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Scene 1
Gauri says don’t worry papa will be giving you love soon. Dadi is already on our side. Kali comes there. Gauri says come sit Kali. Kali gives her a small idol and says He will help you walking on the right path because you have forgotten that, Kali says thank you so much. I will keep him with me. You and Dadi have done a favor on me. Kali says don’t confuse favor with your right. Deliver the child and then leave this house. Kali leaves. Gauri looks at idol and says even you are with me now. Lets see who leaves, whether I give child to Kali or she gives me Yug.
Kali is in her room, she recalls how Gauri broke her and Yug’s picture frame. Yug sees her, he sits on the couch distressed. Kali comes and caresses his shoulder. Yug says I thought I would give you a lot

of that your eyes will never be wet again but I have hurt you so much. I betrayed you. Kali says kids are God’s image. Don’t call him a mistake. Yug says what are you made? Kali says I am not sad, I am just worried for next months. I promised dadi I will keep Gauri happy for the child. She rests her head on his shoulder. Yug says in heart I know Kali your heart is hurt but you are so great.

At night, Yug and kali are asleep. Gauri comes in their room. Gauri opens the closet and rummages for something. Kali moves Gauri hides behind the sofa. Gauri comes out and places something in the closet.
Next morning, Leela asks Kali is juice ready? Kali says I am making your breakfast. Leela says take care of Gauri I promised her and I can’t count on anyone else. Kali says yes dadi don’t worry. Leela says in heart how God you are Kali. Gauri has made me stand on this path where I have to select between you and this family’s future. Forgive me.
Gauri says baby look at your papa’s picture. He was so cute in childhood. Kali comes and says what is this Gauri? Gauri says I showing my child his papa’s picture. If dad is near, it has a good impact on child. Yug won’t come near me so I was showing him these pictures. Yug comes in and says what is happening here. Gauri takes all the pictures. Kali says Gauri is doing this for our child. But you forgot Gauri, just papa isn’t enough child should see mom too. She gives her picture of her and Yug. Kali says now you will see our picture all the time. After you leave, I will be his mom so better he knows about his parents. Let’s go Yug you have to get ready for office.
Gauri says Kali do whatever you want, after some days you won’t be able to be with Yug.

Scene 2
Yug is in office, he recalls everything happening at home. Yug says there only one way to forget all this. Get involved in work completely. Yug finds pregnancy report in his files. He gets a call from Kali. Kali says Yug can you come to temple. Pandit ji wants to do pooja for the child. Yug says there is a lot of work. Kali says please for toady. Yug says okay coming.
Gauri comes to office and says Yug didn’t see the report. I have to do something. Gauri collides with Yug. She falls. Yug says what are you doing here? Gauri says I was in market I saw your office and came here. Please take me to hospital. Its really hurting. Kali calls Yug. He tells her everything. Kali says take care of her and take her to hospital I am coming too. Gauri says pick me up please.
Gauri says in heart I will make you mine Yug.
Yug makes Gauri sit on wheelchair. Gauri holds his arm and says Yug.. Kali is on her way. She says to auto driver please drive fast.
Yug wonders where is Kali? Doctor checks Gauri. She asks yug to come in. Doctor says there is no harm, your wife and child are safe but you have to be careful next time. This is not her a wife’s responsibility. As a husband you have to take care of her. Kali hears all this. She says in heart why do I feel bad?
Kali says gauri are you okay? Next time you wanna go out ask me. I will go out with you. Gauri says in heart get used to it Yug. You will be called my husband always now.

Gauri is in her room. Kali comes in. Gauri starts pretending like she is in pain. Kali says still paining? Gauri says yes. Kali says take this medicine. Kali gives Gauri medicine. Kali says you sleep now it will be better. Gauri says thank you.
Gauri sees a lizard and gets up the bed. She says Kali lizard, please kill it. She is jumping. Kali is dazed how is it not aching her now? Kali says you couldn’t move? Gauri starts pretending. kali says shame on you. Don’t make use of this child. I am taking care of this child because of Yug. The child is closet to mother. Poor child should be ashamed his mother plays these games. Shame on you. Gauri says in heart you will be ashamed when i take Yug from you.

Precap-Yug shows Kali ultrasound. Yug says he has eyes now. Kali says you really like kids? Yug says I can’t wait for my child. Kali says our child. I will be like Yashodamaya for this child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Disgusted……. The writers should name this show GAURI JHA instead of kaala teeka. Yug is become like a puppet. First gauri tricked him saying he married her, next he raped her and now this pregnancy drama. Once again yug and kali are blindly believing gauri, they are not even trying to check if the reports are true.

    1. U r right D…..we have to call this “GAURI JHA”….not “KAALA TEEKA”…really this writer is mental.:/

  2. What de heck???????black witch gauri jha is actually really pregnant…. with de ultrasound all it can be dat fake… and what … kaali gona be datz baby ‘s mom… Y?????Y kaali doesnt get pregnant herself… Oohhh ????????????

    1. Masz… You know they can fake that too… Play the video of someone ultrasound and doctor can pretend they r scanning. I remember watch one scene from the movie.

      1. I hate to see Yug so eagerly cant wait for gauri to give birth of his baby…. eyaarrrkksss… so disgusting… really K… I hate to watch de scenes so i juz read only de written updates…

      2. U know what masz….it’s better Kali leave that house… Now a days seems like yug doesn’t want give important to Kali… I can see Kali is scare and no one is there support her… Everyone after gauri…. I wish they bring some new guys and fall for Kali that way this dummy yug brain will wake and act smart. Has he ever thought about Kali’s feeling…it been prove in the court nothing nothing happen between gauri and him then why he falling into gauri trap.

    2. Exactly K… I also think dat de writer shud bring a new guy into kaali’s life… let Yug live life with gauri jha… Y must alwayz people with gud heart never be apreciated by people who dont even deserve to get dat special tender love n care… really K let Yug enjoy de life with blady witch gauri jha n his blady old daadi… Kaali shud juz moving out de house n start a new life! ???????

  3. Seriously, something is wrong with guari, in normal world she would be in mental hospital. These stories do happen in real life but not so nonsensical as the scripted lines in this serial….just disgusting.

  4. disgusting!!!! hw can yug react so excited abt dat child in frnt of kali.. he s su h a dumb!!!! d stry s just based on yug’s dumbness.. such a dumb guy… hw can he put his wife in such a position n b quite!!!

  5. Charles Mervyn

    This kaala teeka is the most stupid drama i ever seen no common sense at all the writer must be a stupid person Go to hell with this drama!

  6. Shame on writers. Instead of showing strong Indian women…theyare showing weak, cheating women.

  7. I wish it was Kali who was pregnant and not GAURI. Is GAURI even actually pregnant? Or is this another drama! I really don’t get it and even if they saw the ultrasound they should be their in front of GAURI to know if it is her child or a trick. I mean come on you do not expect a witch to change into an angel all of a sudden.

  8. gauri face it like a sl*t ya ??? kasian once he is no man who loves her … one that her ultrasound results, the yes baby 3 months sonogram of her as a baby 5 months. What the hell is that …. the story is not weighted become.

  9. I think the writer is dumb n charactercless and has no creativity.. We have seen this story in Saath nibana sathiya jigar n radha’s history. why he is copying this. foolish writer. cheap.

  10. I don’t think hug is the father n they are so stupid to believe her

  11. its better simran quit the show…this writer making everyone fool…and let it be devil princess control everyone including writer….that’s what they want anyways…..they r not taking a show for viewers satisfaction anyways…its only their satisfaction..let it be…please everyone stop watching this disgusting show anymore…seems like yug becoming and idiot of the show…where is love for kali?????can’t he find prove if she is really pregnant or fake?…they trusting that stupid gauri….making me sick….why cant they think about there is nothing happen between them then how does she get pregnant…..is everyone in the show are blind?…uh!


  13. How she jumping on the bed to see lizard if she is pregnant? How she take risk by collapse with yug intensily if she is pregnant? Is she really pregnant?
    what is in yug so she cant leave him? Either the whole world is man less or she cant get any man who marry her.
    The story line of kaala teeka started so beutifully with lots of sperstitions but that makes story different. But now?
    all the shows are either saas bahu or love triangle or wife/ hus nd soutan/ gf/ ex.
    why are writer doing copy paste business. Please writer give a twist and make it different.

  14. Stop these idiotic serials…

  15. She got pregnant when he was not in consciousness..Let her abbort tge child…why they want to make Yug as papa fir the child. ..These serials are opening dharamshalas at home….stupid writers

  16. Pearley hobaichan

    What shit is this tired if all this nonsense you see one you see all all are copy cat if they not drugging they they doing some other shit stupid writers go back to learn how to write a good story

  17. did Yug raped Gauri or Gauri raped Yug? if he was not in consciousness then he was molested…. what nonsense is this? I missed a few days. pls fill me in someone.

  18. indera sanichara

    All these serial is same old bullshit. Please give a 10 year old a pen n paper and he will write a better script with a story everyone would love than this same crazy story like all the rest

  19. Gauri put on another drama again…wow…marvalous plans that she has in mind!!! Why can’t she just realize that nobody gives a F*** about her so call self…..I hope that gauri remembers the lord sees everything…..including her dumb ass plans and he will destroy them all for the love of his loyal devoti KALI…..i am sorry writers but this is real shit you all are writing!!!you need to write this in scence one of an episode of next week…”THE EPISODE STARTS WHERE GAURI PRETENDS THAT HER STOMACH IS HURTING AND WHILE PRETENDING HER FOOT SLIPPED AND SHE FELL DOWN THE STAIRS ….THEN KALI TOOK HER TO THE HOSPITAL AND THE DOCTOR SAID THAT THE CHILD IS NO MORE” now that’s an amazing episode..

  20. Real bunch of idiots employed by ZeeTV to be script writers. Lack intelligence and have no grey matter to be in this role. All serials have similar plots indicate real serious stupidity at the basic level.

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