Kaala Teeka 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Manjiri says to Vishwa this thread for you safety. She ties it on hand. Pandit says I hope this doesn’t change color. It change colors in sinner’s hands. Manjiri says he has not done any sins. The accusations I put on you relating to Kali I shouldn’t have done that.

Kali hears Naina crying. She comes out and says why is Naina crying. I am here. She sings her a lullaby. Kali sees the smoke. Gauri has placed burning coals under Naina’s cradle.
Gauri asks Leela what are you doing? Leela says Naina will wear these Yug’s clothes. Gauri says it might be allergic go her. Leela says yeah I better wash them in warm water first. Leela washes the clothes with Gauri. Kali comes back to washroom. She says there is no water. Let me go out and get water

from backyard. Kali comes and sees coals burning under Naina. Kali runs towards her. Kali picks Naina form the cradle. Leela says why is Kali shouting. leela comes to room and asks is naina okay?

Yug comes home. He says dadi how can you be so careless. i think you never brought up a child. Leela says I didn’t.. Yug orders another cradle for Naina. Gauri asks vishwa papa are you okay? Vishwa nods and goes to his room.

At night vishwa recalls what he did to Kali. He sees the thread in his hand, a cats comes in his room. He says go away. Manjiri wakes up and says why are you shouting. He says there was a cat here. Manjiri says when did you start getting scared of cats. i will lock the door.

Scene 2
Next morning, Vishwa wakes up and sees the thread in his wrist has changed the color. He is scared. Vishwa takes it off. He hides it before Manjiri comes in.
Manjiri says you were scared of the cat last night. So I brought this kapoor from temple. Pandit ji said it irritates sinners. Why is it troubling you. Vishwa is coughing. Manjiri says where is your thread? Vishwa says I placed it in the locker. Vishwa is coughing. Manjiri says I am taking this Kapoor out. Don’t cough.
Manjiri says heart your superstitious beliefs are you weakness. They are going to beat you and reunite Kali and Yug.

yug brings Kali feeder and says this is for naina. Kali doesn’t take it. Yug says can’t I do this for my daughter. don’t I have a right on her? Kali takes it and says happy? Yug leaves.
Manjiri comes in and says kali are your ready for the new stage.
Vishwa tells prohit about the thread and everything. He says before Manjiri gets to know anything get a one white.
Kali says Manji maa I was feeding Naina and i slept. i saw the same dream everyone come in. Manjiri says Kali saw a bad dream. Kali says i saw someone was shoving me from the mountain. Kali says who was it. Kali says I don’t remember the face. All I remember is that Ram ji held me and brought me on ground. Vishwa says now Ram came in. Kali says I have been seeing the same dream since three weeks. Manjiri says do you remember the cliff? Kali says it was the highway cliff. Vishwa says this is a disease. This is called attention deficient syndrome. Let’s go prohit. They leave.
Gauri says what is happening. My plans are failing. And what if Kali recalls everything. Even if papa goes to jail I can’t lose yug. i have to think of a plan.

Manjiri says the sunlight is so good. Leela says we have arranged this bath for the baby in sunlight. Leela tells that to Vishwa. Vishwa says sure. leela says let me prepare things. Manjiri says I think she wants to be in your lap vishwa. Vishwa says she might cry. Leela says she won’t take her. Vishwa picks her up and says in heart this woman and daughter have ruined everything. I will find a way out to kick them. Naina vomits on Vishwa’s paper. Vishwa says it was my really important paper. Leela says is that because you took off the thread. Vishwa says in heart how can i wear it. Its all red. Manjiri says you wanna say something? He says no.

They bring Naina to temple. Yug says she was in sun for too long. Manjiri says I know a psychiatrist. He says we should take Kali to the cliff about which she sees the dreams. It might help her recall. Yug says lets go. Prohit says where are you going? Yug tells them. He says she might recalls everything we will know the truth.

Precap-Vishwa says why are you in a hurry? Yug says if she recalls the person, we can get him arrested for attempt of murder. Manjiri says of course. Vishwa is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ye chotti naina hi vishwa se panga le rhi h ,Kali to kch kr hi ni pati h ram ji 2 bus krte reh jati hai

    1. Yes I too think the same

  2. Wow that’s really nice naina u really Rock

  3. Naina is too cute I just love here

  4. Good they r trying to scared him

  5. I understand what you said Devi about abhi but would you believe that I haven’t watched kkb for a while now, I couldn’t stand that tanu, it was like the end of the rope for me so I just abstained from watching it, instead at that time slot, I watched kalaash on lifeOK…..for me it’s a 360 turn, same villain aliyah and the serial feels like it started all over again…..like a bad dream. Anyways….. I am having a bit of fun watching manjima getting even with vishwa, it’s hilarious! I stand by my previous comment and hope that Kali develops a backbone. Do you sense a softening in yug’s character towards Kali? Wonder if it’s my imagination!

  6. You see how writers fail to pay attention to details in the serials. I notice that vishwa, is living in the same house as Leela and family, how come? I thought in India that parents don’t eat or drink from their daughter’s marital home ,far less live in the same house. See how faulty their writing is? Tsk Tsk……

  7. Also, some of the superstitious belief in this serial, defies logic. Don’t understand what writers hope to achieve with this current track, at least show that times are evolving and people are getting smarter, and no longer want to hold to such belief!!

  8. maryam ibrahim

    Why did vishwa is living in leela house is not write even according to their superstious

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