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Scene 1
Vishwa comes to Gauri’s room and sees Gauri dancing. Vishwa says what are you doing? Gauri says i like dancing I dont like painting. Vishwa says its your painting exam tomorrow. Gauri says kali will make one for me. Vishwa says you have to be first not Kali. Gauri is not paying attention. Vishwa shouts what are you doing. Gauri says you shouted at me and you put this black paint on me. Vishwa says I will clean you. Gauri says i dont want you do anything. she runs out.

Kali asks gauri why are you crying? Gauri says i said to papa i like dance not painting so papa scolded at me. Kali says baray papa loves us. Today I was first and tomorrow he wants you to be first. Gauri says can you do my drawings. Papa will be mad at me if i am not first. I wont even go to school. Kali

says we should try not complain. You have to be first tomorrow. you can dot his for papa.

Mad says I will see kuhndli who will win. she sees prohit and says see gauri and kali’s kundli and tell me who will be first. Prohit says i can’t do this. i would have bought lottery tickets and won them. The new servant says I have a solution. Mad says what? She says see these two sticks. Place them wrapped in cotton. If it comes out then gauri will succeed. Mad says does this happen? Prohit says this can. You should try it. He says bai do that.
Bai places the sticks in balcony. She sticks them with glue.

Next morning, Mad comes and sees sticks in cotton. she says it didn’t come out. that means.. Bai says the enemy will succeed. Mad says what should I do now. Prohit says dont worry. Bai says that kali do other things in house.
Vishwa says to gauri, someone is really mad at me. i am sorry. Gauri says i wont talk to you. Vishwa says i will become donkey and you ride on me. Kali says you dont ride on donkey you ride on horse. He says then i become horse for you. gauri says i love you papa. he says i love you too beta. Gauri says i will be first. He says if you are first I will be sorry happy. Manjiri says to kali make a painting that makes you so happy. Kali says i will be happy when gauri wins. Manjiri says lets go we have to walk. Kali says let gauri win today God.

Mad asks Kali to pick up the pan and place it in kitchen. She says this bai can’t do anything. Kali touches it and her hands get burnt. Mad says are you mad. You should have told kali that it was warm. you hot her hands burnt.
Bai says forgive me. Mad says if vishwa gets to know he will kick you out. Kali says mad mama forgive her. Mad says dont tell anyone. Kali says no I wont. Manjiri comes in. Kali hides her hands. Manjiri says kali lets go to school. kali says yes. Manjiri says were you crying? Kali says no.

Everyone is in hall. Teacher asks kali to sit. They all start drawing. Kali’s hands are burnt and aching. She can’t pick up the pencil. Kali says what should I do. i have to do this to make Gauri first.

Precap-Gauri asks kali did you make right drawing? Will i be first? Kali says i made a mistake. Gauri says what?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think gauri will start hating kali for mot dtawing her painting n mad is wicked devil

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