Kaala Teeka 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Jethi says Vishwa I called these clowns for kids. Madhuri says I am scared of clowns ask them to go. Jethi says they’re just to entertain kids. Its neel’s birthday I want to surprise him. Vishwa says Madhuri give them 15 minutes, let them surprise kids then we will ask them to go. Jethi says okay do your work in 15 minutes.
Manjiri comes to Kaali and says I have got permission to take you to party. I am bringing your dress get ready.
The clowns go upstairs. Prohit says to Jethi why are you looking up? She says I was looking at the light. Prohit says what are you trying to conceal? She says I am not concealing anything. I am the owner of this house not beggar like you.

Gauri is going towards Kaali’s room.One clown says to another I think she is the

kid, she is wearing black. They abduct Gauri. Kaali opens the door and waits to gauri. Kaali plays with the puppy and says you came here again. Let me take you to your mummy. Kaali sees Gauri’s bracelet and shoe out in the garage. Gauri screams. Kaali sees clowns abducting Gauri. They leave in the car. Kaali says in heart I am her kaala teeka I should be with her I will save Gauri. Kaali runs after the jeep and sits hangs to the ladder outside.
The man calls Jethi and says we have abducted her.

Madhuri is looking for Gauri. Manjiri asks have you seen kaali? Madhuri says no gauri is not here either. I think the kids must be scared of clowns. Majiri says or maybe they are playing somewhere. Lets go look for them. Mahduri says yes lets go.
Madhuri tells Vishwa that Gauri is no where. Beauty comes and shows Kaali’s shoe she found in the garden. Guard says we saw an ambulance in backyard. Vishwa says calls police prohit.
Jethi says Gauri was wearing black as well today?

The ambulance stops at a place. Kaali hides behind a pot. Jethib calls kidnapper and says what girl have you abducted. He says you asked me to kidnap the one wearing black dress. Jethi says is she wearing a gold locket? Kidnapper says yes. Jethi is dazed.

Vishwa says sees that back door is open. He says has some abducted gauri. Jethi texts kidnappers you have kidnapped Jha’s daughter. They say wow. We can ask for handsome ransom now.
Kaali tries to go inside the house from window.
Madhuri says you called clowns. If something happens to my daughter I will burn everything. she cries. Vishwa hugs her. Prohit says to inspector go look for her. Do whatever you can. Vishwa says on call I will gift lacs to whoever finds my daughter.
Jethi gets a call from kidnapper. He says before Vishwa looks for his daughter bring 20 lac or we will kill daughter and write everything. Jethi is dazed.

The kidnapper says we will go to Bangkok after she brings the money. Vishwa says to Madhuri bring money from locker.
Jethi’s jaw is locked. Madhuri says this is all because of you. Now don’t come after me. Madhuri takes money out form the locker. Jethi sees the code. She opens the locker and takes money out.
She says I’ll tell everyone that I am going to temple.

Vishwa says where is my gauri if something happens to her I will die. manjiri says everything will be okay.
Kaali sees spices powder and says I should put it in their eyes.
Jethi comes with money. Kaali hides. jethi sees kaali hidden in the house. She says leave the girl and the hide the hidden one. They says what? She shows them kaali. They are dazed. Jethi says no mistake this time.

Precap-Kaali screams leave Gauri. She attacks the kidnapper with spices. The other one looks for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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