Kaala Teeka 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Manjiri says to Gauri we dance on this day. Vishwa says for a few moments please come out. Gauri says in heart there won’t be any celebration. I hope leela does something. The haavaan starts. Kali comes. Yug says who can stop those who have a heart. Kali says yeah lets see.
gauri says where is dadi. Leela says something to a woman, Kali says in heart why is dadi standing there? is she still mad at me? Pandit says bride’s pooja is over. Yug comes. Kali comes to leela and says why are you standing here dadi? You look worried? Leela says I am fine. Kali says I know you will take time to accept me but I have considered you my dadi. I will make my place in your heart. Leela says if you consider me yours then will you do something for me? Kali says for sure I will. Leela says

won’t you say no? Kali says no. Leela says there is a pooja that bride does for groom’s long life. I want you to do this for yug. But I knew you won’t do this. I lost my husband. Kali says I will do it. Don’t worry. Leela says long live. This pooja is done three days before, no one should know about it. Come to temple at night in bride’s attire.
Vishwa comes and says what is going on? kali says dadi was telling me that dress will be placed in temple first. VIshwa says very nice.
Kali says to leela why do you want to keep it secret? Leela says thats how it is. Kali says how will I come alone? Leela hugs her and says you ask a lot of questions.

Scene 2
At night, Kali packs her dress in a bag. She says is it right to go alone so late? She sneaks outside. Neel is coming there. Kali hides.
Leela reaches the temple and so does kali in bridal attire. Yug is on his way with bangle. he says Kali I am coming to surprise you. I love the expression on your face when I surprise you. He drives past the temple.
Pandit ji comes. He says we are preparing for pooja. Wait a little.
Someone is coming towards kali. She turns back, its aryan. Kali is dazed. She recalls everything.

Yug is sneaking in, Manjiri grasps his ear. She says what are you doing here? He says I came here with bangle. Manjiri says Kali is sleeping don’t disturb her. Go out.
Gauri is sleeping in Kali’s bed. She says thank God they didn’t come in.

Kali says to aryan you here? He says you here so late? Kali says I was here for pooja. Why are you here? He says I am getting married. Kali says congrats. He says I am sorry for what I did. Kali says its okay. He says can I help you? Kali says no thanks. He takes out mangalsutra. He says how is it? Will she like it? Kali says its very good. She will love it. Congrats. He says thanks a lot. you do your pooja. I will wait downstairs.
Aryan calls leela. Leela says is it done? He says yes just like you wanted. Leela says Gauri has done her work too.
Kali does her pooja.

Precap-Kali’s sangeet is on going. Everyone dances.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Steupsssssssssssss

  2. EMA track is repeating…just sammy does not turn into aryan

  3. So gayu…rite??
    Wht do u all guys..shradha fatarjo think?
    Its like she is marrying aryan+?isint it..no scope or hope left for kayu

  4. Hey…why leela called kali to temple at late night and wat is aryan dng there? Is she planning to arrange aryan’s and kali’s marriage..???

  5. Thanx for the update Atiba di…

  6. Kaali-Aryan scenes quite disturbing and irritating, Kaala Teeka only rocks only for KaYi B4 leap was because of Kaali Guriya and Gauri princess and aft leap is one and only Kayu’s love story, nice and magical pair but I don’t know why makers r so desperate to make Gauri-Yug pair. If Gauri marries Yug no use of this show as show name is Kaala Teeka how can one marry Kaala teeka’s groom 😛 and if Gauri marries it won’t make sense as it will be the same old story Kaali not doing anything, as I said I hope Gauri-Aryan gets married instead of Gauri-Yug or Kaali-aryan at least KaYu will be safe m frustrated with almost all the hindi serials besides dehleez and the 2 new sony shows

    1. ikr. i love kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi

    2. becuz they r new…shows gt worse when they gt old..bcuz writers dont have creative ideas..they should do like pakistani or hollywood tv serial…though they r short bt they r happy…may be not happy bt nt stressful n the things they show r mostly sensible

      here they keep on movig with seperation..thye dont understand tht they should show cupid bcuz we wud rather enjoy something very sensible or something tht is not possible fiction..in real life these kind of luv stories r very less possible so i enjoy bt they screw it up

      n yeah these 3 shows r awesome as of now i think..i remember badtameez dil it was gud too in start…n infact beintehaan was also gud there was seperation bt it was nt irritating

    3. Yes true hindi serials should have finite dramas and btw dehleez on str plus is a finite series so no need to worry about that as for KRPKAB n EDKV yes till now it’s going good but i don’t think these shows won’t run for much episodes as they are having low trps but they will b remembered if they end early. Till now m fine with these 3 shows and Bahu hamari rajnikant on life ok other shows I just read updates i watch it when I like the episodes

      1. Actually i feel pity for kali….she dosent even know tht sge is indirectly getting married to aryan…if they had to gt her married only then they should hve asked aome1 else better thn aryan….

        Yug n kali i dont think now will gt married..bt yug n gauri too won’t yug will say no…..l wish yug comes on right time..bt acc to precap i think it will be finished n kaali too will gt to know when aryan comes with a pic sort of thing n stop the marriage..both yug n kali will be torn apart or they will support each other which i dont thunk….so no kayu n no kt

        I wonder what was the reason to involve god…is this is what is god meant for….her ramji won’t save her? Cuz she is foolish..n god is letting bad happen without even telling the person wid whom it is getting done..
        I have started hating this serial

  7. What is dadi conspiring to do now? LoL. N will she succeed?

  8. What is this why is this writer want gauri to marry Yug? I hate this how will Yug know that Kali is not home? How come no getting suspicious about leela this is bullshit really…. Is that mean Kali not marry Yug than why all this celebration?? Giving Kali hope gosh poor Kali…. that’s it I can’t watch show anymore…when I see aryan I get irritating …

  9. Shraddha Sharma

    Toooo much faltu drama…..

  10. Did anyone know who is Kali going marry??for sure

    Y they bring aryan back again?supid writer I think this writer love gauri that’s why she want to give favor to her???????????????????????????????????????go to hell writer making viewer fool like I said we don’t want another EMA get it…don’t u have any other story ????

  11. Please writer end this show? We don’t want too watch same old storyline.

  12. oh well it was good whiles it lasted and as quickly as i stopped watching ema when they married pakhi/raghav i will do the same here…just one thing in the back of my mind yug passing in his car whiles kaali was in trouble the first time he was able to save kaali and manji ma from kalyani hopefully the same may happen here….

    1. sme i think..bt maybe nt
      if yug even passes by then kayu else no kayu

      1. well only Monday will tell …not getting my hopes up either

  13. I’ll stop watching the show if kayu won’t b married.. this serial is getting shittier now after giving a beautiful hope of kayu..

    1. I agree with u…

  14. Stupid gauri … She know aryan is criminal and want Kali marry him… She is really out of her mind… Gauri and leela r such a bi**h..

  15. From now on, I will only read update of this show … not wasting time watching it again. After watching the serial, I become frustrated… so many of the customs seem far-fetched. And how stupid can a bride be to leave her home in the night without discussing with someone in her home and to have a prayer for her husband’s life even before he is her husband? The writers think viewers cannot think. puff…

    1. true, I also become frustrated I cant watch it either…this writer trying to fool all the viewers and show us that they all blindly believe leela and no one have any clue? atleast manjari should have little doubt in her how she will agree to this marriage so easily…

  16. I agree wid rivanya I also love krpkab most next dhaleez then edkv this are the best serials going on I m a big fan of it

  17. You guys are reading about kaala teeka and not ema etc sooooooooo stop talking about it and stop swearing because there are younger children like me watching and I am only 11 and from south africa! !!It’s just a programme so don’t get too mad and angry!!!Oh and don’t and stop telling the writer end kt because we like it unlike you’ll!!!Anyway stupid gauri and leela are at it again and again can not give kayu a break!!!

    1.Kaali and managri would know something is wrong because leela accepted her sooooooooo quickly !!!
    Kaali should at least go with managri to the temple! !!

    I mean come on kali and use your brain and head!!!????????????????????

    1. Sweety I don’t know if ur watching any other drama from zee tv…. Then u know why we r commenting like this….all r from zeetv r triagle love and separating lover this is there main plot with different actor n actress and looks like copy one another…here anyone can share their comments.. It could be negative or positive… In case if these writer can able read our comment atleast they know what viewers want. So next time they can show us some new storyline which is different. Programs r suppose entertain not give stress to people… U r a kid u have no idea what going out there.. When u grow up u’ll understand what I’m trying to say?

      1. Namsta 55 and sweety. …I know what you all say and I am young but not dum….I am from south africa sooooooooo I know everything you’ll say and I don’t need to be big to understand what you all say but don’t swear because it’s impolite.By the way how old are you all? ? ?

      2. I didn’t mean to rude sweety..I comment what I felt…I have a son in your age so then you can guess how old I will be. Its up to u wheather take this answer sportive or not. and I’m glad u can understand what I meant.

  18. Anita Mootilal

    Will stop watching show if kayug are separated…same old boring storyline

  19. Shraddha Sharma

    This is the limit… ab mandir ki pics ko photshop se edit kr ke aryan ya leela ya gauri yeh sabit krenge ki kali or aryan ne mandir me shadi kr li hai… or 50% log mann bhi jayenge…. i am fed up zee tv show writers… why they can’t sort out things easily?? They need go dragg dragg and dragg only….
    If this will continue i will quite this show …

  20. Plz…dont plat same track of qubool hai kkb(purab & bulbul
    they says kaali’s kundli is gud….and guyz wen visweet decides go to yug’s house taking gauri’s rishta by mistake insted of gauri’s handprint it will be kali’s
    -leela put kangan on kali’s hands…the writers givs hope to us . But…saturday’s episode was desperating (aryan)

  21. wt Next ????…
    plzz unite… kaliyug….

  22. Plz unite kayu…if not i will stop watching kaala teeka. :'( 🙁 :'(

  23. if kayu not get united i will stop watching kaala teeka..including my frnds. :'( 🙁 :'( 🙁

  24. All those questions Aryan was asked to Kali was just to record ki Kaali with her likings ran with Aryan just to marry him that too with bridal attire at late night..

  25. So if Yug didn’t marry Kali for sure this show is flop…one thing, all this time they portray Yug&Kali=ram&sita,, writer I have question did Sita marry somelse first that marriedd ram?. so is this modern sita marry Ruban and then Ram…disgusting. If u want prove we are wrong than show us Yug & Kali marriage. Or watch the show urself…really where is this ramji she always pray he is not going save Kali this time.

    Guys from this show I learned no matter how devotionally u pray God… Only evil will win..this is us whole lot meaning?

    1. And show us evil is powerfull then God..believe me by watching this people mind be can change and learn become like gauri and leela..tried do anything get wat they want..everyone will become selfish.

      Ps. I Didn’t mean everyone. In a real life I saw gauri and leela character guys… That’s why this show is irratating me. Some don’t have their own brain they watch and learn serial…these type of character they not let win.

  26. hy guyz anybodt read the spoiler –leela’s plan to get aryan-kali married by trick

  27. plz inform the director we want kayu togthr

    1. I doubt cos Tasha e ishq they seprate twingle and kunj by marry twingle and yuvi one show is done by braking the lovers. Yuvi win in his trick…in kaala teeka seems like leela going to win by her trick cos no one on knows kali is in the temple so how will anyone come and save her..so,there is no hope that yug and kali will marry. Its sad but zee tv in mood to seprate lovers that’s all I can say but I want kali and yug marry.

  28. How can I upload my fan fiction! !!

    1. Just go to the main menu option use the submit your article option and then u r done 🙂

  29. Thanks fatarajo and please read my fan fiction! ! ! ?

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