Kaala Teeka 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1

Kali and Yug are in jungle. Kali collides with him and screams. The thugs come after them. Yug hits them. Y
They are driving back. Yug says I wont let anything happen to you. He starts fainting. His hand is injured. The car hits a tree. yug has fainted. Kali says yug please open your eyes.Kali finds a rope. She ropes a plank, places yug on it and starts pulling it.

The man comes and says ma’am you have to come for audition. They take her in a room. The guys faint her. He says this parcel will go out of country tomorrow.
Vishwa says prohit call Gauri. Prohit says I have been calling her but she is not picking up. Vishwa says I will bring her from Patna and show her that Gauri is not with yug. She will believe that gauri is the perfect girl for yug.
Kalyani says in heart where is this kali gone? And yug is missing as well. I hope something happens that makes the game more interesting.

Kali says yug please open your eyes. She takes him to a temple. Kali says I am sorry ram ji for this. She breaks lock of a trunk. Kali cuts his shirt. She dresses his wounds. Kali prays in temple for yug. He moves a bit. Kali sits next to him. She says he is not well. she places wet cloth on his forehead. She says I tried everything I don’t know how will he feel better. She sings her song. yug moves his head a bit.

Next morning, kali wakes up in the temple. Yug is standing in front of her. She says how are you? You have to go to hospital. He comes near her. She has her back against the wall. Kali says what are you doing? He says open your eyes. Look at me. yug says why? why you did this? Who gave you right to play with my emotions? You are a betrayer. He says you are gauri jha. Kali says I am Kali. He says don’t lie. Just tell me why you concealed it from me? Kali says this is a misunderstanding. He says quite. He says I hate liars. I heard you singing. this is the voice I had been madly looking for. I should have understood why I always found you. Tell me why? Kali says radio.. I heard that song on radio. He says you are ram ji’s follower? Swear on him,

Precap-Yug says I can say with satisfaction that you are my best fried. He

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kali is stupid. Hey pls tell him that you are his loved voice… And yug pls ask her that is that voice yours but not ask her that is she gauri jha. It makes the things complicated..? hope they will be united without confusions…

    1. exactly she is
      n no they wont..he said in the precap “best frnd’ n this equation is going to go looong..as we all know india tv cant be shrt they need to strech each track for a long time n a show must complete 1 yr

  2. i must say the show was the best shoe for me until the very last moment..but they,they spoilt it..i mean when each n every thing was practical what was there a need to show something melodramatic…how could they do this …plaayed with the emotions of viewers..
    now mai tera best frnd tu meri best frnd .huh? what is this…now he will fall in love with gauri n at the very end or maybe after their wedding he ll gt to know the truth..he will burn like he did now n will never see kaali face then he will come to know the reason n will overcome her superstition..i mean like this they r planning to show hen its a waste

  3. I hope yug knows tht its kaalis voice!!

  4. i feel vulnerable! wonder when will they really meet..this is how love chngs to best frnds.. now atleast a week they will show him to find gauri..then he will be the happiest ki for whom i was looking everywhere she has brought a marriage proposal for me..this is where sharmila will put her..and on one fine day..BOOM he comes to know kaali is his lady luv..then furious then he will come to know n settle everything
    n in middle seeing gauri n yug romance n kaali n yug bromance

  5. Nice …

  6. superb episode …. love kali and yug

  7. GanonymousGuest

    Nice Episode

  8. love kaali and yug….i think kaali wont tell him d truth…..she will swear on god…but i want yug to know the truth….kaali and yug forever…..

  9. Superbbb episode yuka I think kali will hide again the truth..

    1. Superbb episode. .

  10. Yay finally yug KO pta chala
    Now that’d be more interesting to watch the show
    Yug plz take Kali to pishima then she’ll clear all the confusion

  11. I didnt like it bcuz of the last..i mean best frnd ..wish they unite soon bt ik it will take around 4 months for yug to know n 4 mre months for the show to show that they r together

  12. May be Kali will tell the truth coz she was told to swear on RAM ji.Yug heard her voice I don’t think he will be easily convinced. Hop everything goes on well.

  13. Shraddha Sharma

    I think kali ya to ram ji ki kasam jhuti khayegi ya fir kuch aisa hoga ki vo sach nhi bta payegi, precap dekh kr to aisa hi lgta hai..

  14. Today’s episode was so cute and nice and why this Kaali don’t tell Yug the truth of course she won’t say so soon now only way is Yug himself can get to know the truth somehow as Kaali will never say that she is the singer

  15. I think once yug meet stupid gauri he will realize he loves kali

  16. Patricia Ramrup

    I am from the USA and actually enjoy Kaala Teeka after Kali and Yug came on the show. Me and my entire family look at this whilst having our dinner. Kali and Yug look so perfect together. They make a cute couple on screen. Want to see more of Kali and Yug together.

  17. i think the same leila. once yug meet gauri gha,he will realize that he is in love with kaali

  18. have anyone heard abt kunal madhiwalas entry in kaala teeka post the leap as yugs best friend aman

  19. Kali will swear on Ram Ji that she is not Gauri Jha !!!!


  20. I think kali will swear on ramji
    She will say iknw gauri then they go and look for gauri

    When will yug comes to knw that the voice he is searching for is kali’s

    1. i am at ur side she will swear something like i m not gauri or i know her

  21. Nyc epd…..enni eppozhannu yuk manasilakunne yuk search cheyunna voice kaliyude annannu.plzzz kali sathyam yuknodu parayu plzzzzzzzz

  22. Wat will happen if vishwa meet gauri n yug together???

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