Kaala Teeka 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Chubul sprinkles water on Leela’s face. She opens her eyes. Chulbuli brings her home.
Bijli tells Kali about leela. Leela comes in. Bijli says I am sorry, I made a mistake.
Kali tells Yug.
Yug says to Leela please lets go to hospital. Lela says its because Kali didn’t lit the candle in temple and left. Yug says I called her and asked her to come. Sorry. Leela hugs him and says I can’t stay mad at you. But I wont go to hospital.

Kali says to yug we have to get her tested. She is not well. Yug says I will talk to doctor.
Bijli says to leela I saw in movie there was a ghost on a woman like you. We know a baba he hits.. Leela says shut up. If you have any other solution then tell me. Bijli says my uncle can help me. My cousin had a ghost of

a horse on her. Uncle fixed her. Leela says does he hit? Bijli says no. leela says then okay.
Leela and Bijli come to a dark place. Leela says this is so scary, lets go back. Bijli says I told uncle he has prepared everything. He will be mad if we do go back now. Lets go in. Leela and Bijli come in they hear weird noises. A man is there.
There are crows inside. Baba says there is a ghost coming to you old woman. Bijli says mamaji please do something. Tell her a solution. He gives her something and says if it turns red till morning then it means you are okay. Leela says what if it doesn’t? He says then you are gone old woman.

Leela is asleep in her room. Kali is sleeping on floor. Kali wakes up and says i forgot to place water in Yug’s room. Kali comes to room. Yug is coughing. Kali switches off the AC. She covers Yug with sheet. kali says I am sorry Yug I can’t take care of you properly these days.
Leela sees crows in her room. She gets scared. Leela screams. Everyone comes in. Leela says there were crows here. Yug says there is nothing here. Leela says they were here they attacked me. Leela says it might have been a nightmare. Leela says I am not out of my mind. All the crows were here, they were nearly 100. Raghu says it must have been a dream. Where can they go?
Bijli says let me clear everything. Leela says yes its under the pillow. Bijli takes out what baba gave and shouts. She says oh God. Leela recalls what baba said. Its not red. Yug says what happened? Kali says don’t worry tell us what is it? Bijli says baba ji gave this powder to ammaji. If it has turned black that means.. Leela says means there is some shadow on me. Yug says what are you saying dadi. You do pooja and pray. Now you are listening to that stupid baba. Bijli says he is my uncle. Yug says you have done all this. Don’t ever take my dadi anywhere or I will get you and that baba arrested. Kali says dadi believe in good forces. Whenever you are scared call Ram ji. Raghu says Kali is right. Kali will be here with you. Kali says please sleep dadi. Leela says if you care so much then why you left? Kali says I won’t go now. Sorry..

Next day, Leela hears crows and wakes up with shout. Kali says no one is there. Leela says I know. Kali says let me go take shower. Leela says you can take shower here. Kali says but room is there clothes are there too. Leela says every room belongs to everyone here. you will stay here in my room. Kali says okay.
Leela says to Chulbul and Bijli the more they come close the more shadow is on me. they should stay away from me. Chulbul says but whats the connection? Leela says you don’t have a mind. Don’t ask questions. So better not think. Do as I ask.
Yug sees Leela asking bijli to take Kali’s clothes in her room. yug says what are you doing dadi? She says Kali will live there. Yug says dadi she is already living there. Whats the need to taking clothes. Kali says dadi needs me. She is scared. If she feels secured with me then I will stay in her room and I will take care of her. i won’t let anything happen to you dadi.

Precap-Yug says Kali.. Chulbul says my back is sprained. please apply bam Kali. Yug comes in kitchen. Bijli comes in. Kali stithes Yug’s button. Leela comes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Really I hate this writer…for God sake why they be together for once without any disturbance…Yug and and Kali have no clue… How they going defeat gauri???????…I hope Yug find about their plan .. I don’t want KaYu seperate… Please writer then did unite Kali and Yug…

  2. Hmmm…. Precap interesting… The more Leela tries to separate yug and Kali, yug gets more eager to be with Kali…. I just wish he kidnaps her for a few days.
    The crows track is very annoying… Hope yug and Kali figures that gauri is behind all this soon

  3. That f**king leela. Kali so nieve she can’t understand how that old hag trying to keep her away from yug. Please writers let kali and Yug concermate there marriage ane let kali get pregnant so yug will take care of her. And please let leela anr that stinking gurai plan’s fail we fan’s hopping don’t destroy this show with utter nonsense

    1. I totally agree with u…. Gauri is becoming more and more disgusting ?

  4. Masz

    When is diz black magic… black magic all gona be finished… itz like no ending bcoz KaYu get no clues.so diz wil b dragging until next week I guess.Damn boring yar!!!on wednesday diz serial wil be 200 epi hope smething more interesting for us as viewers… not only crows scenes which keep flying on leela dadi’s head N plz make KaYu more mind concious n energetic instead of becoming puppets of leela.Otherwise it wil b SERIOUSLY boring show!!

  5. Thanks atiba for the fast update.
    Plz cvs how long u will keep us waiting for kayu romance.Dont drag this track.
    Love kayu

  6. Masz

    So many unnecessary disturbance… Yug shud bring kaali out station for few days.

    1. This really sick… How will Yug or Kali Hong find about their plan???? I hate black magic… What’s wrong with this writer??? Again try to seperate KaYu… I’m getting more and more sick of this crow flying…

      1. Masz

        Datz what K… after enjoying de epi last tuesday now it become so boringgg when de same flying crow scenes showing again n again.not dat we only want to see romantic KaYu scenes but as viewers we wana watch smething interesting with de flow.I think dat crows r flying around for 3days already…

      2. oh well masz….all this time I stayed home… for time passing I watched this show…I was end up being little addicted to this show…now I’m going back to work so I’m going stoping watching this show for a while until this stupid gauri get expose then I’ll start watch this show….but I always keep read viewers comments. I will not watch or read the written episode…

      3. Masz


  7. Why is Bijili there? Kali works like a servant as usual. I wish Kali stops disagreeing with Daadi instead with Yug. I hope this doesn’t go on too long. What is the reason? Is Gauri doing this to Daadi? A little confusing for me.

    1. Masz

      Yupp Payal… itz all gauriz evil plan.since she herself canot be in de chaudrayan’s house to split Yug n kaali up shez sending bijli as medium to make things upside down as we know leela alwayz believe in superstitious things which make it worst for KaYu…I hope it wont be long.itz seriously ridiculous n boredom.

  8. Thanks Masz. I just hope this stops soon, all the black magic and Gauri’s antics needs to be trimmed down. Yug should tell Daadi and insist that others take turns sleeping with daadi so yug can spend time with Kali. Kali needs to stop agreeing with daadi all the time to do everything.

    1. Masz

      U r most welcome Payal.Exactly.Kaali n Yug r suppose smart enuf to handle diz after all de obvious obstacles purposely created to separate them up.They both shud hve realized bout it coz no one else can stop all these nonsense created scenes.

  9. I really think she is faking everything or bijli is behind wat happening to her

  10. Jeez….. I don’t believe in black magic crap, do these practices still exist in this modern age? Why the hell these writers bring storylines like these, over and over again?????? You all have nothing to write, to keep doing this?? I read an article yesterday in which kkb was described as nonsensical story and now I see promo where Tanu in kkb, is caught in her 11/2 ur old pregnancy plot. About time!!! So now they ruining a good love story with stupid black magic! How foolish it is.

  11. B4 marriage Yug was smart…. After marriage Yug became dumb and Kali become smart… Now after the United both become dumb….atleast Yug could have think this must gauri plan…this track is total ridiculous…????

    But still I love KaYu… I couldn’t hate them….gauri go to hell u disgusting b***h..

  12. Why can’t Kali and yug consummate their marriage? Gauri jha, you are so evil..and that’s not a compliment! Maybe Leela paying for her crimes, probably psychological problems, good for her, she should get mad!!

  13. Yug and Kali should concumate their marriage so that Kali will get pregnant and Yug will have no choice but, to take care of Kali and Leela will have no choice but, to let Yug be with GAURI.

  14. I mean Kali my mistake

  15. This storyline is getting boring…really y they unite yug and kali????….if they want to separate them…this is really stupid…I hate to watch this show now..uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    1. yug said clearly that he hates Gauri then what make her think that yug will accept her….go to hell writer cos u r giving us torture.

  16. This show WAS my favorite but now it’s so uninteresting now Kali and yug really needs some time alone away from that terrible old woman ! Steupsssssss

  17. Love .. kayu but not these .. draggingg ..

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