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Scene 1
Yug looks at Kali, the song ‘sanam re’ plays in background. Yug holds her hand, Kali feels shy. Yug says you look so beautiful. Kali says thank you. Leela and Chulbul come home. Chulbul says maa ji you don’t look well. Let me bring you tea. Yug comes close to Kali. Leela is coming upstairs. Kali holds Yug’s hand. Leela is coming towards their room. Leela opens a room. Kali and Yug are not there. Bijli says they are not here either. Let me see in other room. Leela sees Yug’s keys. She says you have become your wife’s slave Yug. I brought you up, gave you love all my life and suddenly wife came and you forgot about me.
Yug says if you like these dresses you can wear them I have no problem. You carry them very gracefully. Kali says I wore them for you,

otherwise I like simple clothes. Yug says so you will stay hot for me? Kali smiles. Kali says a wife’s dressing up is for husband. Yug says what, say it again. Kali says why? He says I loved hearing that. Leela is coming towards their room. Yug is about to kiss Kali. Leela says why are there lights on in balcony.
She sees Yug there taking selfies. Leela says is he mad why is he taking pictures? Kali is hidden. She says thank God I saw car and hid before she came. Dadi would have been mad if she had seen Yug with me.
Leela comes to Yug. Yug says you scared me. Leela says why you came here earlier? Yug says oh my fried Kalu’s wife had delivery. Kalu didn’t have money so I came home. Leela says you came home why? Yug says because money is home. I sent Kali with the money because its women’s matter. Leela says good. What is all this decoration? yug says this decoration is of wedding time. I saw this and thought lets take pictures. Leela suddenly stops. she says come downstairs with me. Kali says thank you Ram ji.

Scene 2
Next morning, Gauri says what is this room. It is full of water. Manager says if you have so much problem, get room somewhere else. Gauri says I paid here. I will live here. Gauri says this is all because of Kali. I hate you Kali.
Gauri is walking in the streets. She sneezes. Gauri sees a car coming towards her. She says this is dadi’s car. Its her temple time. this is the right chance. Gauri comes in front of her car and pretends like she has been hit. Leela comes out of car and is shocked. Gauri says dadi ji you.. She says to people she is my mother in law. She kicked me out of house. A woman says she is so evil. A man says amma ji she is so ill. Take her home. Gauri says I will do whatever you want, you are like a mom to me. If you say that I should walk on fire, I will.

Kali gives yug lunch. He says will you give lunch only or something else too? Leela comes in with Gauri. kali says what happened gauri.. How you got this bruise? Leela says she was roaming on roads.. she got hit by my car. Kali says oh God. Come change first. Then I will dress your wound. Yug says stop. She has no room in this house. She can’t stay here for a moment. Leela says your anger is justified but where will she go in this condition. Yug says admit her to hospital i will pay but she won’t live in this house. Kali says Yug she is my sister, I can’t leave her like this. Yug says to Gauri, get out. Kali says Gauri stop you won’t go anywhere. Yug says I won’t take risk of keeping her in this house. Yug says to Kali if you want her to stay here then okay. But I won’t share a room with her. Gauri says leave it Kali. Yug is right. This is punishment for my sins. I didn’t wanna come here, Dadi forced me to come. I should go. Kali says Gauri..
Yug says she won’t live here. Gauri goes out. She says in heart you can’t stop me. Nothing can stop Gauri Jha. I have considered him mine and nothing can stop me from coming here.
Yug says I am getting late for office. Kali says wait a minute. Your lunch box, he leaves without it. Kali says in heart I hope Gauri stays safe.

Scene 3
Sharmila asks Vishwa how is Gauri now? Vishwa says she must be fine. Sharmila says you don’t know? Vishwa says what happened? Sharmila says Kali called Pishima. Gauri went to my house, she was sick and injured. Yug asked her to get out. Vishwa says why didn’t manjiri tell me till now. Sharmila says I thought she would have told you. Manjiri says I wanted to tell you something. Vishwa says my daughter was insulted there and you are telling me this now? Vishwa says you are telling me now and this happened in morning. Why would you feel anything you are not her mother. Manjiri says I talked to Kali. Kali said she would tell me when she gets to know about gauri. Vishwa says I don’t need your and Kali’s help. I will find her.
Sharmila says in heart I played on time.

Yug says I don’t wanna talk about Gauri. Kali says I know she did wrong. Yug says what she did was unforgivable. Kali says she is paying for her sins. We should give her a chance. She is regretting over her sins. She needs us. At least you should have let us go with her to hospital. Yug says because of you I arranged everything in hospital for her. Try to understand its not good for us to get close to her. Kali says she is my sister. Yug says I know her, she doesn’t consider you her sister.
Leela says in heart if she comes in this house it would be great.

Precap-Yug calls Kali and says come out I want to talk to you about something. Kali says I know you would be mad tat me because of Gauri again. Yug says this gauri is creating issues again. Kali reads a text and is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Masz

    Someone shud juz hit gauri jha n leave her died alone on de street.She is juz haywire!How she cud consider Yug is hers while they were x even married.She shud get one big lesson instead of juz threw her out from de house.bcoz of her everyone become really upside down.

  2. What the hell is going on….. I sick off this serial….

  3. What’s wtong with Kali now??? She should listen to listen to Yug… What is this supid writer is doing really???why they want bring gauri into that house… This is bullshit .and I hate this show

  4. Masz

    Guys.precap showing kaali is getting a text from whom n what it says????

    1. It’s from yug…saying you r upset with me cos of gauri, so its fine, am leaving forever, take care….

      this seems like emotional blackmail…I like blackmail …so kali wont talk about gauri about him….

      1. Masz

        TQ so muchh K.Yeahh I think smetimes Yug shud use dat tactic bcoz kaali is sometimes acting too naive.she shud know gauri jha better than de rest.In diz case Yug really need to be firm otherwise gauri jha wil tke over everything.

      2. no problem…masz!

  5. Kinda upset with Kali…. She needs to know that she cant please everyone, yug, dadi and gauri,,,,she needs to decide who is more important to her. I just hope yug does not fall into gauri’s trap

    1. I totally agree with u D.

  6. The same thing has been dragged for a week.I stopped watching it, only reading it here.

  7. what is going on? In almost every series there is a mad mom or granny. what’s wrong with them don’t know, if husband stays with wife. this is so much shamefull. this is too much. what happened to this fool kali that she believes to gauri. hate this. no romance is here…..

  8. Now we are going to see the stupid side of Kali. Why is she insisting, tell her to go home to her father. Sad to say, this will all start over again. I just hope Yug does not give in. Why isn’t anyone telling Gauri to go live with her father, there Sharmila will take good care of her, ha ha.

  9. I also stopped watching it.. Jst reading its updates here.

  10. first of all I want leela to be expose or else this crap will happen always…I wish yug find about leela soon….or definitely yug and kali will be separated…

  11. Writers, think it thru before airing it, Why not have Yug call Vishwa and tell him to come and take his princess home. There is no relationship with Gauri and Yugs family, so are you writers not thinking before writing such nonsense, You have lost another fan. From now on I will read updates and not waste my time watching. Thanks for nothing!

    1. That what I don’t understand too…there is no relation in that family… Viswa is asking her come home..why this stupid gauri wants to live in Yug house… I’m sure this writer plan like how Kali enter there as kaala teeka… Now they making gauri to enter Yug house… It’s same repeat story … And I hard to watch that too.

  12. Indian serials always portray the heroine as too good thereby making the character dull,kali doesn’t use her head, she cannot think how can gauri change so much after what she did to her.

  13. totally agree the heroine too good with no brains lol

  14. Why doesn’t yug talk to his father and arrange a surprise honeymoon for him and kali and don’t let leela know about it. So the could spend some actual time as husband and wife. Why do they have to concermate in the home. Most people go on honeymoon in most series. I think we the fans will love if they go on honeymoon and leela and the stinking guari don’t know about it. Please writers give the viewers something to smile about.

  15. Please writer.. Don’t mess up this show like other zeetv shows……first expose that old a*s then there will less problem and please don’t make Kali dumb again… We want the brave Kali … I hate gauri .. Go to hell gauri….she is such stupid uh! I feel like I want to kill her …

    1. And please don’t seperate KaYu for any reason…or else this show will flop…KaYu is the reason everyone watching this show.

  16. hi masz how r u? anybody read new spoiler guys pls tell me. oh god some clash between yug and kali. I hope guys yug never leave kali

    1. Masz

      Hi Anu.Im gud.How r u??2days left to celebrate Eid.Long time hvent seen u commenting Anu.no worries anu i think Yug juz wana emotional blackmailing kaali as what K said.I dun think Yug wil make de same mistake as previously.

  17. Hey atiba what happened in today’s episode… I can’t wait… update it fast yaar…

  18. Oooops sorry guys I forgot that today is Sunday…. I was waiting for today’s episode… lol…:-P..

  19. anantika mallik

    why can’t the writers keep the leads together… happy.. romantic….?…???
    god!! all the serials start with a new and good concept…..but again get into the same trend…now it has become quite easy to detect the storyline ahead

  20. fine masz. exactly masz I didn’t watch this serial since one week. because iam happy to see kayu unite. iam scared that Leela and gouri create any problem to kali. I

  21. shouldn’t gauri be going back to her own home??

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