Kaala Teeka 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Naina and Pavitra sit in car with gauri. Gauri says we are going to water park. They say I love you. It will be fun. Gauri says I love you too. Devri does magic on a toy control and controls gauri’s car with it. Kali sees him. Gauri and kids are on the way enjoying. Devri moves the car towards jungle. Gauri is about to hit a man. The car goes out of control. Gauri asks Naina to call yug and tell him brakes are failed. Naina calls yug. he says I am coming. Manjiri says I have to tell kali. she has left already. Manjiri comes to devri’s room and says why are you doing all this. devri says this is what I like about you. I like your aggression. Manjiri says I can teach you how to respect a woman. don’t dare harming my family. manjiri is about to slap him. He grasps her hand.

Devri says I will make you mine. Manjiri says I will show you what people like you deserve. He says you broke my toy car. Now see what I do to Gauri’s car. Naina faints in the car. Kali is on her way as well. Kali comes near Gauri’s car. Kali stands in front of her car. The car goes towards cliff. Kali tries to get them out of car. kali breaks the glass and takes Pavitra out of car. She tries taking naina out as well. but devri drives the car. It goes towards cliff. Kali comes and stands in front of the car. She forces it backwards. Manjiri says don’t do this. She is about in a circle. Kali shoves the car backwards. Yug comes there. He pulls the car with a rope. He ties the car with a tree. Kali takes Gauri and naina out of the car. Kali faints. Gauri says take her I am bringing Naina. Manjiri take taken Devri’s car and runs towards the temple. She places it there. Devri can’t come near the car. naina is not opening eyes. Gauri says naina open your eyes. she takes her out of the car. Naina says in heart devri was right. Gauri is my mom she saved my life. Naina says I love you mama. The car falls off the cliff.

Scene 2
Kali comes home. She says why are the candles not lit.
kali says naian please don’t leave me. Naian recalls what Kali said in hospital. Pavitra says how will I live in this room alone. Naina says you will be okay after a few days. I want to live with my real mama. Manjiri says your mom is kali. Naina says she left me alone to die. SHe isn’t my mom. Gauri says I didn’t save your life. Kali did. You were fainted you didn’t see anything. Naina says stop taking her side. you are my mom I will live with you. She takes Gauri hand and leaves.
Kali sits there crying. Manjiri says she is a child. she will come back to you. Kali says that devri did all this. I have no hope left. Manjiri says I do. I never fed Naina. Manjiri says you didn’t feed her but truth is that gauri didn’t feed naina either. When Naina was born Vishwa said no one can see naina so gauri never fed her. Manjiri says we will answer devri this time.

Precap-Gauri slips from the stairs. She is rushed to the hospital. Gauri loses her child. Kali says I am sorry on niana’s behalf. Gauri says I don’t want to see her face. Yug ask her to leave right now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. leisa s morris

    Y did naina have to b fainted wen kali save her, hmmmm these writers eh. Wow first kali now guari losses baby dont say repeat but i was expectin it actually

  2. Now gauri will push naina away n hate her now n I hope she don’t blame Kali for Wat happen to her again

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