Kaala Teeka 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vishwa says where are you taking this stuff? Sharmila says Gauri’s stuff. I am taking this to store room. She wont come so I am cleaning her room. Vishwa says who said she won’t come back? She will. Her room will stay like it was. Sharmila says Manjiri asked me. whenever she wants she can leave and will come back whenever she wants? Sharmila says what should I do? vishwa says place that back in Gauri’s room. Vishwa says why did manjiri ask sharmila?

Leela wakes up and sees Kali is asleep next to her bed. Leela says madam is still sleeping. She should stay here. Leela blares alarm near Kali’s ear. kali wakes up with shock. Kali wakes up. She folds the sheets. Kali says I have to make breakfast for Yug. Kali comes to room and says yug have tea. She says I think

he has gone for jogging. Kali sees towel. Yug come topless and hugs her. Yug kisses her cheek. Yug says good morning. kali says good morning. Kali says someone will come. Yug says no one will. Kali says dadi is up too. He says doesn’t matter. Kali says I have to give tea to dadi. He says give it later. Kali says your breakfast. He says let is cool. Yug comes close to kiss her. Kali says I have to set temple. Yug smiles.
Leela comes to washroom. She hears a lot of crows. Leela says this never happened before. There is blood coming from tap instead of water. Leela screams blood. Everyone comes, leela says there was blood in my tap. Everyone is dazed. She says come I will show you. Yug turns on the tap. Yug says this is plain water. Leela says I cleaned my hands from the towel. Check it it must have blood stains. She shows them the towel. Yug says it is clean. Leela is bewildered. Bijli says there is some dark shadow. Yug says shut up. I think you have started all this. It all happened after she came. Bijli says I was in kitchen. Raghu says she is right she was in kitchen. Chulbuli says there is something after maa ji. Yug says stop all this non sense.

Vishwa gives donation to different beggars. A pandit says to a woman go take the food. You have been working. She says no I will clean first. vishwa comes towards her. Vishwa says pandit ji said you have not eaten anything. Take the food then work. She turns back. Its gauri. Vishwa is dazed. Gauri says I am paying for my sins. I will serve the temple and God. Don’t stop me. Vishwa says if this is what you want then okay. But please eat first. He leaves.

Kali is cooking in kitchen. She recalls her wedding and smiles. She recalls her moments with Yug. Kali says lets get done with kheer and then we have to go for lunch. Leela says when you are done with roaming around let me know. There are some chores in house too. Kali says tell me what to do. We will go on lunch some other day. Leela says clean the store. Chulbuli has been doing it.
Kali calls Yug and says can we cancel lunch plan today? He says why? Kali says dadi asked me to clean store. Yug says ask that bijli. Kali says no this is my responsibility. I will spend some time with dadi and take care of her too. Kali says sorry Yug. Kali comes to store room. She says what is it dadi? Leela says can you clean it? Kali says yes. She says do it by the time I come back from market.
Leela comes and takes juice glass from chulbuli.
Leela says to bijli keep and eye on kaali. Leela says I am taking chulbuli to market. Leela says to bijli do as I asked. Bijli says sure.
Kali is cleaning the store. Kali is tired. Yug calls her. Kali picks the call. Its Yug’s secretary. He says ma’am I am calling from Yug’s office. He is not well. He is calling you urgently. Kali is dazed. Kali says I am coming.
Kali rushes out and says bijli wake up.. Yug.. Bijli is asleep. kali rushes out.

Leela and Chulbuli are in market. Leela says you buy double stuff from what is needed. A am collides with Leela. She says it nibbed me he was wearing something. Leela says you sent driver to buy food for you? She starts fainting. Chulbul says what happened? Leela says call bijli ask her about kali.
Yug has decorated all his office. He waits for Kali with flowers. Kali comes in Yug says surprise. She says I was so scared. He says its on your face. Kali says don’t do it again. He says promise. Kali takes the flowers. Yug says lets eat I am very hungry. Kali says I have to go. There is so much work. Yug says stop. Kali says we will do dinner together. kali leaves.
Bijli calls leela and says I don’t know when I slept. Leela says shut up. You can’t do one thing properly. Leela says didn’t you call driver? Get a rickshaw now. Chulbuli looks for a rickshaw leela faints. Chulbuli is dazed.

Precap-Chulbuli tries to get leela up. Kali comes home. Bijli tells her about leela.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It all a lie to keep kali away from yug but she is not realizing she is hurting herself more n good for her keep doing it

  2. Apart from yug and Kali, everything else was boring….

  3. Oh nooooo..now Yug going to get dissapoint on Kali for not care about him… That is going to create misunderstanding…like b4 he complain that she care gauri more than him… I hate this stupid gauri?…how they going to find about gauri plan… That’s scaring me…someone please kill that gauri…so that Yug and Kali will live peace.

  4. LG.KUNG

    Now what is this stupid dadi up to ireally hate her alot

    1. It’s not dadi… It’s all gauri plan… Making leela to believe its cos Kali married to Yug all happening to her…if they get close she will be in danger…..

  5. today show was good, love all kayu scenes….no matter what these writers show, i just hope yug and kali stay together …

    1. I also hopping that too.. No matter what they show… I want Yug and Kali remain together?

  6. Nonsense and still heading to nonsensical story

  7. How sweet yug ???

  8. krystalkapoor

    can anyone tell me what ia the height of fenil umrigar

    1. her height 5’5′

  9. krystalkapoor

    Thanks but who is taller simran pareenja or fenil umrigar

    1. Fenil is taller than simran…

  10. I want kali and yug remsain together

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