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Scene 1
Vishwa comes to room and sees Gauri. Neel is with her. He says I dont know what is happening. Manjiri is missing and so is Kali. He gets a call. Someone calls him and says come to ram mandir and find what you want in red trunk. Vishwa says someone called me ram temple. That person asked me to come alone. Prhit says come with me I will show you the way.

Kali and manjiri are in temple. Manjiri says we have recording in this memory card. He will know everything. Kali says then we will live in that house happily. Kalyani comes there and says well done. She says what a game you played. Very good. But I am wiser. I came before vishwa. She tries to grab kali. Manjiri says I will give it to vishwa for sure.
Vishwa is on his way. He says prohit this is the longer route. Manjiri

says you have given so much pain to our family. Kalyanni says did you ever try to find why I was doing this? I have lost my child. I lost him because of Vishwa. He wanted to save gauri and gave my child’s medicine to gauri and my child died. She cries. She says what I did wrong? Wont I seek revenge for my child? For Kali and Gauri you came to kill me, didn’t you? Okay tell me what should I do? Forget what happened?
Kalyani grasps Kali and says whom should I kill first? Manjiri says kill me first. Kalyani says start hitting your head with pillar. Manjrii does it. Kali says manji maa.. Kalyani hits her with rocks, manjiri falls down. Vishwa reaches there. Kalyani says Vishwa, this kali has killed manjiri. She hit her with a rock. Kalyani says I couldn’t do anything. Vishwa picks manjiri up. He rushes to the hospital.

Doctor says her condition is critical we can’t say anything yet. Kalyani says this kali has done all this. She is an eclipse for the family. She tries to kill gauri and now manjiri. Neel calls vishwa and says gauri is not well please come home soon.

Cops comes, Vishwa says i am responsible for this condition of my wife. Kalyani says what are you saying? klayni says why are you doing this? Inspector says then we have to arrest you. Swami says why you said this vishwa? Vishwa says to Kali, I will take your blame. Becuase you are gauri’s kala teeka. She needs you. I want my daughter’s life. Take care of her. Her security is everything for you.
Manjiri gains consciousness and says I have to tell everyone truth. She tries to write it down. She says I have to tell him. She faints. Wardens come in and put her on bed. They take the note with them as well. Kalyani bribes nurse and says do as I ask. She goes in Manjiri’s room. Kalyani says I will make gauri hate Vishwa. She will only hurt him.
Doctor comes in and checks Manjiri.
Suddenly everyone screams fire. The steam is coming form Manjiri’s room. Kali sees the ram photo in temple.

Prohit and swami tell Vishwa about Manjiri’s fire. Vishwa screams. Swami says before we could save manjiri whole room was on fire. Prohit syas you are charged with a murder case now. Kalyani says this is because of that kaala teeka. vishwa sys she is important for gauri. Keep her with Gauri. Vishwa says to kalyani please take care of my daughter. And no one will come will here to meet me. Only prohit will come once per month. If gauri asks about me, tell her that for her better, for her happiness I am away from her.

Kali is crying in her room. SHe finds the note manjiri wrote. She says thank God you helped her and she gave me this letter. she hears swami says vishwa will be in jail for 14 years. Kali says I will give this letter when bady papa comes after 14 years. Everyone will know the truth.

Precap-14 years later. Kali says bady papa will come today after 14 years. I will tell him truth. I protected gauri all these years.
Gauri is near cliff, she takes selfies and says there is only one queen, Gauri Jha. She is about to fall. Kali runs towards her.
A guy hits other guys and says don’t dare annoying my sisters.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh poor Kaali Gudiya I feel so bad for her I will miss Sargam(Kaali) n Adaa(Gauri) a lot awesome acting by both the kids. Kaali Guriya n Gauri Princess rocks , n happy to know Manjiri didn’t die but it was so sweet of Vishwa to sacrifice for Kaali Guriya but so sad he misunderstood Kaali Guriya this Kalyani is getting on my nerves, honestly speaking I don’t feel like watching Kaala Teeka after the leap

  2. That mean they grown up now n gauri is not the queen kali is n where is manjari

  3. woo! tht great it means tht guy hit anthr guys is neel 4 proct his sistrs

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