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Scene 1
House is decorated. Kali is taking jewelry, jewelry falls from hands, she tries to pick up the pearls, Yug comes there and is about to fall due to slipping by pearls, Kali holds him, they fall on sofa with Yug on top of Kali, they share eyelock, Guari comes there and sees them like that, she gets stunned, yug gets up, Kali gets conscious, she says sorry, are you fine? he asks if she is fine? she says pearls fell from my hand, did you get hurt? he says i wish i would have got hurt then i wouldnt have to dance, i cant dance, Kali says practice makes man perfect, i have best choreographer for you, Kali sees Gauri standing there, Yug greets Gauri, mad comes there and asks Yug if he is fine? i saw you falling down, Yug says no kali held me, Mad says if she was working fine then there was no

need to hold you, Yug says it was not Kali’s fault, Gauri says to Yug that i have planned a solo dance for you, you have to do it, Yug says i cant do it, Kali insisted me to dance so i said yes, Mad thinks Kali is becoming friendly with Yug, this is not good for my Gauri.
Choreographer is dancing, Yug is looking around for Kali but she is not seen anywhere, choreographer asks Yug to dance with Gauri, he practices couple dance with her, they are not able to dance nicely, Gauri asks Yug to concentrate, Kali sees Yug not able to dance properly, Guari asks him to concentrate, my friends are laughing on you, yug is still not able to get the steps, he twists Gauri’s arm, she says i cant practice with you anymore, i dont have patience, find some other partner, Kali see this and thinks Yug is not able to dance thats why Gauri is upset, Gauri sees Kali standing far, she asks kali to come, Kali comes. Guari says i dont have patience to make him learn dance anymore, please make him learn steps. Yug says to Kali that let me please, maybe i will learn by practicing with you, Kali asks Yug to hold her hand, he does, she calmly explains him how to move his feet, she says you can do it, they both dances slowly, Kali patiently tells him, he follows her instruction and they are able to dance perfectly, Gauri is surprised, Kali puts hand on Yug’s shoulder, he puts hand on her back, Guari gets jealous, choreographer says she made him learn nicely, Mad sees Kali dancing closely with Yug, she is stunned, all clap for Kali and Yug, Mad thinks that this is enough, choreographer says she made him learn easily, Kali says i have to do sweeping, i should leave, she leaves. Gauri’s friend says to her that you couldnt dance with him, Gauri thinks that why did Kali keep practice session in house only? Yug was dancing with her as if they know each other from years but was so awkward with me like he doesnt know me. Yug says to Gauri that lets do it again, i can do it this time, Gauri says i am not in mood to practice, Yug says i will leave then, he looks around to see Kali, Gauri says bye, he leaves, Gauri is tensed.

Scene 2
Kali calls manjri and says i mopped whole house, see its clean now. Kali finds a pillar unclean and cleans it, she shows it to Majri, Manjri says in childhood you and Gauri used to run behind me when i used to clean house, Gauri used to play with soap and you used to help me, things are still same, you are still doing all work, when will Vishwa understand that you are princess to, kali says i dont want to become princess but i want love of family, Manjri says you will get it. Manjri shows her Yug dancing in background, she says he is afraid of Gauri, he is practicing dance, Kali says keep practicing, yug says my steps in function will leave you all silent, Kali says we will see it, yug dances with manjri, Kali says you have learned steps nicely, she says i should end call before anyone sees me, she ends call, Kali thinks that these small moments make life happy, i pray that i keep getting these. Pundits come there and says that i have mixed chemical in water bowl. Kali starts sweeping again, Vishwa comes there and sees her working, he says its good that she is busy in work. vishwa takes water bowl and is about to drink water from it, Kali comes there and says dont drink this water, Kali says to Vishwa that water has chemical in it, its not safe for him, vishwa says i have brought this water, its sacred water and will take away all my problems, why you want to break my trust? Kali says i am telling truth that it has chemical, Vishwa says you cant break my faith, dont stop me, he drinks water mixed with chemical, Kali is shocked, Vishwa says now i have peace, you are not stubborn but i am stubborn, after drinking this water, Gauri’s problems will be solved, her life will be peaceful, you will see it, he feels dizzy, he starts leaving from there but falls on floor, Kali is shocked, she says i told you it was chemical, why did you drink it, vishwa faints, Kali runs and calls doctor, she asks him to come home.
Vishwa is hospitalized. All family members are present there, doctor checks him and says he is out of danger, he gives medicines, Yug goes to bring it, doctor says it was good that Kali called me on time and chemical couldnt affect him much, he leaves, Kali comes to Vishwa and says i tried to stop you, you didnt believe me, you dont trust me little bit? what kind of rituals are these that are important than your life? Yug comes and says the water which you drank was poison for you, you are in this condition because of your blind faith, these rituals puts you in in danger, if anything had happened to you then your family would have been in problem, i am with Kali against your blind faith, you should have listened to Kali, Vishwa looks on.

PRECAP- Raj gets call from Amma, she asks him to bring storm in house, he says yes and ends call, Kali listens all this and says you have lived in this house and wants to destroy it only? i will tell Vishwa about your plans.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. same question here too… who is raj?

      1. raj is prohit ..who help kalyani always.

  1. I’m so tense..Who is Yug going to marry….Gauri or Kali….If he marry Gauri..I’m bye bye to this show…I can watch Gauri marry yug……

    1. Me too totally agree wth u

    2. Shraddha Sharma

      I am 80% sure that yug will try to marry kali but he will insted end up in maarying gauri due to kali scarifice…. rest 20% can happen any thing…
      And i think than story will be like uttran..

  2. Yug marry Kali …

  3. And who is Amma?

    1. I think its kalyani.

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Who is this amma and raj now????
    I don’t think they are kalyani or purohit… they are someone else…

    1. When I watch the show… Prohit is the who get a call from kalyani in the precap…. I don’t know y she mention above raj gets call from amma…..I think miss type name?????

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        It may be possible…

  5. I think guary soon realize yug’s love for kali

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      She will not as she love herself and want everything which she need by hook or by crook…

  6. Just wondering what happen to the kundili … Kalyani put on sofa at leela house…. How come no one didn’t find that?….

  7. I am sure Yug will marry kali. Bcoz they r ram n siya .

  8. I m too stasified with u

  9. i wish ki kali colour dress pehne

  10. ok one imp ques… why is kali like this…. too much achai is also not good for health…….

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Becoz she is lead of the show and all leads in every show are tooooooooooo much goodddddd……

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