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Scene 1
Manjiri sees Gauri and recalls when she was a child. Leela says she takes care of all the work. You need something done, ask her. Don’t talk directly to servants. Sharmila says dadi, this set is of 100 gms? Leela says but this is old fashioned for Gauri. Manjiri says she is a child. She doesn’t know what she is saying. Garui says calling it good wont make it. Manjiri says you two are getting late. Yug says we should leave. Lets go Gauri. Leela says take sharmila too. Neel will come there where you re going. Sharmila says no what will I do there. Yug says get ready. Gauri says you wanted to meet me alone. Yug says can’t say no to dadi. Gauri says okay.

Manjiri calls Kali and asks how are you? SHe says I am good. Manjiri says I wanna see you once again. Yug and

Gauri have left. Gauri is so grown up. I wanted to hug her. She hears Vishwa’s voice. Kali says that was bady papa.
Kali says I will do anything to kill his blind beliefs so you come back to this house. Manjiri says I pray the same.
Garui talks to yug about make up. He is uninterested and watches kali’s pictures.

A man comes to vishwa and says porhit gave this thread. Vishwa says this means my gauri isn’t safe. He calls Gauri. Kali says in heart I am sorry papa. Vishwa calls yug. Gauri says lets go dance. They dance on sanam re. Yug sees kali in her.
Sharma says you have fooled us. We are suffering because of you. Neel says I don’t know how will you forgive me. Sharmila says keep your mouth shut. He says I am not lying. You have no idea about the guilt. She says I can help you here. Okay put your hand on this candle. Neel does. Sharmila says stop it now but he doesn’t listen. Yug comes and shoves neel’s hand.

Kali asks neel later are you okay? Yug says he burnt his hand. Yug says I know why he did this, to apologize di. Gauri says kali when did you come here? Yug says I called her and told her about neel. GArui says neelu what is this drama. It was such a good evening. yug says lets go home. Yug’s car is about to be hit by a car.
They come home and tell them about accident. Yug says it was my accident. Sharmila says that truck driver was drunk driving. Gauri says yes she is right. And this has irritated be, she throws away the thread. yug says we should be leaving. Vishwa says this was not real. Kali says but she is safe. This means she doesn’t need any thread to save her. Vishwa says yes but she needs you. You are her kala tekka. Gauri says he is right, when you are with me, I don’t need anything else. vishwa says stay with her till her wedding.

Yug waits outside. Kali comes. Kali asks didn’t manji maa come? He says she is in temple. SHe says I was not successful. He says even gauri thinks like that. I cant take that. Kali says i am like a sister to her. Yug says she was rude with pishima too. Kali says maybe because she doesn’t know truth. Once she knows it all she will respect her. we will explain her everything. Yug gives her a gift. She says what is it? He says your birthday gift. sHe says its not my birthday. When she opens it, its a saari. He says you just have a new life now. wear colored clothes now. Kali says I can’t. He says you can’t punish yourself like this. Kali says I don’t wanna lose my respect for bady papa. He says will you stay a kala teeka forver? His beliefs are strong. Kali says before that I have to earn his trust. I wanted to be his daughter, I can’t go against him. Manjiri says she is right. But Kali whatever your decision is, don’t lose yourself. kali says I wont. You are with me. Vishwa says she is so stubborn. Kali says I think he will understand. We should not neglect kalyani. She knows what is happening in house. Manjiri says she will come back, you have to be careful.

Precap-Vishwa says I make my princess wear this chunri. Kali runs and throws away the chunri. Vishwa says what have you done kali. This was shagun’s chunri.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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