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Scene 1
Kali sees yug and says if I go from here yug will see me. I should go from back door. She enters the house. Yug says from window give me your hand. Gauri pretends to be Kali and says no go from here. She goes out. yug says come here, where are you going. Kali comes in the window. Yug says thank God you showed me your face. Now give me your hand,he makes her wear the bangle. Kali says now go from here, leave my hand. He says I will never leave this hand. Kali says someone will come.
Gauri comes in her room and says I will see how this happens and where is kali’s dress?

Raghu says sharmila come out haldi is starting. Sharmila says coming. Chulbul comes and says if you had not supported him yug wont have married kali and you won’t have to compromise. Yug is marrying

who he loved and what you got? You have become a compromise. Leela comes and says what are you two talking? Chulbul says nothing.
Pooja starts.Kali says I am going to bring my phone. manjiri says no you can’t go now.
yug asks leela are you happy? She says forget everything in haldi color. You have gotten your love. She applies haldi to sharmila as well. Sharmila says in heart I have to be bound all my life what should I do?
Ahil(Karan) and Sanam(Aditi Gupta) come to Kali’s haldi. Aahil says stay happy. Sanam says you look so good. Aahil says yug will keep you very happy. Sanam says show me your dress. Kali says yeah let me bring it. Manjiri says Kali you can’t go.
She says start the ritual I will bring the dress.

Chulbul knocks sharmila’s door and says come out guests have arrived, she doesn’t open. Sharmila is not in the room. She has climbed from the window.She reads the chit I am going mom forever I will write my new life. I will not be part of this sacrifice.
Raghu comes and says where is sharmila? Chulbul says she is in washroom. He sees the rope and says where is sharmila. What are you concealing in hand? she gives him the letter. Raghu is dazed. she says don’t tell maa ji and yug.

Gauri sees the dress and says only I will wear this dress and marry yug. Manjiri is looking for kali’s dress.
Mad shows sanam her house. Kali says bady papa can I distribute parsad among guests. Aahil says we are here to do that. You are VIP today.
Leela calls gauri and says keep the dress with you. No one should know that there are two dresses. Sanam comes in and says oh so this is kali’s dress. This is so beautiful. Manjiri comes in too. Manjiri says what is this dress doing with you gauri? Gauri says kali gave to iron this. Manjiri takes the dress from her and leaves. Gauri says if they find out that there are two dresses she will create a havoc. I have to find kali’s dress.

Raghu and chulbul are looking for sharmila. She calls her friends and asks them. She says no one knows where she is. Raghu says you should have talked to her. and what lie is she talking about? Chulbul says I don’t know. We have to find out before maaji figures out.
Kali says I have to find the dress.
Kali says this handkerchief is torn can I bring another one? Vishwa says yes but come back soon.

Chulbul sees sharmila going in a rickshaw. They go after her. Sharmila starts running on feet. Raghu grasps her and says what are you doing? She says enough. i won’t sacrifice anymore. Chulbul says shut up. Sharmila says yug is getting his love then why am I tied with neel? Neel never raped me.
Kids are playing with aahil. One kid takes out the bag. Kali sees the bag in his hand. Gauri says kali what are you doing here? Everyone is looking for you. Kali says I.. Gauri says go inside. Kali goes in.

Precap-Gauri says to kali I wont come to your wedding. Kali says you have to. Gauri says before I do something wrong don’t force me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. new spoiler of. kaala teeka ->> aryan to claim kali as his wife
    some how kayu should be united…

  2. new spoiler of. kaala teeka -aryan to claim kali as his wife
    some how kayu should be united…

  3. thanks atiba dr. for the quick updates. and as for the story it is just totally disgusting

  4. Another story similar to pavitra rishta.

  5. First they portray Yug & kali as ram Sita….now there is a another guy claiming Kali is his wife….WOW there giving a different meaning great??????..its discusting. Atleast they shouldn’t portray them as ram Sita.

  6. Somehow gauri has turned evil and she is determined to marry yug

  7. Uff now I m getting irritated by Kaala Teeka too. I used to be confused what to watch at 7pm as I was free but now I don’t have anything to watch at 7pm, all 7pm story have same thing Faltu drama, first that Gopi Bahu show irritates me a lot, and then that Thapki always falling in problems, and now despite speaking up Kaali is in trouble. I prefer watching another Korean drama at 7pm or repeats -_-

    1. watch, mann meih vishwas on SONY entertainment Television. its diff and good. 🙂

      1. Yes I do watch that initially I started watching it for Shakti only but then I saw the stories r nice but I watch it sometimes and also bhakton mein Shakti at 7.30pm but not regularly sometimes

  8. Wat is gauri problem yug don’t love u n his old bat trying to do the same

  9. Really this zeetv drama’s copy one another cos I read a spoiler says that gauri in Kali place as bride.. Same thing happen Tasman e ishq yuvi in kunj place got married twinkle…, I guess we can give award zeetv #1 copycat drama channels.

  10. I am getting irritated by this serial..thr s no continuations between episodes…..Why writer doing script like this…lot of logics are missing..whr s mad…Nothing happened while manjari was returned(Leela need to clarifiy that knw)….Confused????? I would stop this show if yug marry gauri…

  11. thinking same here,, I thought manjari will unite kali and yug. Now the storyline going in a different direction like as usual. I thought this will little different if yug and kali marry now instead of end of the serial but it turn out to same old same old.

    One thing I dont get it, is that manjari to get trust on viswa took some time and how come everyone is trust leela so quick with out any doubt? atleast manjari and yug have to be ware of it. nothing make sense…anyways i guess to make viewer crazy these writer will go any extend and leela:)

  12. why no spoiler…. need spoilers please

  13. I have just started hating this show! U know friends.. I hav been suffering from severe hypertension ever since I started watching this show.. Too mch twists whch I dont like at all!

    1. Nee too that’s y I stop watching this show.. I read only comment and what might happen.

  14. Oops… Mee too I meant

  15. ahil n nayi sanam??? here Y?

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