Kaala Teeka 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali comes running to school and sings on gauri’s behalf. Gauri wins it.
Mad says to Kubri you are intelligent. Vishwa is under me now. I am really happy today. Kubri says in heart be as happy as you want vishwa. I am not giving up like your jethi bhabhi.

Kali says thank you for helping me Ram ji. Gauri says thank God Kali you came there. If you didn’t come there and sing from behind the curtain I wont have won and papa would have been mad at me. Kubri overhears it an says I will show you your worth Vishwa.
Vishwa says how could anything think they can compete with my daughter. Tomorrow in racing competition my daughter will be first. She is my blood. Manjiri says hard work wins, it doesn’t have anything to do with blood. He says you are doing this

again. Gauri is my blood. she had to be first. Manjiri, blood is blood.Hard work can’t make a dog tiger.

Kali and gauri are playing. Kubri come and says who will drink chocolate milk? She says i heard what you were talking. Kali you are such a good daughter. You made gauri win. Don’t be scared. i wont tell anyone. Now see did i tell anyone how you went form window. Tell me next time. I would help you. Kubri says what for race tomorrow? Gauri says kali will run for me. Kubri says but there will be so many people there. How will she run on your behalf. I have a plan. sHe tells them something, Kali says this is such a good idea. Kubri says ask me next time if there is something you kids need. I am your friend. They drink the milk.
Kubri says in heart, you did so much for your daughter and now see how gauri will kill your pride.

Prohit comes to kubri and says what are you doing? Kubri says everyone will know vishwa’s reality soon. Prohit says he can kick you out of the house. Kubri says he considers himself God. But he is not. he doesn’t even consider us human. Its about time to send him news. Prohit says you are right. I will do that. He leaves.
Kubri says you know everything ram ji. the right one should win.

Next morning, Kubri is in the kitchen. She is mashing something. Mad comes and says you have not prepared the milk. Mad says increase the dose. Darling ji is still always favoring manjiri didi. Kubri says this dose will work. she mixes something in the milk.
mad leaves. Manjiri comes in after a while. She asks what have you mixed in the milk. Kubri says nuts. Mad asked to make for vishwa. Manjiri says stop. Vishwa is in a good mood. If he sees you he will be mad. I will give it to him. She takes milk from her and leaves.
manjiri gives the milk to vishwa. Manjiri says mad got it made for you. Vishwa says bring 50k from upstairs. I need them. Manjiri says okay. Vishwa is about to drink the milk. He gets a call. He says yes your file work is done. He is about to drink again. Gauri neel and kali come. They say lets go. manjiri says mad got it made for you. She will be mad at you if you dont drink it. Manjiri says smile first. Vishwa smiles and says okay give it to me. He drinks the milk.

Precap-Vishwa says lets go kids. Manjiri sees something in the glass. Kubri is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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