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Scene 1
Madhuri tells Vishwa that 20 lac are missing from locker. Prohit says who can do this? Jethi says what is happening in this house? Maybe the one who abducted took money as well. VIshwa says calls cops Prohit.

Kaali is with the ram kid. They wash hands in lake. He says this is so cold. Kaali says you feel cold too? I never saw you wearing a sweater. He says what were you looking for in the lake? She says the men came and took gauri. They were after me. Ram sees them coming and says run.
Manjiri says Kaali is alone in this world. That is different from her dream world. Neel comes and sees her. Manjiri says please help me Neel. Please open the door. He does. Jethi comes and sees Manjiri.

The kidnappers look for Kaali. Kaali is in market with Ram kid. she says

manji was right. world is so beautiful. They see kidnappers coming. They hide. Ram kid says go home from here now. Kaali says but I don't know my house. Can you drop me? He says I will but how would I know where your house is. Kaali says but you know everything.
Gauri says I need kaali. I wont eat anything. Madhuri says she will come. Gauri says I dont need anything. Vishwa gives him a toy. She throws it away and it hits Jethi. Gauri says I wanna meet Kaali.
Manjiri says I want to cry like her too but that wont bring Kaali back.

Ram kid says at least you should know your mom's number. how will I take you home. Kaali is feeling cold. She says I feel cold can you do something? She says manji says you do things for people.

Jethi comes with a black puppy and says here is your kaali. Gauri says this is puppy. Jethi says a magician came and made her puppy. Now police will bring magician and he will convert her to kaali again. Keep her. Gauri takes the puppy.

Ram gives kaali a cloth that is colored, he says wear it or you will feel cold.
Neel says this is not kaali there is no such magic. Jethi says this is kaali. come here Neel. She asks Neel to shut up. He says say as I do.
Madhuri says what have you said to her? Jethi says I couldn't see her tear. Vishwa says this is a good solution. Prohit says Jethi maa is so generous.
Jethi calls the kidnappers. They say the girl has ran. We will tell you as we catch her.
Kaali says Jethi maa will scold at me if I wear colored clothes. He says no, go wear it. We don't have time.
Gauri says Kaali is not drinking milk. Madhuri says I will make her drink. Vishwa says don't worry she will. Vishwa says only Manjiri can handle gauri. He takes Manjiri out.

Manjiri tells Kaali different stories. Vishwa says to Prohit I am lucky to have a wife like Manjiri. She wont have asked me to marry Madhuri. And she wont be calling another child hers. Manjiri says i wont let another girl become kaali.

Precap- Kaali says Manjiri please save me. Gauri says turn on the lights. where is kaali? I can't see anything. I am so scared. I can't see anything. Everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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