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Scene 1
Police comes and arrests them. They says where is this smoke coming from? They all rush inside.
Yug says thank you inspector you came on right time. He says it was our responsibility. Who could do this? Pavitra says he was talking to some thakurain.
Manjiri jakturi, they all call her Thakurain. Arrest her please. He says we don’t have any proofs. I called some kid picked it and cut the call. Pavitra says didi picked the call. Kali says why did you cut the call? Naina says I was scared mama and cut the call. Inspector says your youngest daughter is so genius. She managed it so well. Nandu says my daughter is a genius. Kali hugs her.
Jakturi slaps the thug who fled. She says a little girl ruined your plan. Manjiri is my enemy. I have to get done with her. She will

ruin my regime. I have to find a solution to all this. Manjiri’s weakness is her family. If we harm that girl it would be direct attack to Manjiri. We have to wait for right time.

Kali says Manji ma why he left after police came? Who is this masked man. Manjiri says I don’t know. Some messenger. Whenever I am in trouble he came from nowhere. Kali says yes he saved your life. Manjiri says I know Jakturi will do something again. You should go to some other city with kids. Kali says how can I go away from you. We are each other’s strength. If you say something like this again I will be mad at you. Manjiri says okay okay.
At dinner table, Nandu says Naina why are you not eating? Kali says naina eat. Naina says I wanna confess something I locked Pavitra in bathroom to win the gift. Pavitra says if didi had not locked me I would have fainted as well. I should thank didi. She is the real hero. Nandu says Pavitra thats so good. Naina come here to papa. He hugs Naina. He says Naina its good that you told everyone. Come sit with papa I will make you eat. He makes her eat.

Scene 2
Next morning, Kali does pooja with Manjiri. Kali says whose idol is this? Jamna says Manjiri brought this from jaipur. Naina says dadi show me I wanna see it, Jamna says I can’t show today. We will show it in staphna. Naina says please dadi. Jamna says I can’t. Jamna says she is becoming stubborn day by day.
Naina tells Pavitra. She says I will see that idol. Pavitra says okay I will see too. Naina says but I will see first. Lets go. They both run towards the idol. Pavitra says dadi is coming. She picks the idol.

A woman washes Jakturi’s feet. She says the rain was less this year. Tell some solution. She says its because you people are going away from your rituals. God is mad at you. He is mad because of that wife running away from her husband’s funeral. A wife has no right to stay in society after her husband dies. That is why she is burned with her husband. We have to do something to calm God. A man asks how? She says by doing what was left that day. She says we have to sacrifice a little girl and she would be from manjiri’s family. One of Kali’s daughters.
Pavitra and naina come out running. Naina says give me the idol. I will see it first. Pavitra says I took it first. they are both fighting. Naina throws the idol in water. Kali is looking for them in the house.
Pavitra says what should we do now? Naina says I am standing here you go and take the idol out of water. Pavitra goes towards the waters.
Guru dev gets alerted. He says we have to find her. Her end is close. Winds start blowing. Guru dev looks for the lake. He says I know she is near a lake and her life is in danger.
Pavitra is about to go in the water. Kali picks her up. Kali says are you okay? Why you two came here? Niana says we were fighting over the idol. Kali says why did you let Pavitra go alone? Naina says it was her mistake. Kali says it was your mistake. Why did you let her go alone? Nandu says naina is young too. She would be scared of the water. Kali says Naina unless you realize your mistake I won’t talk to you. Guru dev looks for her.
He says nothing happened. Thank God. She is fine. Another pure soul saved her.

Jakturi’s thug says but whom will we sacrifice? She says one of Kali’s daughters.
Manjiri asks kali are you worried because of naina? Kali says she is becoming stubborn day by day. She doesn’t care about Pavitra. Manjiri says elder kids get insecure sometimes. She is only a year older than Pavitra. Go talk to naina.
Manjiri gets a call a man says jakturi is going to sacrifice a little girl on sultan pur round about. Manjiri says I am coming. She leaves without her phone.

Naina is outside on the swing. She says even if its not my mistake mama scold at me. Please move the swing faster. Yug sees her and wonders whom is she talking to?

Precap-Naina and Pavitra are playing in the garden a man comes in and kidnaps them both.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kabhi kabhi dil mai ek khayal aata hai….ki actors ko khud aise stupid scenes karte huwe hasi na aati ho…!?:p

    1. Jeall

      Hahahaha haha hahahaha hahahaha. Man, this one cracked me up. Too good.?????

  2. Bakwaaj no story only draggging.bewkuff.band bhi nahi hoti ye serial.band kro yaar drama which is baseless

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