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Scene 1
Vishwa says I did everything to save my daughter. You can’t understand what being father of a daughter feels like. Prohit says what are you saying vishwa. Guru comes in and says are you here for solution or to insult your brother? Vishwa says pardon me. I am seeing my daughter in trouble. I am aggitated. And then you said that my daughter is in trouble. Please tell me what to do.
Guru ji gives her and arti plate. Vishwa says there is no candle in this. He says yes this is incomplete without light. Gauri and kali are incomplete without each other like this. You have joined their fate but you wanted to snatch fate from one. You have to bring balance to this. Bring them together or you will not be able to save gauri. Kali will save your daughter. If Kali becomes her protector

with her will only then will she survive.

Bundi comes to Manjiri and says Gauri is missing.
Guru says if you want gauri not to rely on Kali. Get her married to someone before 20th, her fate will be joined to husband and she will be free of kali. Kali is oxygen cylinder of Gauri.

Manjiri comes running to the room. bundi says gauri wasn’t here when I came here. I don’t know where is dahi either.
Bundi is looking for dahi. Kali and manjiri are looking for gauri. Kali shows manjiri gauri’s bracelet. Manjiri says how could I trust her. Bundi says this means kalyani has ran away with gauri. Manjiri says I will go to look for her alone. Kali says
i will pray that you find gauri. Manjiri says take care of kali bundi. manjiri says show vishwa that recording when he comes back. and don’t let kali come out of the room. Take care of her. I am coming back. Bundi says I will handle it don’t worry.

Manjiri goes out and inquires about gauri and kalyani. She says where can she go. She goes towards jungle.
Bundi says to kali I will take care of this phone. Let me call vishwa. she goes out. Bundi comes downstairs and breaks the phone. Kalyani comes and says well done. She didn’t know that I have got you already. You were wise enough to come on my side. I will get you married to a prince.

Kalyani says to bundi Gauri will go to God and everyone will think that Gauri was killed by mad manjiri. that stupid manjiir trusted me. Gauri and Kali are in this house and no one is here. Kalyani says to bundi says Manjiri left both the girls with me and they are under my control now. Does she know where they are? No. Now I will show them evil.

Bundi comes to Manjiri. Manjiri says I looked everywhere Gauri is nowhere. Bundi says gauri is in the house.
Kalyani says to Vishwa’s picture you make kundlis for everyone. Now I will make Kundli’s for you and your family. What will you do now?
Kalyani says to bundi what I want in this house will happen. She marks a cross on the picture.
Dahi says gauri is in the house. Kali is missing. Manjiri says who said that? Dahi says Bundi said that. Manjiri says she has outplayed me again. I will have to save my daughters. I will not let her harm my daughters.She picks an axe from the ground and says if anything happens to my girls, I will not leave her alive.

Precap-Vishwa says places hand on candle and says if Kali’s life protects Gauri’s then I will do anything to protect Kali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Kalyani taken gauri

  3. Boring Episode today…that Stupid lady Kalyani

  4. Kalyani frames Manjari as trying to kill Gauri and sent to mental asylum.Always evil wins.

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