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Scene 1
Gauri says to Kali I am tired. Yug doesn’t understand me. I am trying hard go pretend but anyway, you cant understand, Kali says I can understand. You relation is new and you met in difficult times. He will understand you. Gauri says I think after knowing truth of my voice he behaves this way.
Prohit says to Kalyani kali is not ordinary girl. She threw away your scorpion. Do something new. Kalyani says you are right. I have to plan something now.

Vishwa checks newspaper. Mad says why are you worried? Vishwa says I am worried for Gauri. She is upset because yug doesn’t come close. Mad says s easy. You know how I.. Vishwa says what? She says you already like me for my beauty. Ladies know how to bring men close to them. Vishwa says what could be the solution? She

whispers something. Vishwa says is it possible? Mad nods. He says okay lets do this. Let me call yug on dinner today. Kali comes in, vishwa changes the topic.
Kali says in heart why I felt like she changed the subject.

Leela says to yug jha called you on dinner. Yug says I can’t today. Leela says no you have to. Ask Aman whatever work you have. We have also invited Neelu. Yug says please pishima handle dadi I have an important meeting.
Manjiri calls kali. She says why you sound worried? Kali tells her about scorpion. Manjiri says how is she now? Kali says she is okay. I feel like it was sent by tai ji. Manjiri says you have to be careful. Manjiri asks how is vishwa? He thinks that you are with gauri that is why she is safe. Kali says he will take some time. Manjiri says you force me to think that he might change.Kali says I will change his mentality. Manjiri says you are yug’s friend. Ask him to come to dinner, he has said no.

Kali comes with a fake gun and says hands up don’t move. You have to go to a dinner today.
Neel comes to leela’s house for dinner. Leela says bring him dishes sharmila. She mixes red chili in it and brings it. Leela says she makes really good food. Sharmila spills some on his hand, Leela says are you blind? Neel says no no its fine. Neel starts eating its too spicy. Sharmila says in heart he is eating. How. Neel says this is really good.
Kali drives. Yug says I think you are from 16th century how you drive so good. Kali says I know. He says you used to take exams for her, sing for her and to get her a license you will have to learn driving. But thats her identity whats yours? Anyway lets go.

Neel meets everyone and leaves. Leela says to sharmila go see him off. sharmila says well done. I saw your control. You should have learned it before. He says I was stupid couldn’t control my anger. I will always have accept whatever you decide. And 4 lives are not wasting. At least not mine. I am waiting when will our new life start.
Vishwa says to yug please eat. She says I dont feel like. Vishwa says why hasn’t yug come? Gauri says he doesn’t care about me at all. Yug comes in and says who said that? He says I was stuck in some work.
Vishwa welcomes him. Kali wonders what is bady papa upto.
Gauri says lets eat. He says I will have best dessert. Gauri says we have best ice cream in home.
Kali sees so many candles in kitchen. She wonders what are they for?
Kali brings ice creams. Yug says its really good. Who made it? Gauri says Kali.
Lights go off. Gauri says turn on the invertor.

Precap-Vishwa lits all the candles. Kali says another belief. Vishwa brings candle near yug. Kali stops him. He says how dare you stop me from doing this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Bichari kali…. apne dil ki awaj hi nhi sunn paa rehi hai or na hi manji maa ki…. i hope she do not stupid things for making guari and badke paa happy like she did today…

    1. I totally agree with you

  2. What is this. …..is the writer mad …???no romantic scenes at all. . . . . . . . . .

  3. stupid viswa..go to hell…u and ur stupid believe and u r not a god…..u r a devil….

  4. Very worst story line.. i hate tat gauri.. in ema it was irriated wen i see raghav n pakhi together..like tat i feel now wen i see yug n gauri

  5. Very nic

  6. Why cant kali takes her maa to vishwa and clear everything about kalyani tai?????

  7. Love todays hold up between Kali and yug…I am afraid of getting my hopes up with the writers uniting kalyug…..please please don’t make this like ek mutthi aasman….unite them

  8. I think yug will marry both kali and guri then it will become same as vishwa ,mangari and mad

    1. If that happen.. I will stop watching this show…

      1. That won’t happen because yug has been portrayed as Ramji in this prog so he wont marry both of them

  9. I think vishwas will end upmarrying yug n kali n that wen he will see manjari

  10. No romantic scenes nowadays…plz unite kayug

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