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Scene 1
Guru ji says rest is up to you. Vishwa says if this is what fate wants then this will happen. He takes a diya in his hand. Vishwa says swearing on this diya I vow that I will do everything possible that will make kali gauri’s kala teeka by her choice. I will protect kali from everything. I will not let anything happen to her. If kali’s life saves Gauri then this will happen. After today I will be responsoible for kali.
He says I will go asylum and bring kali form there. She will live with us till guari is 19. Once gauri is married I will get kali married to a good house as well. I will protect Gauri’s kala teeka from all evils. Vishwa says thank you guru ji. Swami says in heart Kali will have happiness of family.

Vishwa gets a call. He picks it and says

kali and gauri are roped on the bed. Klayni comes in and says well done. Bundi says I gave kali that milk. Kalyani says very good, keep it up. I will give you more necklaces. Now this gauri and kali should be separated. It is difficult to choose one to kill first. Lets decide with singing a poem. She picks gauri.
She says lets wait for manjiri now.
Manjiri and dahi come in. Manjiri says kalyani come out. Someone faints and takes dahi to a side. Manjiri turns back. She sees dahi is not there. sHe says where are you dahi? Manjiri saye enbough kalyani. Come out. You can’t harm my daughters. Kalyani laughs. Manjiri says are you scared? Come out. I will put and end to this game.

Manjiri comes in with the dagger. She says Kali.. is Gauri with you? Kali screams manji maa.. Manjiri runs upstairs. Manjiri sees someone on the chair. She says enough. You have done so much to my daughter. You have ruined peace of this house. I wont leave you. Lights turn on. Everyone is in the room. VIshwa, swami, mad and kalyani. Everyone is dazed. Kalyani has Gauri in her lap. Vishwa says what is all this Manjiri? Kalyani see, swami save me and Gauri. She says manjiri is out of her mind. she wanted to kill Gauri with this dagger. Swami says where you got it from Manjiri? Manjari throws it away. Kalyani says she brought it form somewhere and said I will kill Gauri. Because of Gauri kali has faced troubles. Manjiri says she is lying. she is plotting. Why would I kill Gauri? She wants to kill Gauri. Swami says don’t accuse kalyani. Kalyani says she has gone mad. She says I have been hiding all day to save my life and Gauri. If Bundi had not helped me, Manjiri would have killed Gauri by now. Manjiri says why would I kill my daughter. I brought this because I knew she was going to ki gauri. I am not mad.
Kalyani says gauri? Your daughter? Gauri is my daughter. Your daughter is kali. Because you think because of gauri kali gets neglected. That is why you did this. You said it yourself and we all heard it. Your mind is working in this mental condition too. Prohit syas Manjiri I didn’t expect this from you. Manjiri says they are all lying. She is playing a game. Trust me please. and she shoved Kali off the cliff.
Vishwa says how dare you to harm my daughter. I won’t let you live in this house anymore. You can harm anyone. I have to send you to mental asylum. Manjiri says I am not mad. Vishwa says so am I mad? You had dagger in hand and saying you are not mad. Manjiri says don’t say this. He says why shouldn’t I trust my eyes?
If someone casts a bad eye on my daughter I will kill them. Kalyani says what you did manjiri. I thought you would be okay but you will now go to mental asylum. She whispers who will save your daughters now?
Manjiri says Vishwa please listen to me. How can I kill Gauri. It is not like that. I have not done anything. Swami says Manjiri doesn’t sound mad. Listen to her once. Lets see what she has to say. Don’t make a hasty decision. Kalyani says you are right. We shouldn’t regret later. And Vishwa you are standing next to her withj Gauri. She might stab her. she takes the dagger. Manjiri says I am not mad. Prohit says I had a mad friend she used to scream like this ‘i am not mad’. Manjiri says please trust me. She has plotted all this. She had a child before marriage.. Swami says I told you this. And whats the point of saying all that. Kalyani says its okay. Let her say. She doesn’t know what she is saying. Manjiri says I am not mad.
Manjiri touches Gauri. Vishwa says don’t touch my daughter. and you, you tried to stab my daughter.

Precap-Kalyani says to Manjiri you showed me this dagger. Now see your condition. You are burnt soon.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I just saw a promo and they showed there will be a leap in Kaala Teeka where Gauri n Kaali will be grown ups and Gauri becomes a famous singer but Kaali is the one who is singing very sweetly backstage. Oh poor Kaali. But leap, so fast? I realized that Madhuri and Jeethi is missing , and this Kalyani is more annoying than Jeethi I only watched this show for the two kids 🙁 now no use I hope I can get
    to see Kaali Guriya and Gauri Princess in another show I just love these 2 kids a lot.

  2. Kalyani is so wicked. You are right she is worst than jethi. And where are madhuri and jethi

  3. But it was a little confusing tho

  4. Jethi ma had commited suicide in the sea . Remember ? And for real. Where is madhuri ? Is she and mangiri going to die before the 14 year leap ? 🙁 no. I will miss mangi ma and her bond with kali 🙁

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