOON AS HE SAID HE LOVE KALI”……my questions is …in case if he find about the truth from leela that she planned all this to seperate kali and him…what will he do to the beloved grand ma???????

    Really leela and gauri need severe punishment…..I really want viswa to tight slaps his low rate princess.

    I’m 100% sure manjari will win in this challege.

  19. I hate this serial..The evil alws win

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